Title: No Second Chances
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/no2ndch.zip
Size: 16.26 KB
Date: 06/17/95
Author: Kimberley van Amerongen & Michael R. Cullen
Description: Altdeath level for Doom 2. This is quite a simple level. It has 2 reasonably large open areas, several teleports (Mic's influence), *lots* of stairs (Kim's influence), blue & green armour, both types of shotgun, chaingun & rocket launcher. (Yes, the energy cell is in there on purpose...) Getting each item in this level entails some degree of risk (the actual level of risk is dependant upon the intelligence of each player) but they are all easy enough to get as long as you don't get *too* greedy. N.B. Kim has more *excellent* levels in the pipeline, so watch out for them!
Credits: The authors of DOOM II (you know who they are), DCK 2.x (Ben Morris) & BSP 2.x (Colin Reed) for (respectively) a great game, great editor and great node builder! Whitecross - this level will only be enjoyed 2 the fullest extent possible when you listen to the Whitecross album "To The Limit", (Star Song SSD 8288) which includes the great track "No Second Chances" - hence the name of this level. Rex Carroll puts great guitar over the whole album! (Except tracks 9 & 12 ;-) ) Last but not least - Mic's wife Cha for letting the "Nazi's Who Hate Trees" mob use her computer 4 playtesting.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 30+ hours (Who really knows??)
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.x and BSP 2.x
Bugs: Why would I post it with bugs? However, if u find any, flame me ;-)
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Very, VERY basic and plain. You don't want a deathmatch map to be too complex, but this goes way too far in the opposite direction of just being several very large rooms connected by stairs. Not even any crated to hide behind? No pillars, tunnels or anything? Also, what's with the ragdoll? Ah well. 2 for effort.x

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