Title: Pillars
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/pillars.zip
Size: 8.97 KB
Date: 12/23/94
Author: Glenn Hopkinson
Description: A 4 player Deathmatch for Doom II, works fairly well for 2 players also. Pillars has 4 sets of 3 pillars, where each player starts. The match is played with rocket launchers only. There are two rooms other than the 'pillar' room where you can pick up extra ammo and recharge(and ambush !) reachable by teleporter. One of the rooms is a long corridor that has a mega globe in it and teleporters that put you back on top a pillar. The other room is reached via a teleporter in the center of the 'pillar' room, and is a large, dark square room filled with ammo and med kits, teleporters back uptop are in the corners . Made with alt deathmatch in mind, there is no exit.
Credits: Jason my bud, for play testing.
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap v1.21
Bugs: None that I know of.
Rating: (1 vote)
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With a name like pillars and a release date of 1994, I wasn't expecting much. It's an all-rocket DM map, with a few teleporters and dark slime pits, and, you guessed it, pillars the players start on. Woulda been novel 20 years back but it's just another plain DM map. Seeing that sky wall texture brings back memories of confusion about how the sky actually works in Doom mapping. 2/5 since it's not horrible or anything.x

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