Title: SPACE STATION: Carnifex: Part Eight in the Frag Fest series!
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/mat-carn.zip
Size: 39.31 KB
Date: 08/30/95
Author: Matthew Mauger
Description: STORY:

The story is set in the ruins of a space station, barely holding out against the demons that constantly batter against it's defenses...

That space station is Space Station Carnifex.

Guarded by a few heros against the terrors of Warp Space that are a few meters away from the great airlock doors that guard the space station... Until now, it's been deadlock - The demons can't penetrate the defenses of the station, and the Space Marines don't dare to venture into Warp Space, even with protective Vac Suits.

But last night, it all changed. The demons used magic to teleport deadly Archviles into the very bowels of the station, but worse than that, they smuggled in a deadly Chaos Marine, to destroy the stations last remaining defenders...

Who will the victor?


The level is well laid out for deathmatch, with definite rooms, and a network of secret corridors round the outside of the station providing a means of double tracking upon your opponent. The BFG is *hell* to get to, as you have to dive into the Chaos Warp itself (a rad-suit would be cool), and steal it from the demons secret research centre...

The BFG and Megasphere can be closed off, forever, at any time, by the flick of a switch, so BFG/ megasphere haters have nothing to worry about.

Force fields can be switched off, demons can be allowed to invade the base (whos to say that they'll allow the chaos marine to live once they're inside the stronghold?) for extra amusement... There are lots of nice touches to play with.

You CAN play one player, but it's not meant for that, hmmm?
Credits: - Tom Miller, for asking me to make the level - sorry it took so long pal, but it's made to your specifications!

- God, for destroying my PC with a blast of lightning (delaying work for several months), and then only just missing me by a few meters a couple of weeks later... The odds were against me on this one!

- Andy Fogg, Chris Morris, and others for the playtesting... Andy Fogg made the usual unhelpful comments, but the thought was there...

- The Prudential for only taking two fragging months to sort out my claim - here's a bit of free advertising guys :)

- Pierre Mauger for getting me back up that cliff

- That social deviant on usenet who HATED my levels on the basis that "The powerful weapons were too easy to get to" - Well let's see you get the BFG out of this level in Nightmare mode then, pal!

- Doug Bora for not recognising me on IRC #doom...

- Jason Smith of Tower Hill BBS and Nick Pascall of Spiders Hollow BBS, you're both still sad, own totally CRAP BBSs, and I'll continue to mention this in my levels... Good luck with the internet feed Jason, I THINK NOT!!!! :-D

- Damien Guard of Black Ice BBS, which is still the coolest in Guernsey...
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deep + BSP
Bugs: The force field... When you go down the steps and look up at it, the force field goes a bit funny... There is NO WAY TO FIX THIS, that's just the penalty for having invisible force fields and most people choose to lower the shield anyway :-)
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This could be a little fun for a DM, but the invisible walls are a kiler. They also look really bad when you can see FLAT1 bleeding out everywhere, but an OK effort for it's time.. Only for Doom archeologists.x

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