Title: THE MILITARY BASE Episode 2: Highground
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/mbase02.zip
Size: 15.49 KB
Date: 01/11/97
Author: Andy Badorek
E-mail: migru@vg3.chemie.uni
Description: An arena-style DM level. Everything's in view and there's no good place to hide --> this is fast-paced Deathmatch.

The ability to move fast and precise is the key to success in HIGHGROUND. The name says it all - don't get too close to the edge.
Credits: migru for uploading and play-testing Ben Morris for DCK Ron Rossbach for IDBSP Marc Rousseau for Zennode id Software for the game
Build time: Enough to make sure it's quality.
Editor(s) used: DCK34, IDBSP11B, ZENNODE098A
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