Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/mktowers.zip
Size: 101.73 KB
Date: 05/11/95
Author: Mark Anthony Klem
Description: This level is intended for deathmatch. There are plenty of munsters if you want to play Single or Co-op.
Credits: JOHN KRUTKE for his awesome SKY texture. All WAD designers are welcome to use JOHN's new SKY textures in their Levels. You can look for his new textures in a file called NEWSKIES.ZIP; there are formats for both DOOM1 and DOOM2 included. Peter Sigler & Eric Sargent for their time testing Multi-Player modes. Special thanks to everyone who plays this level and likes it.
Base: Kinda like Treble, only deeper.
Build time: Yes. It did take time.
Editor(s) used: WADMASTER 1.01b, RMB 2.0 by Jens Hykkelbjerg and Steve Benner, BSP 1.2x by Colin Reed. All my WADs nodes were built with Colin's BSP. I forgot to put that note in my previous WADs. Sorry. :)
Bugs: I once knew a big fat roach named Don. That's about the only bug I've known personally.
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