Title: Odashee's Get the Flag
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/odaflag.zip
Size: 20.67 KB
Date: 09/27/95
Author: Douglas W. Carrigan
Description: - Designed for Doom II CO-OP mode.

- This level is an edited version of FLAG.WAD. Two facing castles each have a "key" in the foyer. The RED TEAM (red and brown) has to cross to the other castle and get the "blue key". Then return, open the RED TEAM door, and run down the hallway for the score.

- The BLUE TEAM (green and indigo) are attempting the same thing.

- Both team members can participate in both the attack and the defense of the castles, depending the scoring situation.

- After each of the first four scores the "scorer" is teleported to a pedestal in the center of the level to "show off" and then die in the acid on the pedestal. Hey, you can't keep that key you know.

- After the fifth score the "scorer" will be allowed to trigger the exit.

- Each score is marked by a skull of the team's color rising out of the ground at the front of each castle.
Credits: Id and DCK authors Author of FLAG.WAD, Phillip Edwards
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