Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/nocheap1.zip
Size: 120.33 KB
Date: 01/26/96
Author: Aron "Darkwing" Kerkhof
Description: A Deathmatch wad with interesting tactics and very fast play. Watch your backside or lose it. Has a few neat features that to the best of my knowledge are not seen in any other wad. More below...
Credits: =Ace Jas, who at different times during playtesting blamed my wad for mouse, modem, and computer failure. Oh yeah, he made a bunch of cool suggestions, too... =Charlie, who was the first person to help me understand the effective use of void space, bullet marks on walls, and sectors... thanks! =Tomgofly, Omega, and Grean'se Lighting for playtesting. Thanks... =Whoever created DWANGO5.WAD level 1 and 13. You guys inspired me. =id, the rich SOB's that gave us DOOM. =The wads, MOUNTKNG, DWANGO5, WASTE, and whoever wrote the T2 mus file.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 1 Month of sporadic effort
Editor(s) used: DCK, ZENNODES, NWT, MUSTOOL...
Bugs: Misaligned textures here and there... especially on the "x" axis...
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