Title: Swarm Deathmatch!
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/swarmdmx.zip
Size: 529.77 KB
Date: 11/09/97
Author: Jason
Description: Intended for two-player deathmatch1 skill 5 (the only way to play).
Map01 No comment.
Map02 Cat & mouse with 2players, chaos with more.
Map03 No comment.
Map04 Cat & mouse with 2players. Is also the level best suited for 3-4players.
Map05 No comment.
Map06 Everybody hates this level,I do too but I include it because I originally made it as a rocket-training wad because I was terrible at using the rocket launcher at close quarters. This level has improved that immensely.
Map07 Nice looking level but gameplay not as fast as the others, might also be suitable for 3-4players.
Map08 A technical level for a change, not much room for duelling but good fun. Note: includes repeat building stairs, a first for deathmatch wads as far as I know.
Map09 Smoothe fast paced level with pillars making it suitable for more agile doomers. I know it's pretty unfair that if you get the BFG then you get the plasma aswell but if you're stupid enough to let your opponent pull it off then you deserve to lose badly!
Map10 No comment.
Map11 No comment.
Map12 No comment.
Map13 The last level and marks the change in style that that brought about king1.wad.
All maps are made with Deathmatch 1 in mind but all of them except Maps01&11 should have enough ammo and power-ups for Altdeath.
Credits: iD Software
Special thanx to GRAN, DOOMO for play testing, to Roman Mich and several others for making the demos. And finally to all those of you who have posted my wad on your pages.
Base: From scratch.(Borrowed some stairs from Danzig1 in map 02 though...)
Build time:
Bugs: If you find any let me know.
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