Title: Gothic DeathMatches
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/megawads/gothicdm.zip
Size: 1.89 MB
Date: 07/12/97
Author: Anthony Czerwonka
Description: 32 Extremely detailed maps, made for DeathMatch play ONLY! Several artists reached within their hearts to make this a reality. DOOM2 just NEVER looked this good...
Credits: The few peasants that helped make this happen...without them, life would be even worse.
Base: New maps from scratch
Build time: 180 Moons
Editor(s) used: Many! Thanks to all that made DOOM editing happen. Without your help and knowledge...we wouldn't have had this opportunity to be creative.
Bugs: Some...but we'll leave that to you to find... =D
Rating: (49 votes)
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