Title: Death Ring
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/p-dthrng.zip
Size: 24.51 KB
Date: 10/13/95
Author: J. Callum T. Ashdown, PiGMaN
Description: 2 Player/more WAD. Designed for intense play. I did my best to eliminate lurker positions (that means you DARKFOX :) I tried to keep the textures non-obtrusive, they are a bit bland. But thats better than glaringly bad. I had to do some manual alignment which really sucks as it won't be noticed by most :( If you can get the Plasma without being shot to bits, then you are either VERY good, or playing someone VERY clueless! (on hard and easy) Whoops! I forgot to put in an exit! Play it untill one of you dies in real life, or use the -timer option. Please give me feedback on this level. Especially if you made changes that you feel enhanced it. All messages will be answered, if I want ;) My first level, it can only get better...
Credits: The DiRty eLf \ Fist Of Fun >- Spiritual Guidance Mad Pig Inc '95 /

- Dr Death, from whom I stole insta-lifts. Very nifty indeed. - Alistair Phipps aka DARKFOX for playtesting, and letting me use his P90 when playing at his house, instead of the DX 33. - Extreme (Cybernet BBS, London) >>>+44 01895-625376<<< For helping me fund BT, playtesting, and suggestions which I am too lazy to implement :)

- Stuart "Mentor" Cooke for the caffene induced " JESUS " - Ty Haldermen for playtesting and a VERY thourough write up - all for a non-IRC-familiarized VEG (me)

- Anyone else who I tried to get my WAD too but failed miserably. =============================================================
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2 all da way mon. NWT for sound.
Bugs: Not compliant with Government Safety Standards A couple of walls look lighter/darker than they should, but you should be too busy running around firing blindly to notice. Please let me know about any others.
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Another version of this map is on the archive, almost identical to this one. It's fun though.x

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