Title: ROCK1
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/rock.zip
Size: 754.06 KB
Date: 01/14/96
Author: Erik "Rockett"
Description: This is my first multi level wad ,it has 21 maps each has its own exit i think i only ripped like 2 or 3 maps straight from other wads but thats ok!! I added new mus and sounds uhhhh i added some new textures but not much mostly for name patches. OH YEAH ALL U PEOPLE READING THIS uhhhhh Phm added all the sprites for me !!!!!! :)
Credits: Thanx to PHM for helping me do the sprites,and testing it with me sorta :), hmmmm uh thanx to Crusher for donating one of his uh SH*%$Y wads j\k hehe .Thanx to cenote,mill,kf ,&chuck for all there help in the beta testing on the maps. Another thanx to chuck for surfing da net to find me the mus and sounds in this wad. Last but not least thanx to all the other people that i ripped stuuf from there wads for mine,I cant exactly remember who they r though :),they will know who they r !! Special thanx to ID for creating the baddest game ever!!!!!!! Thats about all !
Base: This level was made from scratch.
Build time: about a month or so off and on
Editor(s) used: DCK22;NWT;WINTEX;PSP;mabey some others but i cant remember :)
Bugs: if you are to find any contact me on the Houston dwango server and notify me of them please!!
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great dethmach levels here x
fairly funx

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