Title: Newton North High School for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/nnhs.zip
Size: 97.82 KB
Date: 05/19/95
Author: Owen Williams
Description: NNHS is the main hallway, gym, and back corridors of Newton North High School. I started making just to make fun of the school, (which is always nice), but then I read Brian Kidby's deathmatch "FAQ." It said that the best Deathmatch levels can have long hallways, open areas, and twisty mazes. NNHS has all. The main hall is called Main Street. The gym is also pretty open, and the science corridors are nice 'n twisty. NNHS may be a bit big for deathmatch, but it's still fun. ^^^

Try it anyway. Please? :-}
Credits: ID, of course. Everyone who made cool programs that I used. My dad fer getting me this nice computer. Brian Vanatta for giving me the idea of different play styles. My brother 'cause he'd try to kill me if he weren't mentioned. (Not that he'd succeed, of course.) Raphael Quinet for deu.
Base: New level from nothin'.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU hacked, RMB, NWT, EDMAP 1.31(edmap 1.4 has bugs) Autodesk Animator PRO (to make textures)
Bugs: Shouldn't be any, but E-mail me if so.
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