Title: Slime Time
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/slmtime.zip
Size: 30.46 KB
Date: 05/18/95
Author: Lachlan Stewart
Description: Here we are DooMers, SLIME TIME! The story of this finely constructed WAD goes along the lines of this:


You, an ex-marine (now an italian plumber named Mario) and your brother (who else but Luigi) are called to one of the many UAC toxic waste disposal centres on earth.

Apparently from what you were told over the phone, they have a problem with on of the liquid conductive flow devices. It was however a little hard to understand the guy on the other end. Maybe it his constant drooling on the reciever and his satanic outbursts. There must have been something wrong with that dude, but it sounded urgent so you decide to go to the refinery and see what is wrong.

Just as you taking the last of the tools from your truck you notice Luigi bending down and sipping some of the water in a nearby river. "Dont'a do that Luigi!" you yell. "It'a could'a be'a contaiminated!"

"Bullsh*t'a Mario!" He replies. "Look'a at it...It'a looks fi..." He is interupted by a uncontrolable twitch. With that he yells something along the lines of "Satan'a, Command'a me o great'a lord!" and runs into the UAC refinery.

"Holy maccaroni!" you yell and follow him dropping your tool box.

As you enter the toxic waste centre, you see a tank filled with waste. "What'a the hell!, This'a stuff'a smells terrible!" you exclaim. The fumes enter your nostils and begin there journey towards your brain.

You begin to feel agressive and hatred. You hate Luigi for running away. You hate the strange guy on the phone. You HATE EVERYTHING. YOU WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING. "All'a I need'a is some firepower to do'a such'a horrible things." you think as you run deeper into the complex.


Oh well, looks like you are pretty pissed at EVERYBODY, and Luigi is feeling the same way about life! There maybe even some of the UAC staff like the guy on the phone in here as well. Looks like it is kill or be killed...
Credits: Myself for being such a legend )
Geoff Allan for DoomEd, the best!
Colin Reed for BSP
Maybe, how about those fellas a id!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomEd for Windoze
Bugs: Sorry, a couple of lines show on the map that shouldn't, but other than that, should be none!
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