Title: RaG_666
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/rage.zip
Size: 422.69 KB
Date: 06/09/96
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D ; LM ; FCToR
Description: BouT CirCLe CONStrUCTioNS! WhaT HappeN? ANy PRoBLEM?
I SaW 1.000 WaDs 4 DeaTMATCH aND just a 5% There were GooD 4 PLAy!
ThiS iS 4 PLAy via ModEN not 4 NET witH 8 PLaYeRS! I WaNNA MakE SoMETHinG FuNNy no SoMEThiNG BorEd OR a MaZE iF I WaNNa BorED MySeLF,SLeeP anD BREaK DOwN my CoMPuteR i PLaY The WoRST 3D GaME IVe EveR PLaYeD: RiSe oF ThE TRiaD!!! WoLFSTeiN iS MoST BeTTeR ThaN RoTT!
TRy to PLay the WAd in SiNGLE pLAyer :) The aim iT: There caN Be ONLy ONe And THaT "OnE" iS U! So...FiGHt AGainST PuREviL FoRCeS! AnD Be PRePaRe 4 A HeLL WheRe oNLy ThE BraVESLL SuRViVe!

ProBLeMS-> SLoW CPU .SLoW MaChiNE. SLoW RaM .SLoW Everythin :? WeLL,What R U Waitin 4? CHritCXMaXXX! R u wAiTin 4 QuaKE? U NeeD SomEThinG Better than a 386DX40 >;D
SLoW HaNDS? U CAn'T KiLL EveRYMONSteR? U R A loser-man a poor IMP a real MicroSCopiCuS MoLEcuLuS...so pLeaSE tell your mother to GiVE u KeLLoGS!
A MoTheR? PLEaSE TeLL YoUR MuM To Be QuiET! oR KiLL Her >;D

> AbOuT SEXXX.WAD -> ThiS iS A ReaL ProJEcT 4 QuaKE...
IT WaS BeeinG 4 DooM ][...but I saw the ALPha of QuaKE and IVe ChaNGeD my MiND...No more WADs 4 single player!! Im gonna wait 4 QuaKE I Have to wait4 QuaKE! iTS gonna be the 1st real 3D...What Bout NuKE DuKEm 3D? jojojo KiddiN? good effects! good SpeeCH! good DuKeMActh! But ainT DooM! no play inside.Enemies R DiffiCuLT and they R StupidS! Sorry boyS I PRefeR iD!
DarK FOrCeS? CooL GaME reaL GooD! but JusT 4 StaR WaRS,no SeX,no VioLeNCe BuT GreaT! no DeaTHMaTCH ThaT's a PRoBLeM!
SysTeM ShoCK! AMaZiNg! 9.9 go 4 ORiGiN!
Credits: ThE FaLLeN GoDS ThaT R MakiN' QuaKE the FirsT ReaL Three-DiMeNSioNaL ENviroMeNT And AN EditoR 4 uS. THe PoRTaL 4 THe underWoRLDCReaTurEs to a D a R K D i M N S i o N
Base: a D r e a M o F H e L L o N E a R T H !
Build time: A WeeK more or LeSS .SoMe hours HaNGiN' the telePHoNE and SOmE HouRS FiGHtiN the ViL. JuST 4 MakE A CooL WaD 4 U =)
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 ,BSP16 & WiNTX + PSP32BiTS,SBSoFT & W95
Bugs: - T h R C a N o N L O N - If YoU ReAD -FRoM BDLM FCToRy- you haVE . QualiTY MaN. I MEAN -> NO BUGs,AwESoME WaD
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"U CaNT DiSTRiBuTe ThiS WaD iN Any SiCK COunTRy who MAKeS oR TRy to MaKE NUcLEaR TEsT oR ToRTuRe PeOPLe". Yes, but this map is hosted in servers located in USA. Will the author email Ty Halderman asking to delete the files from the archive? Oh, the irony... About the maps, they have good aesthetics, but bad playability (too many barrels, too many obstacles). The text file is pure awesomeness, though. There is also a modified ENDOOM ansi screen -- 3/5x
I've not played these maps, but the TXT file is just amazing. Love the random caps. And nothing suggests a huge e-penis like "RaG.WAD - DTHMCtH - 666 U DoN't KnoW TH PoWR oF Th DaRKSi"...x
The levels are dated May 1995. They aren't as entertaining as the readme. You can just picture the author, can't you? The levels are symmetrical circular arenas. They are filled with exploding barrels, which makes them almost unplayable. As deathmatch levels they are generic. Bloated up with superfluous sounds and music. And remember, "U CaNT DiSTRiBuTe ThiS WaD iN Any SiCK COunTRy who MAKeS oR TRy to MaKE NUcLEaR TEsT oR ToRTuRe PeOPLe", so there.x

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