Title: Singularity
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/singular.zip
Size: 28.75 KB
Date: 01/04/07
Author: Gregor Best
Description: A map replacing MAP01 of Doom II,designed with deathmatch in mind. It is my first map for Doom II ever,so please be gentle in your judgement :)
Credits: The FreeDoom project, the creators of ZDoom and LegacyDoom and my little brother who gave me some advice in creating the corridors and the shelves in the level
Base: New from scratch
Build time: about half a week
Editor(s) used: Yadex and Deutex
Bugs: the roof on the yard has some minor graphical glitches,which are not visible if you don't know what to look for (look at the columns and the parts of the roof next to them),but no serious ones are known to me,mail me if you find any
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The problem is not what IWAD you use, it's the fact the author has forgotten to include several new patches that his new textures rely on, such as a series of patches named GLASSx, and those Doom 1 patches that are missing in Doom 2.x
The fact that a wad can't be played with what the txt claims it can be played with ("the original id doom2.wad" in this case) makes a comment about that fact highly pertinent. Such comments can legitimately come from people who have not been able to play the wad.x
Don't review wads if you can't play them!. -jb most of your reviews are pointless and should be deleted! -pcx
It certainly doesn't work with vanilla. Indeed, there are texture issues that mean it won't work with a lot of things.x

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