Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/menace1.zip
Size: 96.71 KB
Date: 12/30/95
Author: Neil,Chase1
Description: This wad is an update to my Original Menace.wad with a Good layout and nice Texture Scheme... Menace1 is a small Fast Death Arena complete with Telefrags,Crusher and plenty of Rocket & SShotgun Action! :)
Credits: Hostile,Big Daddy,Bold,Bold Jr,Dan,Microdood, Fox,Smoke,Yoyo and the rest of the DOOM2 players at The GameServer (415) 333-5333 for playtesting. I give Credits to the guys who created the Danzig and Igor Series for making such awesome levels!
Base: Menace.wad, map32 from scratch
Build time: 20hrs
Editor(s) used: waded183,Nwt
Bugs: nope
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