Title: QuaK.WaD
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/quake.zip
Size: 247.1 KB
Date: 06/09/96
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D == LM == FCToR
Description: Two NeW LeVELS 4 DeaTHMaTCh... ;)
No MeRiT.The Easier Way to make a WaD iS onE 4 DeaTHMatCH,but IM Sorry GuyS I C_A_N_T MaKE any single player wad CoS I SaW The QuaKE TeST...
PLeaSE CheCK ThiS: -> www.idsoftware.com <- ThaTS HeaVEN! ThaTS the OLymPuS Where the GoDS Live...
I Wanna make this couple of MapS just 4 xpress The PainFuL feelin and The Agony of every MortaL. We SaW "ThE PriCE" But the QuaKeNinG iS NEaR The TiME haS CoME aND We R E 4 ThEXPeRieNCe!
I BougHT a DX266+8Mb about 2 years ago.
I got the marvellous program of ToM HuDSoN: 3DStudio ;) and I DreaMt of MakinG ViRTuaL Enviroments something magical and amazing.But with only 8Mb and just 540HD I canT Spend 24 hourS a Day renderin! I allwayS looking 4 a few number of sides,the less number of lights and the best textures. It was hard,Sad and very very ungrateful.I hade a pair of good animations one about 35Mb,th other 20Mb...and...and nothing.
I cant send them to my friends,I cant show them...just more space in my HD and a lot of hours workin 4 nothing!.
Then I DiscovereD DooM,the inCredible xperience! IT was too much 4 me.IT was the best game Ive EveR Seen.I KNew WoLFSTein,IVe PLaYeD The Share VerSion...but ThiS Time,the "touch" of the game waS perfect,the plot great and the playability suberb! 9 over 10...
The Second step was Deu,and all the editors that are everywhere ;) but I discover than the engine of DooM doesnT really 3D.iTS a pseudo-3D real good but not excellent! I have to battle with the linedefs and the sectors 4 make looking-real building and rip of "ViSPLaNES oVErFLoW" and all the error message that DeSTroy my work! I had to use SECToRS to simulate ShaDoWS I haD To USe SeCTorS to SiMulate Carpets...

BuT...Q u A K E...floor over floor...light sources.ThaTS ThaTS...i have no worDS,ITS like 3DStudio but in real-time with creatures,with an argument and with fun! ThaTS QuaKE...
IVe PLAyeD QuaKE in DeaTHMATCH and iTS better than DooM and DuKe NuKeM Ive SeeN a lot of PiCS of QuaKE and ItS the MosT AmaZiNG ReaL SiMuLAtioN that I Can OVeRWheLM my Computer... >;) iTS the Future!

.> .-J-o-N-H.R-o-M-E-R-o.i-S.-A-.-G-o-D-.,> '.'

WeLL Here U R 2 MapS with the original QuaKE SouNDS! Xcept one that I get from "ArMY oF DaRKNeSS" The MaSTer PieCE oF CiNEma HiSToRY! I hope u like it...altough if U diDnT Play The QuaKE TeST...it would be a little bit Xtrange ;)
The first map with StairWayS to HeaVeN itS a olD-FoRGeT-CoMpleX i wanna make some new than the SquaRE levels that u saw in other wads of LM. There R WiNdoWS,Stairs,CorneRS PLaSMa guN a good place 4 DeaTHMaTCH... ;) The SeCoND MaP iTS a KiND oF "A_SaCo.WAD" the FreNZieST Map That iVe EVeR trieD! buT iTS CooL! well IM The KreaTor And ULL ThinK IM noT FaiR. ...ThiS WaD WaS MaDE 4 PNtiuM PoWR AnD AWe oR GVS XPeRieNCE...

I hope u LikE it aND HaVE GooD DeaTHMaTCH TiME oN iT!
Credits: ThE FaLLeN GoDS ThaT R MakiN' QuaKE the FirsT ReaL Three-DiMeNSioNaL ENviroMeNT And AN EditoR 4 uS. THe PoRTaL 4 THe underWoRLDCReaTurEs to a D a R K D i M N S i o N
Base: My HoTTeST DreAMS witH QuaKE.
Build time: A WeeK more or LeSS .LooKiN' in ThE 3W 4 some RumoRs and NeWS from the new release of iD
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 ,BSP16 & WiNTX + PSP32BiTS,SBSoFT & W95
Bugs: - NoP! If U WaNT BuGS Made YoURSeLF! - If YoU ReAD -FRoM BLM FCToRy- you haVE . QualiTY MaN. I MEAN -> NO BUGs,AwESoME WaD
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Eye del Cul
Two small deathmatch maps for two to four players. Modest but effective, with pleasing aesthtics. Of course I love the text file :). If you're using Unix, you can see it with all of its "swag" in an unicode terminal, issuing a command like "iconv -f cp850 -t utf-8 quake.txt". Here appears confused because it uses special chars from the old DOS encoding. Of course its not much more legible in the correct encoding...x

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