Title: Anonymous's First Wad (First of many...) * * * * * * * * * * * * * House O' Morbidity * * * * * * *
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/morbdity.zip
Size: 34.8 KB
Date: 01/08/96

Skill levels 1 & 2 -The rocket launcher is the best weapon available (depending on your opinion! >:) ) Many single barrels and few double barreled shotguns are available. A few minor monsters present also. Skill levels 3 -The Plasma gun is the highest weapon available here. A slight bit higher ratio of super shotguns to single barrel. Some creatures also. Skill levels 4 & 5 -BFG is the highest attainable weapon. More Double barrel shotguns and MUCH less single barreled ones are available. And for deathmatch with a twist play, w/monsters, altdeath, and respawn! Get yo Colas (hehe), chips, and ENJOY THE GAME! PLAY SINGLE PLAYER ON NIGHTMARE FOR A CHALLENGE (PRACTICE maybe)! Short game, but it'll give ya trouble! ;)
Credits: iD of course and the creators of THE BEST pair of editors and the best node builder DETH, DeeP, and WARM!

Also to all our testers and fellow frag-mates on the Long Beach DWANGO server! A lotta thanx go to:

2KILLU for his KICKASS BBS! <-- 2KILLU'S WAD HOUSE MIDIGUY for inspiration (in making great levels)! NOBLE for just being there (and also some inspiration)! ;) NASH and FANG for all the great (and CLOSE) matches we've had! TRIGGER, SQWUTANG, BARON, SEARCHER, TAL, FYRE, CHAEL, JAE, CRONO, DIO1, KHARMA, DYNAMIX, BOND, heck and even GAMEBOY (hehe) for the endless hourz and hourz and hourz of DEATHMATCH! SINISTER for the CPU brothahood... ;) CYBERJEN for all the hourz of chat she has provided for us on the Long Beach DWANGO server! -and- PARIAS for FINALLY getting Doom2!! Heheh :) ... AND TO THE REST OF THOSE AWESOME PEOPLE ON DWANGO!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH v3.0, DeeP v8.15 Registered, WARM v1.5, DEU GCC v5.21, and NWT
Bugs: None! It's perfect! Anything you see is intentional in other words!
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