Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/stahl1.zip
Size: 76.56 KB
Date: 03/31/95
Author: Hanno Kaiser & Sven Haul
Description: Medium sized deathmatch WAD. Excellent gameplay due to *extensive* playtesting. If the rocket launcher is your weapon of choice, you'll drool over this one. Wide multi-story areas, fast access to (almost...) every position, sniper windows everywhere - but you can never be sure, your opponent won't slide behind your back while you try to catch a breath. This is a *fast* level which means: 1) You will not find a BFG in here. 2) You will not find poison pools. 3) You will not find jails. If you are disappointed by that, E-MAIL us. We will send you in return a personalized copy of our infamous WAD "classics of suck". Enough said. Now go out and do a clean job.
Credits: Ben Morris for DCK and - of course - the mID gods.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: way too long
Editor(s) used: 2-D CAD system by pen & paperworks, DCK 2.2, EDMAP 1.31, DEUTEX 3.3
Bugs: Bugs?
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Big, open old DM map with plenty of sneaky-douchebag spots where you wouldn't even know which way you're being shot from. I like this one, and the looks aren't too bad either.x

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