Title: me.wad (don't ask, that's just what it's called)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/me.zip
Size: 35.19 KB
Date: 02/10/96
Author: Chris Ward
Description: DOOM ][ deathmatch level, it's the best, well, second best deathmatch level cuz NOCHEAP!.WAD is simply the best
Credits: Aron Kerkhof for his NOCHEAP!.WAD, this deathmatch level got me interested in playing deathmatch again and brought me out of a year and a half slump of not making levels Alex Schlessinger for kicking my ass during playtesting and for writing the ground-breaking faq Hulk Hogan Gets *Beat*Down* in Outworld (check it out)
Base: from scratch, however inspired to create this level by the great deathmatch level NOCHEAP!.WAD
Build time: 1 week to complete the basic level and 1 week of tweaking
Editor(s) used: deu 5.3b9, bsp1.2x
Bugs: mirroring affect above the crate in the courtyard (don't let it bother you, the only way to fix it would be to redesign the courtyard, and i'm not doing that :P )
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