Title: Minoan
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/minoan.zip
Size: 20.84 KB
Date: 10/28/95
Author: Scott Giesking
Credits: Everyone who helped me beta test this level, including Deth,Infiltrator Greenhornet, Gary Mikolai, Madman, and Brian Aronson.

Don, the Sysop of the Greaser's Palace BBS in Tampa, FL, which is THE most happenin' BBS in the Bay area. If you want to check out the BBS, give it a call at 813-462-5351. We're waiting for you...

Music credit goes to unknown, if you recognize it as your creation, many thanx.
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The Design of the Map is really good, above the Average Wads i have seen, There are a little bit too many Items, as if you have to fight a Cyberdemon or Spider-Mastermind or a flood of Enemies. but there are 2 Minor Problems with this Wad: 1. NO MONSTERS 2. NO SECRETS. so i will have to lower the Rating down to 4/5 -DoomGuyFan45x

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