Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/rott.zip
Size: 35.04 KB
Date: 01/17/98
Author: Limbs a Flyin' [Chris Coulter]
Description: Started out as using the first level of s/w Rise of the Triad as a (very) rough base. actuly built most of it from memory, but ends up to be quite different than the original. Even has the music thrown in too.

Designed for DeathMatch realy, but has quite a few monsters bunged in too, if you need 'em.
Credits: Whoever made WadAuthor, my fav editor, NWT 1.3 [only to stick the mus file in] Er, Midi2mus I suppose... And of course we can't forget Apogee [sp?] for the music, the original map for the base [sorta] and of course ROTT itself. [Even if nobody plays/likes/has it, awful tile based maps, ick]
Base: New level from scratch, well not realy.. using a ROTT level as a rough base..
Build time: A couple of days, when i felt like it.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, duuno the ver, NWT+Midi2mus briefly.
Bugs: None, I think. Unless when you shoot projectiles into the sky [you'll see] and they dissapear [but not always], but thats actuly normal. Oh yeah, musn't forget:
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good 2 min fun on single play didn't play on DMx
This is dated April 1996. The readme's more interesting than the map - it was going to be part of an ambitious 30-level Deathmatch set, with new graphics etc, but of course the designers got bored and drifted apart. The map itself is simplistic and you can run straight to the exit, and it would be too cramped to work in Deathmatch. The effect leading to the exit switch is cheesy but looks nice.x
dud - Nautilusx
Nothing outstanding, but nice...x

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