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I made this wad (sabotage.wad) using edmap 1.31,it is strictly deathmatch and for doom2....Date:01/02/96
Size:41.68 KB

Sabre Mau
It's just a simple Deathmatch 2 WAD for Doom 2, with some optional monsters which can be respawned in Deathmatch to spice things up. The weapons change depending on the skill level you're on: Skill levels 1 + 2: Chainsaw + Super Shotgun Skill level...Date:11/17/94
Size:4.2 KB
Author:Rylan Hilman

Sabre Mau ][
From first look, it looks like SABREMAU.WAD, but in a few seconds, you notice the mass amount of goodies in the middle! You race for it to grab all you can before your opponent(s), and...... (I won't spoil the surprise for you. :) This deathmatch...Date:11/17/94
Size:12.22 KB
Author:Rylan Hilman

SADO - 2nd part of the SADO-MASO mikro-series
Welcome to SADO - mikrodeathmatch arena, even more bloody and faster than you ever thought. This is the sequel to MASO.WAD and closes the SADO-MASO mikroseries. This level brings you the maximum massacre in two-player deathmatch. (our average frag ra...Date:08/07/95
Size:5.43 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

Deathmatch wad. Its quite small with limited weapons so play it on alt death ....Date:05/01/96
Size:12.76 KB
Author:Bobbin (Dan & Rob)

A nice Deathmatch level for any amount of players. Not too big for 2 yet not too small for 4! Weapons - Plasma Gun, Missle Launcher, Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun, Chaingun (NO BFG! BFGs suck for DM!) Board - Hmm, how to describe it, It has a cent...Date:06/01/96
Size:93.89 KB
Author:Eric Brandel -=(Funny3)=-

Samaho´s Arena DM1
Simple dm level, which should be played in DeathMatch 2.0 with 3 or 4 players....Date:09/28/00
Size:26.07 KB
Author:Benjamin Berkels

Sample Deathmatch map
An arena map I churned up in about an hour with the...Date:08/19/03
Size:7.68 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk AKA Mr. Chris

Sandmans Dungeon
A great deathmatch WAD for DOOM2...Date:10/18/96
Size:128.05 KB
Author:MWBF Productions

Sand Castle of Skulls II
This is a wad set in the desert. It has a court- yard and many sniper posistions. Try It!!!...Date:03/13/96
Size:107.37 KB

Sand Castle of Skulls III
This is a wad set in the desert. It has a court- yard and many sniper posistions. Try It!!!...Date:03/18/96
Size:110.71 KB

Sand Castle of Skulls
This is a wad set in the desert. It has a court- yard that you cannot get to unless u start there. It has a bridge of some sort and it has 2 main fighting rooms and a few hallways...Date:02/22/96
Size:43.38 KB

Santas Workshop
Deathmatchwad for 2 killers.Of course it is great to be more killers but it is made for 2...Date:10/18/96
Size:87.44 KB
Author:MWBF Produktions

Santo's House
This is just something that came up in our minds, my friend wanted more mapping help and he began doing extremely rough work on something resembling his house, so I ended up doing my own version not much later for deathmatch purposes. Santohs2 is j...Date:12/13/14
Size:215.66 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Size:36.59 KB

The Savage Series
A series of 8 deathmatch levels, they provide very quick, intense, deathmatch action. There are NO CHEAP plasma guns in any of the eight levels, only Super Shotguns, Chainguns and of course Rocket Launchers. There are also BFGs in all of the levels, ...Date:06/17/96
Size:279.79 KB
Author:Creature (Dan Tyrrell)

Playground - Multiplayer
Deathmatch mayhem....Date:01/30/14
Size:115.66 KB

This is the first published level done by me. It's for doom 2, if u haven't noticed. Key-words: Deathmatch, frags, weapons and NO EXIT!!!!!! :-) I had to give the level/map a name, and and Saxet, doesn't mean anything. I just looked at my calcula...Date:02/26/96
Size:36.81 KB
Author:Jacob Bager Alias Alf

A brilliant DEATHMATCH wad... Play it!!!...Date:06/21/95
Size:20.37 KB
Author:Unknown author.
I made this wad using edmap 1.31,it is strictly deathmatch and for doom2.If you download this wad,you my not edit it or use it as a base for others,do it and DIE !...Date:12/24/95
Size:19.72 KB

Based on my own high school, includes plenty of hiding spots and long hallways....Date:01/22/05
Size:18.62 KB
Author:Jason benson

Schpiffy Deathmatch level
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of an inner area connectted with hallways and rooms and an outer water area. There are a lot of windows and areas for pot shots. This proves to be a very fun level for 2-4 players. All the ...Date:10/10/95
Size:32.86 KB
Author:Steve Kazsuk and Darrell Esau

cool deathmatch level, small, 5 teleporters, enough weapons, => fragfeast! Play it!...Date:05/29/96
Size:6.15 KB

This level is made with rookies and serious Deathmatchers in mind, with varied terrain and viewpoints from which to snipe loved ones and enemies alike. Conserve ammo, take advantage of cover and concealment and run like hell....Date:03/25/95
Size:51.41 KB
Author:John C. Boyle

Scout Hut
Based on the Scouts building off Norreys Avenue, Wokingham, England....Date:08/23/12
Size:72.48 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

Doom II ......Patch Wad
Deathmatch P-Wad...Date:12/23/95
Size:14.29 KB

Feild of screams(scream.wad)
This level was designed to be used in deathmatch. This is an ultra cool level. You can play with it by yourself, but just to look around...,this is one of my best fragfesy creations yey I will shutup so ou can find out yourself....Date:07/22/99
Size:14.94 KB
Author:Naplam Man (Keith)

Basically one large room designed for a well-balanced deathmatch in DOOMII. This is my first attempt in building a level--enjoy....Date:03/30/95
Size:124.08 KB
Author:S. White

SEAN201.WAD (45764 bytes)
DOOMII deathmatch level...Date:07/24/95
Size:194.64 KB
Author:S. White

Secret2.wad (the fixed version)
A small DeathMatch only level with secrets,Hence the name "Secret.wad" Fast,Furious,Frequent fragging is the go in this one.If you like all the above,then this wad's for u....Date:07/05/96
Size:379.2 KB
Author:"Axe" (soon to be DUD if I mess this one up!)

Sector Seven
2-4 player DMatch level...Date:09/04/00
Size:199.34 KB

Nice to See You
This is my third wad, for deathmatch only. It actually turned out great, textures and alignment are good, but don't look too hard. All weapons present, BFG pretty well hidden. Many different sector heights and windows work great for deathmatch becaus...Date:05/08/95
Size:28.33 KB
Author:Jonathan Krainak

Seismic Lab
This is my tribute and homage to Aikman's popular Dwango5 Map01....Date:06/09/13
Size:222.58 KB
Author:Fragmare (Ian McPherson)

Out in the Open
Size:301.96 KB
Author:Serge Slepov (, Russia, Snezhinsk.

Just survive!...Date:08/09/95
Size:23.98 KB
Author:Paul Thureen

DOOM II Deathmatch wad in a sewer setting. In fact I was going to call it sewer.wad but it was taken. There is a big open area surrounded by other rooms at various hights....Date:03/09/96
Size:13.02 KB
Author:Robert Waltman

This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY WAD!! It is a sewer with many twists and turns. There aint no rocket launcher or BFG cuz they aren't fair weapons in such a small level. (They rock in the big ones!)...Date:12/15/95
Size:23.85 KB

This is a small deathmatch level. Starts for 4 player deathmatch....Date:08/28/95
Size:20.96 KB
Author:John Jankowski

Sexy Mama
Size:50.49 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Sexy Papa
Size:50.41 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

The Slime Falls
A large house with many beautiful details and some nukage around it... Anyway, a great environment for fragging your friends in deathmatch!...Date:03/29/96
Size:40.22 KB
Author:Iikka Keränen

Urban Siege
Based on devicer's brilliant Marathon Map, a "siege house" is the centerpiece of this extremely small level. The house contains an exposed megasphere (the only health/armor on the level) with a couple of switches to throw in order to access it (simul...Date:09/04/95
Size:6.43 KB
Author:Stephen Heaslip

Shadows of Death Deathmatch Level II
High frag, high speed, high intensity Deathmatch level. In the tradition Of BOB and Danzig......Date:12/04/95
Size:11.57 KB
Author:The shadow

This is a brick and steel arena with special lighting. It's possible to get lost when you have to in the shadows. Lots of atmosphere. I've included all weapons except the BFG, lots of ammo, and enough health to make it worth while to escape a losing ...Date:03/22/95
Size:33.22 KB
Author:Raymond Morford

Shadows of Death Deathmatch Level
A bunch(7) of kick ass dmatch levels. First 4 made by others, last 3 and the music by ME. This level is a must for fans of Deathmatch....Date:10/11/95
Size:123.26 KB
Author:The shadow

Shell Shock planet one
New level for DOOM2. Which is ment for deathmatch but has single player options. Realy good in deathmach. Try it!!!! You may notice that it was a little blotchy in deathmatch. That should work better TIP Shoot all the trees, the game should run smoth...Date:03/14/00
Size:186.14 KB
Author:Shane Ward

hmmmm... Letseee... VERY VERY VERY loosely based on e1m1 of Doom (you will probably recognize a section or two, but I doubt it.) All weapons aren't cheap and require skill. (NO BFG!!!!!) the plasma is in sight and hard to get. Go put yourself on a li...Date:11/13/95
Size:165.58 KB
Author:Todd Struble (Abhot to some)

-Deathmatch- Visit the 5 areas... The Canyon, The Pit, The Snake, Nick's Garden, and Heat n' Hump. Lots of visual candy and surprises. Control Room? Yes, its there. ALL of the colored bars in the Control Room are switches....Date:02/22/98
Size:40.1 KB
Author:Harq aka Paul

SHOCK Deathmatch series PART ONE
Deathmatch only level...Date:07/08/96
Size:8.42 KB
Author:R. Buster a.k.a Cono, H. van Dal a.k.a Nobody

Short Pack
Seven-Level Deathmatch for Doom ][. A series of small maps with lots of contact with other players. Each level has a very distinct theme....Date:01/26/96
Size:63.96 KB
Author:Derek Merrill

The Art Of The Shotgun - Level 1
Small, fast, and thrilling! Similar to the popular "Art Of The Rocket" levels....Date:09/15/97
Size:25.62 KB

The Art Of The Shotgun - Level 2
Insane deathmatch action! You never knew Doom could be this 3-D!...Date:09/15/97
Size:27.73 KB

The Art Of The Shotgun - Level 3
The final chapter in the awesome Art Of The Shotgun Triology. Wild 4way deathmatch or intense 1-on-1 action! The best SHOTWAD yet!!...Date:09/15/97
Size:28.14 KB

Shotgun Blastfest
A small, fast and furius DM-map, with a lot of Shotguns!...Date:02/05/05
Size:18.99 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Shotgun ][
*** NON-STOP FRAG ORGY! *** Arena-like setting outdoors surrounded by a raised area and a dim indoor area. The primary weapons are Super Shotguns, with some regular Shotguns, Chainguns, and Chainsaws. There's also a Rocket Launcher, Green Armor, an...Date:05/22/95
Size:11.65 KB
Author:Rockt and Asmo - play us on DWANGO!

Shotgun III
*** MORE NON-STOP FRAG ORGIES! *** Want more outta Shotgun ][? You got it! Indoor areas overlooking an arena-like setting outdoors. The primary weapons are Super Shotguns and Rocket Launchers, but all your favorite weapons (except BFG) are there ...Date:05/22/95
Size:13.98 KB
Author:Rockt and Asmo

SHOTMY.WAD for Doom II v1.9
Deathmatch only WAD...Date:01/24/96
Size:12.38 KB
Author:A dude with a Scaryname
we are too lazy to do a real text file....Date:05/07/95
Size:61.22 KB
Author:Mark Cooke (apollo) Pat Fry (hyena)

This level was designed for Deathmatch. Whoever is on the outermost level has complete control over two crushing ceilings. However, the crushing ceiling can be stopped at any time by crossing the outer linedef of that particular circular ceiling. On ...Date:04/12/95
Size:14.04 KB
Author:Jawed Karim

That's about it. Pretty cool level if I must say so myself. This is a level which is actually worth the download time and effort. Also may well be the first (deathmatch) pwad for DOOM II. Desgined for 2 player deathmatch, -with monsters-. If y...Date:10/08/94
Size:62.23 KB

The Shrine
Three main areas. The large area has a "shrine" in the center. There is a Rocket launcher and both blue power-ups here to draw players towards the center of the level. The main are also includes a large staircase leading up to a dark ledge and a smal...Date:03/27/95
Size:63.53 KB
Author:Scott Armatti

DeathMatch of the Ages
This is just a small map that is mainly for a multiplayer DeathMatch game. Works pretty damn well if the weapons do NOT stay and the weapons DROP after death since that would provide more of a screw job for one yet a +1 frag for another. I find it qu...Date:02/10/12
Size:10.53 KB

Shotgun for Two RELOADED
10 years passed since we created SHTGUN42.WAD, and we still can't seem to get enough of it! This reloaded version intends to make things a bit fairer for the surviving player, since the original version allowed the healthy reborn player who just lost...Date:03/31/07
Size:98.54 KB
Author:Daniel Aguilera & Nicolas Foppiani

This is a deathmatch Wad with a couple cool ideas. Nothing spectacular, but should be fun....Date:10/31/95
Size:26.05 KB

totally sick and fraggin' 7 level-episode. not more than 2 seconds to live in these crazy wads, well, it's a fragfest, SLAUGHTER!!!!!...Date:04/23/96
Size:27.14 KB
Author:Berserker (levels 1+6) Sultan (levels 2,4+7) Monty (level 5) Zaphod (level 3)

An experts' DEATHMATCH WAD. For those who demand the best fraggin they can get. Oh, it's pretty to look at, as well. I designed this for my friends and me who, are becoming quite good at killing each other. I don't recommend this WAD for groups who...Date:02/23/95
Size:17.12 KB
Author:John Wakelin

Well, its done all in silver....Date:09/24/96
Size:56.7 KB
Author:Sean "Master" Seelye

A very simple, clean cut map, took about 2 hours to make. Reason for making it? I just felt like taking a break from the extremely detailed mapping Id been doing, and to just make a fun, "classic" doom2 type deathmatch. It's designed so there is no f...Date:02/02/01
Size:13.66 KB
Author:Cast Draling

This is a simple wad(being my first) but does have some interesting things to do. I haven't included very many monsters as it is intended for deathmatch play. I recommend that you play with at least 125% turbo, that's what it was tested at, and you n...Date:03/29/95
Size:24.16 KB
This is just a very simple level that I constructed after playing one of the Computer Deathmatch programs for Doom 2. It's a great level for 2 player Deathmatch. With anymore players, it's just a total frag-a-thon. I put in the CyberDemon on Si...Date:05/25/97
Size:4.08 KB

Size:224.53 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [aka reddawg]

A map replacing MAP01 of Doom II,designed with deathmatch in mind. It is my first map for Doom II ever,so please be gentle in your judgement :)...Date:01/04/07
Size:28.75 KB
Author:Gregor Best

This is a nice sized wad, and has a tricky way to get to...Date:01/01/96
Size:30.58 KB

Six point star
A fun deathmatch wad! Good with 2 players, messy with 4....Date:10/26/96
Size:3.6 KB
Author:Maurizio Serra (Fizban)

The S&J wad collection V1.2
This wad collection was made by two Oregon State University doom 2 fanaticks. It is not an attempt to show off wad making mastery, for we are just beginners and these are our first creations. We were just trying to make good deathmatch levels wi...Date:04/12/95
Size:73.33 KB

2 PLAYER DEATHMATCH - VERY FAST ACTION! HUNTERS NEED NOT APPLY! These are not just "throw a gun in a small room" wads, they are carefully laid out. Even though these levels are tiny, there are traps, hiding places, and snipe spots. Get moving as so...Date:04/03/97
Size:64.39 KB
Author:Silver Bullet

The Skill!
This wad was made stictly for deatchmatch play. No monsters, just all out fun. I have included all of the items I feel necessary for a good, fair deathmatch game. There is even a way to make use of the Berzerker power up but I'll let you figure that ...Date:03/12/95
Size:36.03 KB

SKILLS.WAD (December 1994)
This is an ONLY Deathmatch Wad cause there are no monsters in it. You can still play it standalone if you enjoy fragging yourself....Date:12/15/94
Size:35.92 KB
Author:Christophe Person [Tof on IRC #doom]

Skroom: A six level DooM II deathmatch set. MAP01 - "The Arena Gate" - Start off in a replica of the Quake 3 Arena map The Arena Gate. MAP02 - "The Church" - Sit on the altar and explode the occasional idiots fighting near you, or wave a plasma g...Date:09/06/01
Size:136.25 KB
Author:Josef Griffiths

Arrr matey..... dis level t'was designed fer ya landlubbers dat enjoy a good deathmatch. I look forward to crossin' swords wit da best o' ya....Date:01/26/95
Size:16.79 KB
Author:Doug Drake [ The Buccaneer ]

Clean deathmatch level...Date:12/31/95
Size:51.54 KB
Author:Beau Anderson

Size:166.45 KB
Author:Tracy "SKY" Walker

Hole in the Sky
Size:73.05 KB
Author:Michael Novak

Size:30.79 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Sky Deathmatch
This level is a small DeathMatch level in the sky. All weapons are available....Date:02/27/98
Size:115.29 KB
Author:Kerkko Välilä

Once again, this is a Deathmatch level for Doom. I used some shading techniques but tried mostly for some cool architechture techniques. Try it out, rad for deathmatch....Date:11/20/95
Size:17.52 KB
Author:Neil Berg

10 top deathmatch levels for 2-4 players. These levels are are all pretty small so you will have plenty of chances to give your opponents a good slapping. The good weapons are difficult to get and only one level has the BFG. These levels will provi...Date:09/28/95
Size:97.1 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme

Fast paced deathmatch level, inspired by the Danzig and Dweller levels. Great for two players and insane with four. There are lots of windows to shoot through, so there is nowhere to hide....Date:10/31/95
Size:9.43 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme

Another deathmatch level to follow on from slapme 3 and 4....Date:10/31/95
Size:13.46 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme

A weird Doom 2 DM level that's designed for surprise and shock value. This level, for anyone who is an inexperienced DM player, is evil. It's complex, dark, dangerous, and intense. Cool architecture, too....Date:04/13/95
Size:37.26 KB
Author:Jeremy A. Statz, Dark Lord of the Universe

Slime Time
Here we are DooMers, SLIME TIME! The story of this finely constructed WAD goes along the lines of this: ======================= You, an ex-marine (now an italian plumber named Mario) and your brother (who else but Luigi) are called to one o...Date:05/18/95
Size:30.46 KB
Author:Lachlan Stewart

The Slough Deathmatch
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of seven rooms with hallways to connect them. A few rooms are outside. There are a few windows for pot shots. Visual detail was a high concern during creation. All textures are alligned pro...Date:10/10/95
Size:143.05 KB
Author:Darrell Esau

A Small Deathmatch Level
This level is designed only for deathmatch, and primarily for two people. I made it small and simple so that it would be fast via modem play. This level is way too small for four player deathmatch, but if you want total mayhem, go ahead and try it. I...Date:07/06/95
Size:10.14 KB
Author:Mark Anderson AKA Boogeyman

Smega! (legalized version)
4 [now 3, see above] really good levels for doom ][. One looks simple but is great for dmatch, the other is kinda weird.. the second is better with 4 players, the first supports any amount, except 1. There is a hidden Invincibility And maybe a Megasp...Date:05/26/05
Size:31.76 KB
Author:Swipe (If you need to know my real name, ask a sysop or mod on DWANGO) And some great help from S-bu

Not sure why I called it Smegger, I suppose I just like the word (it's a favourite from the Red Dwarf TV series, by the way). I don't think I could bear to see another WAD with the words "FRAG" or "DEATH" in the title - at least I'm original in my pl...Date:05/05/96
Size:47.7 KB
Author:Sam Ellis

This is the second of my WADs that I've published on the net. It's a deathmatch level meant for two or three players. There are enough starts for four, but things might get a bit claustrophobic. There are several main areas, all linked by corridors a...Date:06/09/96
Size:22.69 KB
Author:Sam Ellis

Smelnick Deathmatch
Its a 4 castle and stone and wood themed map pack. They are basically in the reverse order of what i made them so they get a little less good as you progress....Date:05/25/04
Size:158.46 KB
Author:Danny Melnyk

The Smell of Death
Pretty big deathmatch level. This is my first attempt at making a new level, so I made it how I wanted it. (Don't worry. I make a frag-a-second level later.) I would really appreciate feedback on this so I can get better at making .wads. Check out ...Date:09/21/95
Size:33.36 KB
Author:Brian Rivers
Well... I tried to make it look more like 2 buildings but it didnt really look that way when I tried them. I ended up making back doors for each "BUILDING" which you can sneak attack people in or find hidden passages. This level is meant as hu...Date:10/11/95
Size:21.89 KB
Author:Cole Savage

These are levels for Doom 2 and they replace map 1-6. ...Date:11/23/95
Size:78.56 KB

Just another PWAD for DOOM 2...Date:04/15/96
Size:11.57 KB

You are surrounded by buildings, and more buildings, the only thing that can stop you is your enemy! You must find him before he finds you. It won't be that easy, there are many places that you and your enemy can hide at, so always watch your back. T...Date:04/16/96
Size:26.78 KB
Author:Jonathan Pribble

Snipcor Based (Two levels grouped together:Sniper and corridor
These are two run around levels , but watch your back or else!!!...Date:02/23/95
Size:29.7 KB
Author:M van Wijhe

Size:27.34 KB

Snipe - Paintball Arena
An exact emulation of a paintball arena I once played on...Date:08/26/01
Size:23.66 KB

Deathmatch WAD where you are the sniper and have to kill the enemy! Raid their supply base! Just make sure that they don't get u! Best if played on Death Match 2.0 with monsters, just to make it more interesting. There are 4 sniper bunkers (2 of ...Date:12/25/95
Size:56.45 KB

Sniper Deathmatch
Deathmatch is the only way to play....Date:11/16/95
Size:43.57 KB
Author:Peter Mathiasson

This is the fourth wad I have made, and this one is for DEATHMATCH only. There are only a couple of monsters. Your main goal is to hide in the many small sniper areas and battle it out in the turrets!...Date:04/17/96
Size:410.03 KB
Author:Jeff Cruser

Sniper 109's DeathMatch
My first Deathmatch wad...Date:10/18/09
Size:236.29 KB
Author:Sniper 109

Snort (v0.99)
DooM ][ level 1 Go to my homepage for screenshots at:
Size:25.51 KB
Author:Maarten Hoogveld (

A small, fast map. Very fun. looks a little like doom2 map1, but its so unique, it was obviously made from scratch...Date:08/09/97
Size:49.71 KB
Author:Unknown (uploaded by Nick "Goonter")

E1M1 deathmatch wad...Date:10/07/95
Size:22.15 KB
Author:Kennith Reeves

2-4 player DMatch level...Date:09/04/00
Size:789.23 KB

Soy Sauce
This wad is wonderful. It has 8 new sounds, new music, and is NEW!!! It has a nice arena setup with an open middle and a outside ring. It contains all weapons but the plasma is hard to get and the bfg harder. -=)They're in the different textured pila...Date:03/29/96
Size:136.99 KB
Author:Eric Brandel -=(Funny3)=-

Spacer DeathMatch!
I always wanted to create a wad with a space theme so I finally did. I incorporated many new graphics which I gathered from many different sources. I you enjoy it. This WAD will NOT change your DOOM2 files....Date:01/27/96
Size:401.12 KB
Author:Lee Smith

DeathMatch at the Space Station
Having cruised thourgh Hell, taken a couple of planets, etc., it's now time to show where your friends' bodies belong. Let the CARNAGE begin! This DeathMatch ONLY level, gives you the chance to make them end up like one of those bodies on a stick! Th...Date:07/06/95
Size:34.7 KB
Author:Michael Marcotte

great deathmatch level...Date:12/23/97
Size:34.08 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Made-for-deathmatch level. One blue sphere and one blue armor. No plasma weapons. A couple of secret rooms and LOTS of windows. Fast and deadly with 3 or 4 players....Date:06/08/95
Size:18.87 KB
Author:Eric Burgess

Size:789.86 KB
Author:Sparks from Chicago 847 Dwango

Size:302.65 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [aka reddawg]

My latest monstrosity! A deathmatch level in which I've implemented three of my best traps: Acid Trap - high in an overlooking cave reside two buttons that instantaneously raise and lower the outer edge of a pool of acid.....Date:04/23/96
Size:30.73 KB
Author:Michael Daniels

Doom 2 Deathmatch wad. The fun part is fragging each other in the dark room with the hanging guys. This wad is mainly for 2 player deathmatch....Date:07/12/95
Size:12.61 KB
Author:Jonathan Hambrick

Speci (Special)
Some kind of deathmatch level. Big monsters....Date:01/05/97
Size:19.35 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Spectre Deathmatch Levels
Eight deathmatch levels made my me. I will continue the series over time. SpectreX.wad will have X amount of levels. These levels are worth the download, they are not a bunch of crappy levels made over the weekend....Date:11/26/97
Size:470.77 KB
Author:fUnKyMoNk; AKA, Steve Noonan

A DeathMatch jail, with plenty of dark cells to hide in! Elevator surprise traps, and barrel traps are just a few of it's good features. Some of the sniper spots are so good, your buddy will never sneak up behind you....Date:02/10/96
Size:71.14 KB
Author:Matt Rowell

Spite DM (ver. 1.0)
Very, very small. As this is just a first version, I may add other rooms if there are enough requests....Date:09/08/98
Size:30.15 KB
Author:Tai Sharpell aka Shoggoth

This file is the Doom ][ conversion and modification of tourney.wad, which was created especially for a 4-player deathmatch tournament. It has sniper points, open areas and all weapons in interesting places. The weapon placement is designed to make f...Date:12/05/94
Size:19.16 KB
Author:Frank S. Fejes III

Square Ring
A DOOM2 level designed specifically for deathmatch under 2.0 rules. (can be played in normal deathmatch mode as well) It is basically four square sectors each seperated by teeth doors or short passages. These sectors are surrounded by an outer ring a...Date:03/12/95
Size:21.68 KB
Author:Scott Molenkamp

.While I have constructed many maps for DOOM and DOOM II this is the first map that I feel proud enough of to post to the net. It's deathmatch only. Everyone here at my office enjoys it, let me know what you think. I put a few monsters in along with ...Date:02/02/95
Size:107.82 KB
Author:Kurt Dillard

Square of Death!
This level is so damn good. Very simple level in the shape of a square. Loads of to play...Date:06/19/97
Size:4.97 KB

Size:61.75 KB
Author:Jerms (SJ server on Dwango)

This level was designed to be used in deathmatch mode..... You can play with it by yourself, but chances are you could go blind!...Date:01/26/95
Size:18.89 KB
Author:Brian Drake

St.Mary's School
this level is a replica of my old grade school before its renovation in 1996/1997 ...Date:01/02/97
Size:247.18 KB

Steve Sarlls' DeathMatch 1
A deathmatch wad with some monsters. rooms with lots of halls and teleporters. Originally Doom 1 I converted it for Doom 2 and changed shotguns to Double Barrels....Date:06/16/95
Size:41.98 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

A circular building with open inner and outer courtyards. I think that this is my best wad as far as the looks go. 2 player is kinda slow due to the size of the level. Best on -Respawn & -Altdeath....Date:06/16/95
Size:65.48 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

I decided to make a ledges type of level but start from scratch. It got kinda big :-) Prob'ly better 4 player....Date:06/16/95
Size:91.51 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

Each start has a weapon and ammo. large open area, kinda clover shaped, with a 'hill' in the center. Building on top of hill with Rocket Launcher. Suggest respawn....Date:06/16/95
Size:20.33 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

Octagonal boxing arena. Only weapon is Berserk pack. Health on Tall lift in center of 'arena'. Co-op exit....Date:06/16/95
Size:19.83 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

You and your partner(s) were busy unearthing an important archeological dig in South America when much to your surprise..... Aww forget the story. If it moves, Shoot It! If it doesn't move, Shoot it till it does! :-)...Date:06/16/95
Size:156.94 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

lots of metal walls, windows, and a few monsters and doors. Rather small. oughta be a REAL frag fest with 4 players....Date:06/16/95
Size:13.74 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

A big map for deathmatch playing....Date:04/09/05
Size:33.63 KB
ss_sk5 m1 - is a fast action dm lev.. not only great in dm but it also looks good. m2 is a fast action dm lev very good. ss_sk6 m1 - fast action with lots of jumps.. i guarantee i a great dm fight. m2 - is a circle since everyone was making circle...Date:09/21/96
Size:276.21 KB
Author:My real name is Ryan,.. A.K.A .."hostile" to everyone else.

THE STADIUMS DEATHMATCH KIT FOR DOOM ][ map 1 stadium of death map 2 mini stadium map 3 barrels stad
7 deathmatch stadiums in one file where anti bfg players and bfg users can play against each others....Date:08/04/95
Size:156.96 KB
Author:Martin Champagne

Medium sized deathmatch WAD. Excellent gameplay due to *extensive* playtesting. If the rocket launcher is your weapon of choice, you'll drool over this one. Wide multi-story areas, fast access to (almost...) every position, sniper windows everywhere ...Date:03/31/95
Size:76.56 KB
Author:Hanno Kaiser & Sven Haul

Deathmatch Wad. Medium size up to 4 players....Date:02/05/96
Size:47.58 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

FOR REGISTERED VERSION OF DOOM2 ONLY!! This wad was mainly designed for DeathMatch play. However, I don't like those "just-one -purpose" levels so you'll be able to play in one-player or cooperative. AND IT'S FUN!! Read the last section to know more ...Date:07/23/96
Size:63.13 KB
Author:Adrian Tineo Cabello

A set of 6 small, tight deathmatch maps, tested and refined over several hundred games. These maps capture the feel of classic old-school deathmatch. Detailing was done in moderation as not to sacrafice gameplay and level flow. Play with "vanilla Doo...Date:09/21/11
Size:260.81 KB
Author:"Dr. Sean" Leonard

New level for DOOM II. Over 80 hours in the making. I tried to pay as much attention to detail as my sanity would permit. Designed for fast and furious DEATHMATCH's , but also optimized for ALL difficulties. ULTRA-VIOLENCE should be plenty tough for ...Date:03/03/06
Size:56.54 KB

Star Fight
Doom 2 PWAD You and your buddies had an argument over who was to use which weapon, and, in the spirit of fair play, you have each decided to fight it out to the death....Date:02/04/96
Size:8.09 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

The coolest deathmatch levels, with the cool stagate as teleporters! Made from shots of the show!...Date:01/15/98
Size:465.19 KB
Author:Justin Szymanek (N64 MAN)

Stargate Deathmatch.
This DOOM II deathmatch wad with a Stargate theme. It should be used with deathmatch 2.0 Includes a new sky texture (Non-repeating) New Doors, and a Really cool animated Gate. All weapons, one time chance at the BFG. This is not a huge level the larg...Date:12/19/94
Size:141.83 KB
Author:Nick Ramirez

Steves World Death Match: (the big towers) version 1.1
Doom 2 Death match Four main death match towers, overlooking a court yard. Inner complex with some nice touches, and a few secrets....Date:04/05/00
Size:26.06 KB

Stian's deathmatch series for DOOM ][
Collection with four of my own deathmatch levels. Health is sparse on all of them. Meaning lots of frags and a hopefully a short life for everyone. This levels have been developed, tested and adjusted to be fun for deathmatch. They work best with 3 o...Date:06/16/95
Size:63.61 KB
Author:Stian Aamodt

The Stone Keep
this level will be included in our second DMC deathmatch levels compilation, called DMC2: Immortal Thoughts which is gonna be released VERY soon. More information about the compilation can be found at
Size:134.13 KB
Author:Andrei Romanov

- Designed for Doom II deathmatch ( -altdeath highly recommended ). Stoker2 came about due to the e-mail I received on Stoker.wad. Most of the e-mail I received was very favorable however there was almost a unanimous request for monsters. Therefore S...Date:03/31/95
Size:85.5 KB
Author:Mike Panico

a stone wad...Date:09/07/96
Size:35.7 KB
Author:Andrei Romanov

A deathmatch wad designed around the mystical Stone Henge rock formation. Also second in the NOCHEAP! series. It continues the "bacta tank" theme. More on this below......Date:01/21/99
Size:176.17 KB
Author:Aron "Darkwing" Kerkhof

Stoneman's Joint
DEATHMATCH !!!! This is designed for deathmatch only . There are monsters in the wad but they are also placed with deathmatch in mind . It can be played single player but there would be no purpose other than for firing practice. I tried to make an ev...Date:08/03/95
Size:106.29 KB
Author:Bill Collins

This is my third serious attempt at a wad. This wad is mainly aimed at deathmatch but can be played single or multiplayer. The centerpiece of my level (as always) is an upside down room. To my knowledge, this has never been done before my Rockme.wad....Date:12/30/96
Size:37.84 KB
Author:Derek Altamirano

Deathmatch map set in the style of a storage area....Date:08/22/04
Size:19.83 KB
Author:Julz D

Strawberry Fool
This is a pure DeathMatch skill WAD. It starts off with Shotguns only. There are no heavy weapons (to start with), just a simple area to blow your friends away! However, as the game develops the playing area grows, and a few guests appear to join in ...Date:06/15/96
Size:8.08 KB
Author:Dick Ruck

The wad is set on a street that has 4 buildings. 2 houses, 1 church, and 1 abandoned building....Date:10/20/96
Size:623.74 KB
Author:Jason Sadowski

This is THE deathmatch level. The best ever made. Its got large rooms, small rooms and NO BFGS....Date:06/24/00
Size:25.47 KB
Author:Jacob Kruse

This is a small taste of what is Mindstate DM, that it will be a DM Megawad maybe with 32 maps......Date:02/20/04
Size:194.55 KB
Author:JacK ThE RiPPeR

Sup! This is the sequel to a wad called stargate and it borrows many of the characteristics.It took me a while to make so distribute freely and enjoy....Date:06/06/95
Size:10.04 KB
Author:Sweep, the bad ass of Dwango Houston (so sez Kylex)

Size:20.69 KB
Author:Ruslan (The strike in the nose)

Kinda hard Doom2 Deathmatch Wad. It's not that big of a wad so, one on one should be very kewl. All of the items are obtainable, only if you're smart enough. And about the secret hallway behind the restrooms... eh.. you'll find it....Date:02/27/96
Size:43.39 KB

Size:140.45 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

Rick's Strain 1
This is my first Strain map. I felt in Marble mood on this one. What is fun is to try and out-run the BFG down the long corridors. This map is perfect for the run and shoot....Date:04/06/99
Size:34.63 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/25/96
Size:37.89 KB

4-Corners, Labrynth, Fragathon, Volcano
Description of Level 1 : A square layout, with high corners and 4 side rooms. You will love this level if you like specters and invulnerability. When playing deathmatch, watch out for players who like to stakeout. Its a...Date:10/24/05
Size:66.29 KB
Author:Steve Wilson

This map is inteneded for small FFA games, TDM games and 1v1....Date:08/20/04
Size:42.86 KB
Author:Johnathan 'SirTimberWolf' Enright

STYX1.WAD "Dropzone"
Small deathmatch level for ultimate combat....Date:01/31/97
Size:47.39 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX2.WAD "Techcenter #2"
Small deathmatch level for ultimate combat....Date:01/31/97
Size:35.72 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX3.WAD "Diablo's Garden"
Small deathmatch level for ultimate combat....Date:01/31/97
Size:60.18 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX4.WAD "Cage Fight"
Small deathmatch level for ultimate combat....Date:01/31/97
Size:42.82 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX5.WAD "Center Recon 22894X"
Small deathmatch level for ultimate combat....Date:01/31/97
Size:56.34 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX6.WAD "The Dark Zone" (This level is also part of the DMC level pack #2)
Small deathmatch level for hours of fragfun....Date:01/31/97
Size:45 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX7.WAD "Sanctuary" (This level is also part of the DMC level pack #2)
Small deathmatch level for hours of fragfun....Date:01/31/97
Size:47.14 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

STYX8.WAD "Fest of the Dead" (This level is also part of the DMC level pack #2)
Small deathmatch level for hours of fragfun....Date:01/31/97
Size:54.84 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

Styx Deathmatch 01
4 small deathmatch levels for fast 1-on-1 fragfests...Date:10/06/06
Size:234.67 KB
Author:Richard "Styx" Jaspars

Styx Deathmatch 02
small deathmatch level for fast 1-on-1 fragfests extended version of styxdm01.wad map01...Date:02/15/14
Size:20.98 KB
Author:Richard "Styx" Jaspars

Styx Deathmatch 03
small deathmatch level for fast 1-on-1 fragfests modified version of paranoi6.wad...Date:03/07/14
Size:28.36 KB
Author:Richard "Styx" Jaspars

Small deathmatch level for Doom II. Great for lots 'o' action. Big levels get boring when you have to search for an hour just to get a frag....Date:01/05/99
Size:98.92 KB
Author:Jeff Tunink

Subway Panic
Frag the hell out of your friends (?) in some gloomy subway-tunnels and check out the local junkfood parlor...Date:09/08/95
Size:90.27 KB
Author:Dope & BSI

Deathmatch Wad for Doom II...Date:01/01/97
Size:23.03 KB
Author:Michael Swoboda

Sudden Death Match for Doom II
Fast-paced single level deathmatch. Contains very interesting map features and secrets. I have included an exit even though it is only one level. When playing with monsters, expect to have a very hard time living through your exit attempt. Try to suc...Date:04/23/05
Size:30.95 KB
Author:Shawn Yarbrough

Sudden Death 1 - of a series
A small arena style deathmatch level. With a building in the middle, made out of mostly bars. Surrounded by a pit, and a ledge. It's great E1M7 stlye DM!!...Date:10/31/96
Size:43.15 KB
Author:Matt Rowell - Gamer's Alliance

A awesome 9 level deathmatch wad with a variety of cool ideas in each level....Date:09/09/95
Size:122.48 KB
Author:Michael Lawrence and Dave Zimmermann

Super Deathmatch
A new level for Doom ][ made explicitly for Deathmatch. Very fast and very fun, a must have for any serious D-matcher....Date:12/08/95
Size:111.09 KB
Author:Shaft (Ben Cureton)

Kart Krazy
This is a recreation (sounds, graphics and actual level) of the Super Mario Kart Battle Mode Courses (mainly for Deathmatch, but can be played solo, and is a hell of a lot of fun in Co-op). It represents all four battle mode zones (Well known to many...Date:11/10/95
Size:250.64 KB &

Svein's Keep
A Deathmatch showdown set in the grim hallways of ol' Svein's castle. It's my first WAD, so don't complain :-)....Date:09/05/95
Size:31.51 KB
Author:The King

Swarm Deathmatch!
Just another small deathmatch level I put together during an afternoon at home. I'm not too happy with it because it was gonna be alot different but I had to keep taking stuff out until it finally stopped crashing due to visplanes overflow....Date:03/23/97
Size:138.96 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
This is to show you that I can make slightly larger levels and it took me a day......Date:03/23/97
Size:107.22 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
Great deathmatch wads that play great in both deathmatch modes.(Except Map01) Map01 is just a small tight but smoothe duel-type level. I made it as small and as light as possible for all of those whose systems have problems with those huge deathmatch...Date:12/04/96
Size:152.98 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
Great deathmatch wad plays great in both deathmatch modes. A remake of my first ever deathmatch level swarmdm1.wad which is possibly the worst dm level on the net. This is much better (at least I think so...). Should be just the right size for 2,3 or...Date:12/11/96
Size:16.35 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
Great deathmatch wad plays great in both deathmatch modes. If you want to find good levels for dm check out the MIAMI-DWANGO homepage....Date:12/15/96
Size:28.75 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
Great deathmatch wad plays great in both deathmatch modes. But the only real way to play deathmatch is original deathmatch on skill 5....Date:01/01/97
Size:14.75 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
Great deathmatch wad plays great in both deathmatch modes. But the only real way to play deathmatch is original deathmatch on skill 5....Date:01/04/97
Size:15.09 KB

Swarm Deathmatch!
Intended for two-player deathmatch1 skill 5 (the only way to play). Map01 No comment. Map02 Cat & mouse with 2players, chaos with more. Map03 No comment. Map04 Cat & mouse with 2players. Is also the level best suited for 3-4players. Ma...Date:11/09/97
Size:529.77 KB

Swat Team Hunt
I got the idea for this while playing 3 player deathmatch, and secretly ganging up one player. Here you can play 2, 3, 4 player deathmatch. The level is of moderate size, consisting of a wide open area with a sniper tower, adjoining sewers, and an Ar...Date:05/09/95
Size:51.57 KB
Author:Jeff Ross Domino on IRC

Tricks and Traps with a vengeance! Trap your friends in the pen, or flip a switch to ruin their day. This level has several switches designed to cause trouble for other players. All traps are resetable and escapable so don't give up. Be the first one...Date:10/21/95
Size:53.15 KB
Author:Chris Shelton

Fighting area in the middle with crossing channels, surrounding rooms containing startpositions, 4-fold- symmetric layout, perfectly aligned textures....Date:03/02/96
Size:64.12 KB
Author:Michael "migru" Grube

Four level deathmatch wad. I put alot of thought into the choices of symmetric sets of lifts and stairs to maximize visual contact and dynamic play. Be sure to play with the difficulty settings changed.. You will remember this set of levels by the ...Date:03/30/96
Size:115.64 KB
Author:Derek Merrill

Shotgun Crisis
fast action dm.. with all the things that make a dm lev good.. there are jumps.. room for awesome shotgun battle's ..and on top of that awesome and intense game play. I put one revenant to spice up dm play,.. and put in great music and sounds to my...Date:09/21/96
Size:95.66 KB
Author:Ryan.. A.K.A ..hostile at the gameserver in sf

Satan's Dungeon
You have been 'summoned' to Satan's private dungeon of death. You are to deathmatch for all eternity, while Satan secretly watches. Oh well, might as well have fun!!...Date:02/16/96
Size:83.55 KB
Author:Shawn Walker

Tobo's First Deathmatch level, remixed!
My first attempt to make a DeathMatch level became too large, so I remixed it..removed some rooms and now it's smaller..:)...Date:08/01/97
Size:38.85 KB
Author:Tobias Andersson

Deathmatch level's.......Date:10/07/95
Size:158.73 KB
Author:Tim Mann { Tidal }

Tiny Arena
A 90's style DM map that in the vein of Dwango maps (hell it uses Dwango music)...Date:07/17/21
Size:101.25 KB
Author:Sloth Marine (CB)

Talons Levels 1 - 7
Playable solo, co-op or deathmatch (of course!)...Date:06/24/95
Size:179.62 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

Futuristic textures, inside, semi-two-story, relatively small for 2 - 4 players, TASTEful blend of various textures, 6 transporters....Date:04/13/96
Size:13.66 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. ArgenT

.A deathmatch only map which looks pretty cool. An open castle with four towers and a medium sized courtyard. Also several separate areas off of the main courtyard. Good sniping. Some tough puzzles in order to get all of the power ups. All weapons ar...Date:03/24/96
Size:54.24 KB
Author:Kurt Dillard

Tater 01
Size:24.64 KB
Author:Chris Richards

Taxi (no special meaning)
A fun deathmatch wad...Date:06/23/95
Size:23.63 KB
Author:Don Good

Taxi #2
Deathmatch wad for Doom2...Date:01/13/96
Size:32.39 KB
Author:Don Good

Welcome to Castle Tazmania. This is a DOOM ][ Level designed primarily for deathmatch play. I took great care to choose textures appropriately for all rooms, and I also spent a lot of time aligning the textures to make the secrets a little harder to ...Date:04/15/95
Size:65.2 KB
Author:Dave Everett

Brians.wad Author: Brian Strough
Size:22.79 KB
Author:Brian Strough

TC3-II, DeathMatch WAD for DOOM ][
A four room DeathMatch WAD for Doom ][, there are four upper rooms with 'shoots' to pop into the main rooms. High frags, fast action especially with 4 players! This WAD is small and does not have an exit switch....Date:12/23/94
Size:3.49 KB
Author:can't remember, this was an original Doom wad that I have remade from memory for Doom ][

Awesome map meant for deathmatch...Date:10/04/04
Size:24.38 KB
Author:Todd Cook

The Dungeon
This WAD was written mainly for modem/nullmodem deathmatch. It is probably too small for 4 players, with 3 already being a fragfest. The setting is -guess what- a dungeon consisting of a few rooms with surrounding waste tunnels. Many snipe spots, yet...Date:03/06/96
Size:93.77 KB
Author:Andreas Hucks

A deathmatch level designed for 2 on 2 competition. Four players are required....Date:03/05/95
Size:14.96 KB
Author:Craig and some other dude

A deathmatch level designed for 2 on 2 competition....Date:03/05/95
Size:16.77 KB
Author:Cameron Gascoyne

Team Frag 4
A two-on-two deathmatch level...Date:03/05/95
Size:25.66 KB
Author:Cameron Gascoyne

Team Ledge
This is a two-on-two deathmatch level for Doom II. It requires four players. This WAD is a modification of LEDGES-X by Neil Bonner....Date:03/05/95
Size:16.72 KB
Author:Cameron Gascoyne

A Deathmatch only wad for Doom2. holes for each player to start in. Each person gets Large main arena, and 4 overlooking rooms that overlook one another, some teleporters, balanced weapon loadout at each start. Designed for 4 players 2 on 2, but is j...Date:09/11/95
Size:18.14 KB
Author:Phillip Edwards

A team wad for DOOM II...Date:06/13/96
Size:395.63 KB
Author:Ben Fletcher

Tech Center
Medium sized level with space to run, kill, run some more and then kill again! 3-4 players is recommended due to this levels size. Nice asthetics....Date:02/21/98
Size:28.82 KB
Author:Travers Dunne

This Is My First Realeased Deathmatch wad....Date:10/22/04
Size:48.2 KB

more less a remake of map 1 centered around the sshotgun room,great for 1 on 1, 3 or 4 players, and great for teams...Date:08/24/95
Size:49.07 KB

Size:30.15 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

The Art Of No Weapons
See for yourself! The ultimate in crazed, but surprisingly strategic mutliplayer deathmatch!...Date:09/14/97
Size:9.67 KB

TELEFRAG.wad, a DeathMatch wad for DOOM2
This is a wad designed for deathmatch 2 (-Altdeath) direct conervsion of coloseum.wad for DOOM 1, with slight modifications for more enjoyment. One large room with 4 warps at center to 4 rooms with 4 warps each going back and forth. TELEFRAGS 'R' U...Date:07/06/95
Size:21.03 KB
Author:Blackadder and The Chairman

Small two room deathmatch level. Big frags, teleport traps, and some really mean ways to kill someone. Like teleportin' on top o' em. Hence the name, TELEKILL. Beware, there is NO EXIT in the level....Date:02/17/96
Size:8.44 KB
Author:Andy Jackson

Tele Mad 1
An outdoor map with 8 teleports all going to a pillar in the center of the map with an unlimited supply of health. This is the only place to get any health in the level. Strategy should be fun to employ in this....Date:11/21/03
Size:10.24 KB
Author:Jason Root (Hellbent/Grotug)

Tele Pits
This level was designed to be used in deathmatch. This is an ultra cool level. You can play with it by yourself, but just to look around...,This wad is the best!!!!!!! This wad is soo cool you will want to play it over and over. This wad is espically...Date:08/02/99
Size:32.04 KB
Author:Naplam Man (Keith)

This is a semi-small DM level with a REALLY low light level, making it hard to see anything but shots. Unless you start in the center, where there is a pair of light-amp goggles. The platforms in the center might be a bit close together, but this is ...Date:07/22/99
Size:7.17 KB

My first DeathMatch-Only WAD. I just jumped into DCK v 2.2 and started building it. There are several tele- porters in this level, but only 3 main rooms. It's not hard to learn where you are going and the fastest way to get there. (Meaning your buddy...Date:04/27/95
Size:22.03 KB
Author:Ron Pollard

Temple of DOOM
deathmatch level with some monsters...Date:03/21/97
Size:25.53 KB
Author:Ivan Bunakov

The Termination
The Termination is made up of two killer Deathmatch levels that have taken a VERY long time to build and I guarantee that you will be very well rewarded. Both levels have new music and some new textures thrown in too! The first map ("All Boxed In") i...Date:03/10/96
Size:339.05 KB
Author:Polymorph (a.k.a. Michael Stephens)

pure Deathmatch fun !!!...Date:08/15/96
Size:155.52 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars

Test zero
Simple Deathmatch Map...Date:12/10/11
Size:3.02 KB

The Frag Box
Superb small level with nice features Currently single and looking for an attractive deathmatchers with enormous weapons....Date:06/11/00
Size:17.16 KB
Author:Adam Garthwaite

The Floppy Wizard Deathmatch
Created for deathmatch only TRY THIS ONE!!!...Date:06/20/95
Size:35.11 KB
Author:Gary T. Richardson

The Gaming Center WaD
A compilation of some of our greatest deathmatch levels. Every level was made by someone here in Miami, except level one. We took our best work, levels, sound, graphics, music, and put it together....Date:12/05/96
Size:1.19 MB
Author:Wadmasters - RaTCheeSe ( Head Wadmaster ) Homer ( Sounds Master ) Havoc Hugh the borg The Shark Ramb

We call this TGREYES.WAD. It is a pure deathmatch wad with a small map that features a limited amount of weapons and medicare!:) New Music, EYE OF THE TIGER!! Ohh yeah a cool music playing while ya fraggin your opponent! TOTAL COOLNESS! ...Date:06/05/95
Size:32.52 KB
Author:Daniel Forman

Thanatos v1.0
Nice sized deathmatch level for 1-4 players All weapons and a few monsters to keep it colorful. Energy weapons are tagged for Ultra violence only....Date:07/22/96
Size:49.07 KB
Author:Doug Erickson

Trigger Happy
This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY WAD! It is a giant arena with two 'rings' around the outside of the center area. It has all of the guns except the Rocket Launcher and BFG, which would be way too unfair in a level this small. Believe me, you will get a WHOL...Date:12/27/95
Size:44.37 KB

Gaming Outpost's Complimentary Deathmatch Level
If you like this level in a two player deathmatch, imagine it with four people. This level is strictly for die hard deathmatch fanatics. Sorry, no monsters and no exits.(use the -timer parameter)...Date:10/21/95
Size:31.58 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo

DeathMatch at The Arena!!
A new DeathMatch arena based around one central area. Every player starts off in an isolated place. Many secrets and traps exist throughout the level. Teleporters in that central area take the players about the level looking for powerups, weapons, an...Date:07/06/95
Size:24.05 KB
Author:Michael Marcotte

The Arena
Simple DM level with a few surprises...Date:06/25/03
Size:20.96 KB
Author:Daniel Carroll
You step into some sort of port, and realize your there for different reasons other than to kill... Your sent to fiend of whatever comes across your face... You don't exactly want to do this, but you know what you have to do.... GET...Date:04/17/96
Size:57.05 KB

"THE BEST" series of deathmatches
SNIPER Small rocky level with an inside area. Similarly textured to IDMAP01....Date:08/24/95
Size:61.35 KB
Author:Milo (Venom)
FRAGGED Small, one-on-one level - richly textured, perfect weapon placement. Traditional warfare weapons only, no BFG or plasma...Date:08/24/95
Size:54.99 KB
Author:Dario made this level
ARENA Abandoned quarry....Date:08/24/95
Size:56.71 KB
Author:Milo (doom warrior) made this level
Reeper - underground cave with a water system, wooden planks holding unsteady rocks up. Dark, flickery....Date:08/24/95
Size:54.08 KB
Author:Milo (Venom) made this level

The Bridge
A bridge across a deep lava pit. Lots a goodies on it....Date:11/05/00
Size:2.44 KB
Author:De Zeurkous

The Cage II
This is the sequel of "The Cage". This time, you won't have any difficulty in getting out of the cage. Again, it was built for deathmatch games; there are secrets for you to find and monsters for you to kill. Let's see if you can finish it with the "...Date:03/26/96
Size:33.15 KB
Author:Michael Szeto (Chi Wai)

The Cage III
This is the third one in "The Cage" series of levels built for deathmatch games. This time, it's a little tricky to get into the cage, but there are lots of goodies if you can make it there. Playing this level in a death- match is especially fun beca...Date:09/16/96
Size:61.49 KB
Author:Michael Szeto (Chi Wai)

The Crow
Doom I & Doom II DEATHMATCH. RECOMMENDED: 4 player network, with fast machines. (i.e. all DX/33 and up.) Was playable with 4 players on two DX/33's and two SX/25's, but it wasn't fast. This is a stalking level. Although it seems large, there...Date:02/10/95
Size:285.85 KB
Author:Cory Damon Dodt

The Dark
Dark (Real dark) PWAD for Deathmatch...Date:05/18/96
Size:5.71 KB

The Den
i tried to make this one smaller and tighter than my previous wads i took my inspiration from my 2 fav wad series, danzigs and dwellers and tried to implement my own style into a similar layout imo i did a good job... the switch pillars and the ssg p...Date:09/22/97
Size:50.06 KB

The End Complete
DeathMatch Level, lots of traps, and a few hidden rooms...Date:02/02/95
Size:17.79 KB
Author:psychoskylark, Sabotage

TheHole2.wad a DOOM II wadfile
A large fortress with hall's, tower's, a gun room, a map room and even an Island in a lake of blood. touch the wall's here and there, there's a lot of lift's in the strangest place's. This wad was intended for 4 player deathmatch but works great at...Date:05/20/96
Size:72.88 KB
Author:Mitch Lepine

The Hook
well, this wad takes a dusk setting its small and fast paced (altho not as fast paced as the first beta... ;) have fun...Date:10/12/96
Size:40.56 KB

The Hunt
This one will freak you out...It is made for deathmatch only really, but I also have a cyberdemon in there if you want some challenge. I won't tell you exactly what the map looks like, but here's a hint: "Don't let what you see deceive your eyes!"...Date:07/24/96
Size:15.46 KB
Author:Spade (Amir Ebrahimi)

The Hunt 2
An arena wad. My first map wasn't too popular, mostly because I'm an unknown, so I put the map I was working on on hold, and stooped down and made an arena wad to boost my reputation...Date:11/08/96
Size:119.53 KB
Author:Michael Isenberg

Deathmatch: THEKEEP2, for Doom II
New level from scratch. You asked for it!!!...Date:06/27/95
Size:89.26 KB

This Wad is built for DEATHMATCH games, but you can play it also single. generally for DEATHMATCH it's the BEST ! The WAD include big space area for fight's And all the other stuff Deathmatch need's !!!...Date:07/26/95
Size:27.87 KB
Author:Flash Light

The Port Doom Deathmatch
This wad is of a local bar and surrounding area, near where I live. I made this WAD for me and my friends, so we could see each other die in familiar surroundings. (always more fun!). To survive you must find and consume beer. Oh and don't spend to m...Date:10/29/96
Size:64.79 KB
Author:Kevin Stueve

The Prize WAD for DOOM II
This WAD was made specifically as a contest wad. See who can get the invulnerability sphere and throw the switch to open the exit. I wanted a wad to use for spontaneous contests on the server, usually for a free nights MERCENARY access. This is my fi...Date:03/01/96
Size:10.01 KB
Author:Dan Silver

The Purge
The purge trilogy is three levels of co-op fun (don't say poo! - co-op can be fun!). A short scenario is provided for your enjoyment....Date:07/25/95
Size:206.01 KB
Author:\/\/ilbur (aka Chris Willacy)

The Trial
Commander of UAC has been recruiting for a number years now. He has chosen you to go up against a number of other elite UAC space marines for chance to go on to the top secret QUAKE mission. In order to proceed to the Quake mission, you must Beat you...Date:08/12/96
Size:16.47 KB
Author:James McConnell Jr

Designed for Deathmatch...Date:04/14/95
Size:19.07 KB
Author:David Davidson

Sequel to theyard.wad...Date:06/12/95
Size:17 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)
"pretty good level" id software said great for deathmatch ...Date:07/31/96
Size:21.63 KB

THE BOX for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
I tried to design a level with a 'dynamic' in the architecture, and design it like Quake. This is achieved with the ground of one large room, moving up and down, when you press a switch, near the rocket launcher. There's some sounds of Quake. T...Date:11/15/97
Size:122.77 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice aka DeF-46!

The Cage
This is my first successfully built level. This level was initially built for deathmatch. I later on added some monsters to make both single-player and deathmatch games challenging. Play it without the monsters to see the difference for yourself! T...Date:03/04/96
Size:35.23 KB
Author:Michael Szeto (Chi Wai)

The Egg
Non-stop action deathmatch level...Date:08/03/95
Size:46.57 KB
Author:Bill Collins (StoneMan) & Jimmy Sieben (Evil Genius)

These horrendous erratic hairy orgies of mammoth everlastingness or T.h.e H.o.m.e. for short
This is a DOOM II pwad. Deathmatch or Cooperative - Deathmatch Blast each other through and around my house. Hide and seek is different when you carry shotguns. There are a few monsters to kill before the real fraggin' can begin. Once you get wa...Date:04/05/96
Size:116.86 KB
Author:Sam Dickie

Deathmatch: THE KEEP, for Doom II
New level from scratch. Tried to get the feel of a fortress, but still keep it small enought to have a high frag count....Date:05/17/95
Size:59.27 KB

Wide open, zig zag and have good aim,low hit architecture. plenty of defense mechanisms built in for weapons hoards....Date:02/20/05
Size:59.8 KB
Author:Jeff Di donato

Size:361.27 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Thirst for Blood.
DEATHMATCH level, designed for the THIRST FOR BLOOD competition. (1996)...Date:03/24/96
Size:198.45 KB
Author:Karl Jackson & Matt Hindle (TRIGGER)

Thrash.wad Copyright @1998 by Nik Pilkington
Thrash.wad is a Deathmatch level taking the shape of a football Stadium. There is a Soulsphere in the center to Fight for. Opinions, comments, suggestions to!...Date:07/30/98
Size:24.79 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington (aka Sniper sst_misery) for DOOM II

The Threat
The Threat is placed in an open courtyard where the mass destruction begins...Date:05/11/96
Size:38.14 KB
Author:Kevin Waugh

Thrill Me
Deathmatch level designed for quick frags and fair regeneration positions...Date:11/12/95
Size:36.45 KB
Author:The Giggler

TIBER1.WAD (Tiberius DM Level 1)
Excellent Deathmatch level. Good fast full-on frag-fests on a tight good looking and themed level. Designed for skill 5, old deathmatch....Date:01/26/97
Size:11.53 KB
Author:Richard Nichols (Tiberius)

TIBER2.WAD (Tiberius DM Level 2)
Excellent Deathmatch level. Good fast full-on frag-fests on a tight good looking and themed level. Designed for skill 5, old deathmatch....Date:01/26/97
Size:14.61 KB
Author:Richard Nichols (Tiberius)

Size:48.27 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Size:49.02 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Tiefron Outpost
This is a small Deathmatch level where i used a similiar theme to level 7 on Doom2. I promise many frags here guys. 4 way is the best on here!!!...Date:06/29/95
Size:7.03 KB
Author:WildBlood (Check me out on The Computer Room)

This is a new level i made specificaly for deathmatch. If u like Super Shot Gun you will love this level because thats all there is. I have changed the music to fit the fast pace action. Metallica's Master of Puppets song has been added to make this ...Date:07/31/95
Size:93.71 KB
Author:Michael White aka. OSAKA!!

The Axis of Time
Simple level made especially for DM 1.0 Consists of a series of planes circling around a central point. Perhaps the axis of time??? There's also a Cyberdemon in the axis who's there to keep you moving!...Date:01/17/97
Size:188.98 KB
Author:Campo Caceres [SnipeR]
This wad is for deathmatch for up to 4 players. This wad always has a second way out, and has an even amount of ammo. This wad also contains a nifty secret in which you may lurk to kill an opponent....Date:07/04/95
Size:11.76 KB

Time 3 Die
Deathmatch, so get out there and KILL This is the Doom2 version of TIME TO DIE...Date:10/25/97
Size:7.49 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

Time Deathmatch
Size:101.43 KB
Author:Nelson Brown (s8n)

Timegate (Damn! I'm in here AGAIN!!!!!)
Purely deathmatch! Has nearly every weapon, except for the regular shotgun and pistols which bite anyway. Explore this level, learn where to step, and where NOT to step... This is my second wad I have made that doesn't really SUCK. There is one place...Date:06/18/95
Size:34.21 KB
Author:Marcus Lum

TIMJAY (DOOM II Deathmatch PWAD Collection) --> legalized version
This is an 8 level collection of Deathmatch levels for DOOM2. Compiled from the works of myself (Tim) and my fellow author (Jason). These levels represent a wide range of tastes in deathmatch play, from the ultra-small levels to the large, hunt-em-do...Date:10/23/05
Size:484.35 KB
Author:Tim J. Ash (TIMinator) Jason Kirby

Size:397.13 KB
Author:n.U.d. aka Chuck Harvey

2708 Ellsworth Street, Berkeley CA
Well, this is the house I've been living in for the past year or so, replete with secret passages and stuff that isn't honestly there (with the notable exception of the dead bodies in the basement, which we have to assume are there since that door is...Date:03/21/95
Size:43.13 KB
Author:Tom J. McClure

DeathWorld II: Fragland
Another highly addictive deathmatch level :> DeathWorld II! Created in honor of the new four-way network we are now enjoying at Casa Rico Suave. Fantasy-land theme: ledges, pools, waterfalls, dank tunnels, quake-style teleports. Good mix of wide-op...Date:05/04/96
Size:76.99 KB
Author:Tom J. McClure

Deathmatch level only with no monsters; Balanced light levels and texture alignment implemented....Date:11/05/95
Size:16.83 KB

The Last Resort for Doom II v. 1.7a
Nine entirely new DM specific levels, each representing a unique theme. Every level has its own strategy, size and "frag-rate":...Date:12/09/94
Size:1.05 MB
Author:Michael Houston

The last resort [for DooM II v. 1.9] The Ultimate Deathmatch Experience
The Last Resort (TLR) is a Deathmatch only episode. It contains the following: - Nine new levels from scratch. - Over 700k of new graphics. - More than 200k of new sprites. - Some new sounds for the ending. - A new soundtrack consisting of 4 new song...Date:06/01/05
Size:975.43 KB
Author:Michael Houston, Greg Houston, Andrew Warrington & David Sears (updated to v. 1.9 by FunDuke)

Troy's levels
A three level wad, made for Deathmatch...Date:07/27/95
Size:45.16 KB
Author:Troy R. Mason

TOD - Tower of Death
Simple (but not ugly!) design for fast-paced DM games. All textures are carefully chosen and well aligned. You start with 200% health, 2 shotguns and 50 shells, and that's all you're going to get. It's a 2-player exit, so you can't escape trouble...Date:03/02/96
Size:25.3 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

Cold Sweat
Insanely fast and furious DEATHMATCH for DOOM II. A large symmetrical room is the setting, with 4 teleports leading to 4 symmetrical antechambers. It is VERY hard to get a bearing on where you actually are... which is exactly the point. If you want t...Date:12/28/98
Size:9.99 KB

To Die For
Awesome Deathmatch pwad with some cool visual effects never before seen in a game of doom (to our knowledge) created within the existing Doom II architecture. Watch the demo!...Date:03/30/96
Size:196.22 KB
Author:MrBlonde from Dallas

This is an ONLY Deathmatch Wad cause there are no monsters in it. You can still play it standalone if you enjoy it. This is not the first WAD I made but i decided to make a simple level, like MAP01 cause it seems it is the most enjoyable when it is s...Date:01/29/95
Size:13.32 KB
Author:Chris (Tof) Person

Tombstone after dark
A Deathmatch only wad for Doom2. holes for each player to start in. Each person gets I don't know who wrote the original tombstone, but it is one of the most well known wads, and most well done also... 'Dusk' setting, use your ears, and hunt by the l...Date:09/11/95
Size:17.93 KB
Author:Phillip Edwards

DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH WAD This my third wad, and it's just something I threw together quickly in a couple of hours. It has an outside area for battle and is designed primarily for FRAGGING! NO shortage of weapons or ammo in this wad....Date:03/26/95
Size:10.31 KB
Author:Brian Strough

Tool.wad is a great wad for Deathmatch, co-op, and single play...Date:04/16/96
Size:65.26 KB
Author:Patrick Friedl

A large circular arena with four exterior rooms and four inner pillars shaped like a butterfly. Lots of rockets, backpacks and ammo. No BFG and plasma. Center has five medikits. Created for four-way deathmatch 2.0...Date:08/08/95
Size:6.2 KB

Greater Torment
Map1 deathmatch only replacement for DOOM ][...Date:01/05/99
Size:122.35 KB
Author:FraGMarE (Ian McPherson)

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. This level is centered around a beautiful courtyard. All weapons are available. You just have to find them if you can. There are monsters; lots and lots of monsters. There are many s...Date:10/22/95
Size:31.87 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Level from Scratch Made by yours Truly....Date:01/03/97
Size:238.98 KB
Author:Sean Montgomery (Vapor)

So you think you have it tough huh? This guy is having a real bad day. 9 Levels of shootem up fun. Enjoy!...Date:01/27/96
Size:330.85 KB
Author:Lee Smith

Size:34.99 KB
Author:Daniel Hawthorne

Tower Maze Deathmatch
Small, fast, and furious deathmatch wad! Two towers, center platform, and a maze....Date:01/21/96
Size:17.74 KB

Toy Factory
Doom ][ >> Deathmatch PWAD << (3-4 players recommended) - Players choose ONE weapon upon entering this Toy Factory. - A few secrets. - Needs at least SOME thinking to reach the exit. But hey, why leave? - Consistent look....Date:10/04/95
Size:47.6 KB
Author:RAY aka.Z-Ray

Teleport Mania I
Deathmatch only WAD (no monsters) with LOTS of teleporters to spice things up. Kind of a wolfenstein flavor in some rooms. All weapons present and an ammo room for reloading. >Keep moving when you use the teleporters!<...Date:02/25/95
Size:17.4 KB
Author:Phillip Watts

Teleport Mania II - [Doom II only]
A deathmatch only wad with mostly dark rooms and halls. Fairly small with very little ammo and few weapons (highest Rocket Launcher). Once again many teleporters to add some spice. The teleporters have a pattern thats not too complicated. Multiple tp...Date:02/26/95
Size:8.04 KB
Author:Phillip Watts

Three maps. Common ambientations. Amazing background music. Just play!...Date:06/19/98
Size:121.16 KB
Author:Albert Valls (Barcelona) Member of Presage.

Deadly Cargo
A level designed 100% especially for 2 - 4 player deathmatch. 2 player is intense, 3 player.... hurts and 4 player it a TOTAL frag fest. Have fun!...Date:01/23/98
Size:19.05 KB
Author:Tommie Quick

trainer wad
this wad is the wad that i use to hone my skills in doom2. it offers several features that will occur in just about any deathmatch wad you will play. by practicing your moves offline, you will do much better online. Hey, atleast i can say it h...Date:03/14/96
Size:7.62 KB

Arena type wad. Made for four player deathmatch. Hidden...Date:05/09/95
Size:50.92 KB
Author:Peter Koziol

A nice little 2-4 player Deathmatch level, with 4 players it should be insane. Check out the "floating" effect! This level wreaks havoc on people who like to use projectile weapons....Date:11/18/96
Size:32.27 KB
Author:Peter Kasting, aka Dr. 0

Level one is regular dm play. Levels 2 and 3 are dm gimmick levels....Date:09/25/97
Size:32.53 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

First attempt at wad....Date:10/16/96
Size:20.11 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Find the BFG...Date:10/16/96
Size:25.71 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Size:13.1 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Death Arena...Date:10/16/96
Size:21.81 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Eight rooms of horror...Date:10/16/96
Size:25.84 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Upper decks of Joy...Date:10/16/96
Size:22.72 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Circles of fun...Date:10/16/96
Size:19.79 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Steady does it...Date:10/16/96
Size:19.64 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Pillars of Death...Date:10/16/96
Size:14.4 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Plasma Party...Date:10/16/96
Size:22.76 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Size:17.6 KB
Author:Travis Johnson

Just another Deathmatch level. But it's not symmetrical in design like most.. It's pretty cool. Just check it out....Date:11/08/95
Size:21.15 KB
Author:Time Traveler

Trigger Happy!
This is a massive Deathmatch level that brings in many new ideas for deathmatch areas. It's hard to describe most of them; you really have to play to know what someone's talking about, but I will say that many of the cool things in here can only be s...Date:11/10/95
Size:95.51 KB &

Tri.wad Doom ][
What if all you could have was one weapon in the game which one would you pick? The BFG of course. Well, what if having the BFG meant all you could have was 100 health, and having the Shotgun meant having 200 health with 200 armor. That's the i...Date:01/20/96
Size:28.44 KB
Author:Tim Kizer

This DOOM II WAD was designed with the idea that Deathmatch play should be fast, fun, and competetive. I got ideas from several places. For single play, try out the included patch file. It modifies the enemies and...Date:07/03/95
Size:7.95 KB
Author:Nathan W. Elliott

Triple Death
Fully optimized deathmatch wad. Designed to allow kills on average of 4-5 seconds. There is no where to hide and plenty of places to die. Design allows easy access to the other player's back! TRIDETH2.WAD is the Doom II version. Super Shotgun inclu...Date:12/22/94
Size:6.93 KB
Author:Edgar Roman

DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH WAD This my fifth wad, and it's built primarily for DeathMatch. It has a nice, large 'arena' to battle in, quite a few hidden triggers on linedefs that open various doors, pits, and lifts. Also, plenty of darkness for those ambushe...Date:03/26/95
Size:46.76 KB
Author:Brian Strough

I killer DOOM ][ level built with deatmatch in mind. Heaps of hiding spots and 'table turners' (you'll see)....Date:04/16/96
Size:208.13 KB
Author:Tristan Harmer & Matt Willis

Look for yourself, BTW: this is the repaired version of the original...Date:12/28/95
Size:146.85 KB

Size:53.23 KB
Author:Robert Wilson

This is a small wad, good for 4 players, it doesn't...Date:01/01/96
Size:29.22 KB

Technically innovative. Contains graphic enhancements, reminiscent more of Duke Nukem 3D than Doom, though requires no EXE enhancements - just load up the PWAD and go!...Date:08/10/96
Size:276.01 KB
Author:Andrew Noyes

After playing some of the Dweller's levels, I decided I had to make one of the same style levels. This one plays a lot like the Dweller maps, so if you are a fan of them, like I am, get this wad NOW!...Date:06/18/96
Size:17.24 KB
Author:Orin Flaharty

2 DM-levels for DooM II, with a new set of player-graphics ("Evil Trooper" graphics from TTP) and a new status bar (taken from TTP as well)...Date:03/29/96
Size:119.55 KB
Author:Matthias Worch

Reactor 's room
A big room with 5 cylinder who raise from the floor....Date:05/11/96
Size:56.71 KB

Tuft Hunter
A map with some shootguns and only one rocket launcher. The main theme in this map is shootgun fights (hehe)....Date:01/05/97
Size:8.16 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Tunnel Corporation
Temple-like setting with several tunnels leading around it. Teleporters in the tunnels lead to various locations in the temple. Tunnel Corp. logo is in the center....Date:07/23/09
Size:48.64 KB

Gaming Outpost's Complimentary Deathmatch Level
If you like this level in a two player deathmatch, imagine it with four people. This level is strictly for die hard deathmatch fanatics. Sorry, no monsters and no exits.(use the -timer parameter)...Date:10/21/95
Size:33.28 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo

TWANGO1 is a classic-style deathmatch megawad consisting of 32 maps. Perfect for hours and hours of fragging! Map credits listed below.. 01: Eternal Legacy by IggySqiggles 02: Mr. TWANGO by Mr. Rocket 03: Menace by Neil and Chase1 (ft. Doomkid) 04:...Date:05/03/21
Size:2.18 MB
Author:The TWANGO1 team (led by OpenRift)

Designed for DEATMATCH. This level is alot of fun for 2, 3 or 4...Date:04/03/96
Size:562.2 KB
Author:Ric San Nicholas (a.k.a. brujo, a.k.a. rooster)

A two to four player Doom 2 DeathMatch wad. Different sector heights, many different rooms....Date:10/27/95
Size:23.29 KB

Fun, fast paced Death Match level! It only took a couple of hours, just tried to keep it fun and simple and I think I did just that....Date:11/16/95
Size:16.84 KB

Twisted Minds
This wad has been playtested for hundreds of hours! The balance for a two-player wad is excellent!...Date:12/27/95
Size:14.91 KB
Author:Dr. Detroit (AKA London)

DM_ZIGS: BOOM BOOM.....OUT GO THE LIGHTS! Notin special here. Just kill anything that moves. Enjoy! DM_KHAN (DM_KHAN2 is the updated version of DM_KHAN1): DM_KHAN2 adds a few things dm_khan1 was missing. Namely an exit, and non-deathmatch starts fo...Date:02/11/05
Size:72.77 KB
Author:David Tyer (Khan on Dwango Houston)

Doom2: The Tyranny Levels 1.0
Diverse set of deathmatch levels. A few textures. New music for levels 11-30....Date:02/10/97
Size:758.59 KB

UAC Control
One of the Earths most popular pacel delivery and slime supplying companys, UAC, has had its HQ taken over by the hell spawn (one of their first strategic manoevres). Your ...Date:03/08/97
Size:37.57 KB

Map 1: UAC Communication Relay Map 2: The Graveyard Shift Map 3: Mall from hell Map 4: Tech Island
4 levels that I've made for Deathmatch....Date:01/13/96
Size:217.73 KB
Author:Minotaur from Montreal server. (DWANGO)

The UAC's Return
A medium-sized tech base with a depressing atmosphere. I almost lost it in a hard drive crash, so I decided to release it. Story: You're the best of the best; a marine that saved the entire planet of Earth from Hell itself. A decade after saving th...Date:01/26/14
Size:5.79 MB
Author:Thomas Trovelak

Urban Assault Elite ú November 15, 1994 Ver 1.0
DOOM II "Elite" version of the DOOM Urban Assault PWAD. Modified (and glorified) for DOOM II freaks! Level is based on a generic city w/ several generic structures. It's specifically made for multi-player deathmatch, but it does have a few monsters f...Date:04/24/05
Size:83.57 KB
Author:Brian D. Cain

Unidoom DM 1
16 action packed dm maps, 2 deathtag maps...Date:01/01/02
Size:1.76 MB
Author:Clan UniDooM: Ralphis, deathwarrior, Liam The Bard

Unidoom DM 2
12 action packed dm maps, some for 1 on 1, some for FFA, All fun....Date:07/07/03
Size:1.82 MB
Author:Clan UniDooM: Ralphis, deathz0r, Chrono

Unidoom DM 3
16 action packed dm maps, some for 1 on 1, some for FFA, All fun....Date:12/26/04
Size:1.51 MB
Author:Clan UniDooM: Ralphis, deathz0r, Liam, Alexmax, AceofSpades, Doomraider, Mephisto, Harvey, Earthquak

Ultimate Frags
An INCREDIBLE 2 Player Deathmatch Wad! An INCREDIBLE 3 Player Deathmatch Wad! An INCREDIBLE 4 Player Deathmatch Wad! An IMPOSSIBLE Multi-Player Co-Op Wad! No End Level Switch! No Player Starts, Only Deathmatch! No Monster Starts - No Monsters!...Date:07/03/95
Size:4.06 KB
Author:Adam G. Clixby

The Ultimate Deathmatch Arena
This wad is from the maker of SpaceSta.wad and TheArena.wad. This one, however, is the best of the three. Lots of tricks a few traps, and plenty of fraggin' to go around. Here is the Ultimate!!! **Enjoy**...Date:07/29/95
Size:31.21 KB
Author:Michael Marcotte

Ultimative To Kill
This Level is a DM ONLY level, but for you total idiots out there who didn't read the above sentence, I have included the cooperative starts, but they serve no purpose because there ain't no exit!!!!! ANYWAY, this wad has five arenas, one center area...Date:12/15/95
Size:38.22 KB

UltraDeathmatch 1.1 (for DOOM II)
very nice; special design for DM, but also good for one-player. Four linked "warzones", each different to the other. New graphics in the "Hall of Mirror"...Date:08/28/95
Size:96.03 KB
Author:Philippe Lafontaine

My original goal was to try to draw out a level all in 1 sitting, then do all the sectors at once, ect. It turned out to have a kind of great uniformity to you can see, unlike most of my earlier work the level kind of looks like a circle inst...Date:05/14/05
Size:13.6 KB

Ultra Deathmatch
Small Ultra Action Deathmatch level for DOOM ][...Date:01/13/98
Size:24 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

ultra deathmatch
Size:102.98 KB
Author:Todd Starling

Doom 2 Map 1 with some new twists! Lots of weapons, and lots of places to get caught with your pants down. Go ahead, go for the BFG (hehehe) *** PLAY AS MAP01 ***...Date:05/20/97
Size:133.31 KB

Undertaker's Revenge
Under13s.wad is a fast pace nothin' but blood deathmatch wad....Date:01/22/96
Size:232.11 KB
Author:Kevin "Undertaker" Farley

This is a DOOM II DEATHMATCH pwad. Blast your way through old underground stations and monster crawling streets. Explore the long dark tunnels. Raid the buildings, but watch your back!!. There are plenty of monsters to kill before the real fraggi...Date:10/20/94
Size:65.63 KB
Author:Darren Cullern

deathmatch level NO BFG...Date:02/28/95
Size:10.59 KB

THE SQUARE 1.2, 1st Level in The UNHOLY DM Series
Does it really need one? Come on, this is a DeathMatch level, we don't need no stinkin' storyline......Date:09/30/95
Size:28.03 KB
Author:John Walker IV for DOOM II

Unleashed Aggression
1 deathmatchlevel...Date:04/15/95
Size:27.98 KB
Author:VoRpHaLaCk/GrC of The Innocent Crew (TiC)

Unleashed Aggression 2
1 deathmatchlevel...Date:04/15/95
Size:20.35 KB
Author:VoRpHaLaCk/GrC of The Innocent Crew (TiC)
unleashed aggression, new deathmatchlevel...Date:07/08/95
Size:16.79 KB
Author:Vorphalack (GrC) of The Innocent Crew
unleashed aggression, new deathmatchlevel...Date:11/02/95
Size:22.48 KB
Author:Vorphalack (GrC) of The Innocent Crew
unleashed aggression 5, new deathmatchlevel...Date:11/23/95
Size:46.97 KB
Author:Vorphalack (GrC) of The Innocent Crew
unleashed aggression 6(66), new (and last done by me) deathmatchlevel for doom2 all future stuff will be for quake :)...Date:07/10/97
Size:35.21 KB
Author:Vorphalack (GrC) of The Innocent Crew
It is for doom2, strictly deathmatch for dwango....Date:10/05/95
Size:30.14 KB
Author:Midiguy (Dale B.)

A Deathmatch WAD, fortunatly not a crappy one (at least in my opinion). Basically its a base, but with the western end (and some of the south) still under construction (hence the cave). This level may look small, but it definately plays big. The Shot...Date:02/27/04
Size:40.03 KB
Author:Dr. Zin

UP !!
Classic Deathmatch excitement, for tournament and casual play. Found *ONLY* on Alter EGO !...Date:09/14/97
Size:17.79 KB
Author:Chuck Blazer

Up 'n Down
This DOOM II pwad was designed specifically with 2-player Deathmatch 2.0 in mind and continues with the Death for 2 Series. I got the idea from one of the million or so wads I've played recently, but forget which one. Basically, you've got a room tha...Date:05/23/05
Size:122.5 KB
Author:Kurt Schulenburg

The Ultimate Inversion Layer
After a freak teleporting accident, your marine's anti-grav boots have started acting a bit... peculiar. See if you can figure out what's wrong with this level (as if the filename doesn't give it away)......Date:12/23/95
Size:107.71 KB

Deathmatch level set in a Bladerunner-inspired seamy urban core. Fight in the open streets, seek refuge in buildings, duck through dark alleys, and ambush your opponent in an abandoned subway station. This level has lots of detail with new sprites, f...Date:09/03/98
Size:200.02 KB
Author:Bill Zimmerman

Urban Terror v1.0
An awsome urban deathmatch!, with awsome lighting, lots of shotguns, & no deadends (makes it alot better)....Date:03/18/00
Size:91.56 KB
Author:Fatal Cure

You win!
Doom2 DEATHMATCH wad with windows and snipers positions. Also a few secret doors with exta weapons. Almost all the enemy's are in one area so you can avoid them if you like... It's not too big so you'll meet your "friends" often!...Date:03/30/95
Size:17.91 KB
Author:Elroy Blom

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