Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/p-32.zip
Size: 427.51 KB
Date: 05/08/96
Author: Steven D. Surles a.k.a. God Mode
Description: P-32 is 3 levels of non-stop, bust-ya in the face deathmatch! The levels are very futuristic with some interesting graffix special effects. Have you ever been in a deathmatch, and some fool *accidently* hits the exit? Well, all three level exits are totally idiot proof. Level one is a space complex with a big beutiful BFG jump..... right into the middle of the action! You might get in the cross-fire and DIE! Its very fun... Level two is a double arena, with BFG and plasma amory rooms north and south, but if you go in there in a 3 or 4 way deathmatch...you might get REEAAL paranoid. Snipers will love this area, and so will energy lover haters. One hint...the walls have eyes...and sometimes double barrel shotguns. Level three is a cyber remake of my pretty popular "Roman.wad". This level is nothing but intense 3 or 4-way deathmatch chaos! Its a main mid-sized arena with the double barrel in the middle on top of a lift. Multiply pigion holes in the arena add to the fear of being attack at ANY angle, for in this arena...there is NOWHERE to hide. There are poles in the arena that hold diverse weapons and powerups to fight with in the arena. You have a constent pick of plasma, rocket launcher, or a brief megaball. That is...IF you can get to it before it goes back up. The BFG is set to come down periodically. I have hand picked some of the best doom sounds out there and put them into the wad. New music includes White Zombie's 1965, Metallica's Orion, and a revved up clasical type song. These levels are a scream in 2-way or up. P-32, THE FUTURE OF DEATHMATCH IS HERE...
Credits: ID-Software & Pc Raider,Hamster,JedaiYet,Rickster Chicken, Tvhead and Rhodenator for extensive testing;Ben Morris for Dck. Hamster, for making me one of the baddest BFG sounds around. Thanks to all my buds at The Modem Games BBS for their support of this wad. The maker of "ATB.wad" for some good lighting effects(this guy is reaal good. And also Anakin for some "borrowed" sound effects.
Base: New level from scratch & sniff
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Dck2.2, NWT, Rmb21, Wintex, Zennode, Paint Shop Pro
Bugs: NONE
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well not bad for 1996x

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