Title: Prophet1
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/propht1a.zip
Size: 193.18 KB
Date: 02/23/96
Author: Steve Bryan (The Prophet)
Description: Medium-small deathmatch wad. If you enjoy flying frags.. this should be a good one for you because there are plenty of "instant lifts" and ledges to jump off of. The setting is a courtyard with a building in the center which I call my music box.. :) Only the extremely insane could possibly understand.. hehehe.. Enjoy, and make lotsa demos for me. Meant to be played as original deathmatch.
Credits: The Dweller in the Cellar for his awesome levels that inspired me to make this level. Scott Smith for inventing the "instant lifts" that I've included around every corner in this wad.. :) Lastly I would like to thank Bluegill and Rotting Pinata for playtesting and problem solving, and also Animal, Rogue, and Jujubee for playtesting...thanks guys!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: one week
Editor(s) used: Map: Dmapedit Node builder: BSP, idbsp (for prophet1a) Reject Map: RMB Sky: Corel Photo Paint, Dmgraph Music: Cakewalk Professional, midi2mus, mustool Sounds: Dmaud Cleanup: Cleanwad
Bugs: Two HOMS that are there for absolutely no reason. All the textures are there.. If anyone can figure out why they are there and how I might fix them, I would *greatly* appreciate it.. See email above.
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TheProphet needs to return and grace us with his sexy DM maps once more.x

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