Title: Paradox Level 1 DeathMatch Section
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/pdox1dm.zip
Size: 98.72 KB
Date: 08/31/97
Author: Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE
Description: I was finishing the single player section of the first level of Paradox, wondering what I should do for the DM section, when I suddenly realised that, with a few modifications, the single player section would make an excellent DM level. So here it is.

If you don't like cramped, narrow passages in your DM levels, you probably won't like this. Some of us do though. . .

Difficulty settings change the weapons Skill 1 Double ammo, no Plasma or BFG Skill 2 Normal ammo, no Plasma or BFG Skill 3 Set up for -Altdeath (respawning stuff) Skill 4 Normal ammo, all weapons Skill 5 Double ammo, all weapons
Credits: The Gothic DM 2 crew, the Darkening crew and (of course) the Paradox guys for ideas for levels and textures, and in some cases improving my skills :)
Base: New level from scratch Textures either based on existing Doom 2 ones, taken from Doom 1 or drawn from scratch.
Build time: Lost count of how many hours it took. . .
Editor(s) used: DeeP v9.30 Paint Shop Pro v4.12 WinTex v4.3
Bugs: None
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It is really good except for that it is a bit dark.x

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