Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/smegger.zip
Size: 47.7 KB
Date: 05/05/96
Author: Sam Ellis
Description: Not sure why I called it Smegger, I suppose I just like the word (it's a favourite from the Red Dwarf TV series, by the way). I don't think I could bear to see another WAD with the words "FRAG" or "DEATH" in the title - at least I'm original in my plagiarism. This is a deathmatch only WAD (no monsters or keys). I had some ideas for some rooms and objects, so I put them together. Then I just couldn't help myself but spend far too long messing around with the minor details - it didn't seem right to align the textures in only one spot. I hope that most of the areas in the map are fairly original, at least I haven't seen them before. You will notice that there are no doors in this map - I think they just get in the way in deathmatches, and to keep the game fluid there is a lot of interconnection between the areas (ie more than one way in and/or out). There is also a fair bit of scenery in the level to make it more interesting - lights, trees, and even a waterfall and stream. Very pretty, but don't go bathing ...
Credits: My computer, for always being there for me even during the most difficult and distressing times - you know, aligning textures and all that.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: Many more hours than I would have liked.
Editor(s) used: Wadauthor - 32 bit version for Win95.
Bugs: Hopefully not, but I'm sure there is, maybe. If you find one, let me know and I might give you a reward. But probably not.
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Smegger2 is better, but this still looks decently fun for 4 players. I would have made some halls a bit wider. I love the name, Red Dwarf is a funny show. This guy made amusing textfiles for his WADs too, which is a plus (at least to me.)x

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