Title: Paradox 2
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/paradox2.zip
Size: 17.24 KB
Date: 12/18/06
Author: Tom Mustaine
Description: Tom's very last Doom2 level: it's a deathmatch fragfest with a cool double bridge in the middle.
Credits: id Software
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A while.
Editor(s) used: Go ask Tom if you really care.
Bugs: None known.
Rating: (8 votes)
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You CAN never give 0 stars to a Tom Mustaine map, never!. Not after working on the maps for the Master Levels and TNT Evilution x
Funduke, that comment made no sense whatever. Anyway, this is a small waste of time. I can't see anyone ever wanting to play this on deathmatch. Ever.0 starsx
This is aesthetically nice. This is made by a superstar in the gaming world. This made some thing possible in vanilla, that would be consideed to be impossible for even high-skiled mappers. Because of that: 5/5 Greetings Funduikex
A map that's pretty much a box map which is mainly composed of bridges and lifts. Not good. Try to be more original. It plays like ass too. And where's the damn ammo?!x
I have no idea how this plays in Deathmatch because I don't have any friends. The level consists of a small walled watery arena with a building in the middle; the design is such that the building seems to have three floors, linked by bridges that cross over in the middle of the map. Because it was done a million years ago it works fine with Doom2.exe. I imagine it might be too fiddly to flow well as a proper deathmatch level, but it looks good.x

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