Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/megawads/surge.zip
Size: 930.44 KB
Date: 12/24/98
Author: Nick Baker
Description: In case you couldn't tell, this is a dedication to Ola Bjorling's uber cool Overload.

It currently features 8 high paced frag filled levels in the style of Overload and all new textures (mostly "inspired" by the original Overload textures). The textures don't look quite so awesome as the originals, but we're not allowed to use them. Oh yeah, some textures are inspired by some of Ola's Darkening E1 textures too. So ph33r.
Credits: The whole team would like to thank:

* Ola and friends for one of the greatest DM level sets of all time

Nick thanks:

* The authors of DeeP '97 and WinTex * All the people who've shown me how crap I am at playing DM * The people who realise that they could upgrade their 486 to a Pentium with a single day's wages nowadays. * America for having hardly any local Doom servers, while England has one throughout the entire country, ie BT's own Wireplay service. So ph33r us Brits! =P

David thanks:

* Ola Bjorling and the rest of the Overload Team for their awesome Overload set. You like frags? You'll like this. members.xoom.com/bjorling * Nick Baker for starting this Overload Tribute Project.

Martin thanks:

* Ben Morris for DCK. * Rand Phares for his great Doom Consitency Checker.

Mike Watson thanks:

* Matt Ayres for WadEd (even though it's got way too many bugs. * Anyone who helped me out with any kind of level editing for Doom (they know who they are... or maybe they don't...). * Ola, cause without him, Surge would be Overload and we'd all have nothing to make it a tribute to (you think anyone will make a tribute to Surge?).

Jesse thanks:

* Everyone, Matthew Ayres too, especially if he releases the WadEd Source.

Qingshuo thanks:

* No fuck'n thanX to BrewBoy.

Yashar thanks:

* Nick Baker for starting the whole project, and involving me. * Chrozoron for different reasons.

Mike Reid thanks:

Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Varies, see below
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: What?!? You think we'd release something with bugs?!? No, there aren't any, at least none that we know of. Please report any to nbaker1@net.ntl.com.
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If you liked "Overload", this should be right up your alley. High marks for aesthetics, but the maps just seem uninteresting to me. --3/5x

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