Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/megawads/ipxmatch.zip
Size: 1.35 MB
Date: 01/15/98
Author: Jeannot "NUMBeRsiX" Langlois
Description: These wads form a deathmatch package specially designed for four players deathmatch network games. IPXMATCH is a compilation of numerous resources from numerous people which are listed in the "credits" section of this file. IPXMATCH contains 40 new deathmatch sounds, 35 new musics, many new graphics, 32 new levels, new presentation demos, new sprites and other things which I forget. After IPXMATCH is installed, it occupies about 20 MB of the C: hard drive space but does not require any more pwads to be played! This way, more memory is left to improve the gameplay! IPXMATCH was created with the idea of providing many diverse deathmatch situations which would allow infinite hours of cool and intense deathmatching.
Credits: (not mentioned) (HEROES2.WAD)
Base: Bored of playing the original levels, bored of playing in the same levels every time I played a network game with my friends, bored of playing great and bad levels downloaded from internet which often contained a couple of weapons and almost no sufficient ammo in it, bored of downloading big pwads which only had a couple of interesting things, bored of playing pwads with too much modifications, bored of playing pwads which were created too fast and missed a certain quality, wanted change, wanted to get levels which would be great in four players games, wanted levels which would bring many hours of intense gaming, wanted the players to collapse from exhaustion and their heads to pound on the keyboard before playing and knowing all the levels.
Build time: 6.5 months for the creation and one month of beta testing. Many slow downloads from internet (accelerate, will you accelerate! %@*#!&), many ideas coming one at a time (imagination is not always present), many problems (no! texture wrongly aligned! bad editor version! sound file corrupted! %@*#!&), many Windows lockups (general protection fault... unstable system... %@*#!&), working alone on a giga-project (patience is a virtue), bad experiences with still-at-beta-phase editors (SUDDEN HANG! %@*#!&), etc...
Editor(s) used: Please refer to the "credits" section.
Bugs: None. After 6.5 months of work and 1 month of beta testing, IPXMATCH is kind of bug-free and ready to use. I have tried to be as perfectionnist as I could with this project. You will notice it by having a look at the modifications I have done in every level so they could be playable for a long time without becoming bored. In fact, I may admit that there is one bug, but not caused by IPXMATCH. The skies are normally supposed to be blue from levels 1 to 11, orange in levels 12 to 20 and red in levels 21 to 32. If you warp into a level using a command line parameter, a front-end utility or a cheat code, the level's sky color will be right color. But if you start the game on level 1 and progress toward the end of the game by finishing every level using the end-level switch (without cheating), the sky will remain blue. This principle is the same if you warp in a level and continue progressing without cheating. This bug is from the DOOM II game itself. I cannot correct it.
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Pretty good compilation, most of these maps are in other WADs though. Lots of barrels powerups - Megaspheres etc - added without much rhyme or reason.. But cool custom graphics.x
A stunning bit of work!x
once again, *****! I love it! gooood for IPX! ~CSonicgox
One of the best DM Wads to date!x

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