Title: DWANGO 20th Anniversary Edition
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/megawads/dwango20.zip
Size: 1.22 MB
Date: 11/23/14
Author: The Giggler, Timer, PiGMaN, Thrasher, Whiplash, TraversD, The Prophet [Steve Bryan], Shaft [Ben Cure
Description: 31 maps created between 1994 and 1998 by the Dooming community of yesteryear, and a map by myself. There's a nice mix of duel maps and all-out FFA maps which seem to have been lost in time, and I thought it was appropriate for Dwango's 20th anniversary to bring them back to the surface! All of these WADs give consent for distribution - check DWANGO20_DOCS for more information. Map01 was created in the spirit of DWANGO and can also be found in DK_DM_2.wad, but this version is better :)
Credits: The Giggler, Timer, PiGMaN, Thrasher, Whiplash, TraversD, The Prophet [Steve Bryan], Shaft [Ben Cureton], Blue [Stephen Heaslip], Doomkid [Adam Post], Denis Moeller, Virgil Itliong, Dan Silver, Emilio Galasso, Warren Marshall, Alissa Colby, Tony Hafner, Chris Donges, Patrick Hook, Brent Marvich, Ted Peterson, Michael Daniels and Cory Malain. Additional credit to Cheetahmen92 and other anonymous contributors for a few MIDI files used. SKY1 texture from Sabbat Martyr Deathmatch.
Base: Check the 'DWANGO20_DOCS' directory for more information on these old maps.
Build time: Many hours of work with Doom Builder and XWE (for me that is, I'm sure the others spent even longer hours constructing these maps.)
Editor(s) used: DEU, Doom Builder, XWE, DCK2/DCK3, Windeu32, NWT 1.3, WARM, WadEd, DeeP v6.20, Wintex, Deutex, RMBv2.1, DoomCAD 5.1, DETH 2.62, NewWadTools, SlumpED, Guitar Pro 5, Midi2Mus
Bugs: Hopefully they're all fixed. Contact me if you find any! I'm on Zdaemon, Zandronum, Odamex, Doomworld, even iddqd.ru - You can't miss me even if you want to ;)
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