Title: MGMYWTCX Demo
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/mgmydemo.zip
Size: 28.12 KB
Date: 03/21/03
Author: Dan "Danarchy" Woodward & Owen "SargeBaldy" Lloyd
Description: These are the only two maps thus far completed for Dan and my deathmatch megawad, MGMYWTC. That name comes from the end of a porn spam I once received about a girl sucking a horse's cock or some such nonsense. This wad, unfortunately, does not relate to that subject matter. Both of these are very simple, very symmetrical maps that attempted to serve gameplay goals over appearance. Anyway, play, enjoy, and please send feedback to me @ owen_lloyd@hotmail.com.
Credits: Undiente, for randomly popping up on ZDaemon and helping us test the maps out.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Maybe 2 hours for mine, probably a bit longer for Dan's
Editor(s) used: SargeBaldy: DoomCAD 6.1. Danarchy: WadAuthor.
Bugs: Yeah, there's a few texture alignments in Dan's but they aren't really bothersome. Anyway this is DM, who cares
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