Title: Nohiders
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/nohiders.zip
Size: 64.61 KB
Date: 11/12/95
Author: Keith Seven
Credits: Beta testers: The GateKeeper, E-Rock, Slackjaw, James, Ladydoom, Reaper, Bonzai, Sun Tsu, Mikhail, MaxiMillion, Hurricane, CyberDeth (aka Dead Wrong), ArchVile, Warrior, Fbi (the Funhouse master!!!), Taz, Crimelord, Dustin, Gunslinger, FragMaster, Zippy, Pete, and all others of Doomsday Northwest & the Nameless One.

Andy, the sysop of the Nameless One of Seattle, WA., is the most happenin' BBS in the Pacific Northwest. If you want to check out the BBS, give it a call at 206-223-7213 or telnet to nameless.com or even visit our web page at www.nameless.com.

We're waiting to frag you...

Many thanks to the authors of the stuff in the wads I ripped. (if you can call it that)

Authors of: MALL.WAD (Beavis & Butthead comments) CHILLY.WAD (Homer's DOAH!) HALLSPRO.WAD (the techbar) DWANGO5.WAD (level music)
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