Title: These horrendous erratic hairy orgies of mammoth everlastingness or T.h.e H.o.m.e. for short
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/the_home.zip
Size: 116.86 KB
Date: 04/05/96
Author: Sam Dickie
Description: This is a DOOM II pwad. Deathmatch or Cooperative

- Deathmatch Blast each other through and around my house. Hide and seek is different when you carry shotguns.

There are a few monsters to kill before the real fraggin' can begin. Once you get warmed up, start hunting.

- Cooperative You've been hired to get rid of the hell spawn. But this is a nice house, where could they all be coming from?

I think we've found the problem, the son is a devil worshipper and he has already opened the gate to the other side. Jump into the fray!
Credits: Matthew Ayres, WADED is best.

Special thanks to ID for DOOM & DOOM II
Base: New level, based on my house
Build time: About 12 days, to the dismay of my math teacher.
Editor(s) used: Only Waded v1.83, love it!
Bugs: No bugs here.
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