Title: The Crow
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/thecrow.zip
Size: 285.85 KB
Date: 02/10/95
Author: Cory Damon Dodt
Description: Doom I & Doom II DEATHMATCH. RECOMMENDED: 4 player network, with fast machines. (i.e. all DX/33 and up.) Was playable with 4 players on two DX/33's and two SX/25's, but it wasn't fast. This is a stalking level.
Although it seems large, there are so many overlappings and connections and teleporters that it shrinks a bit. Nevertheless, it's a _big_ place, which makes it easy for someone who knows the level well to stalk.
Weapons aren't plentiful, you have to go spelunking to get to 'em. I designed the level so that if you just fragged your opponent you know where he's gonna go because all the weapons are laid out in the TUNNELS. Fortunately for you, there are multiple sniper points around all weapons with the tools of the sniper, the chaingun and shotgun, in easy reach in case you forgot yours. This area works great for 3 or 4 players, but with only 2 the TUNNELS don't do their job quite so well.
There are lots of suicide areas. Learn them. Beware them. In one of them, the suicidal maniac can defend himself against attack quite well (read: weapons) so beware stalker...
ARENAS! This level has a bunch of good arena-sized arenas, all except one within hearing distance of at least a couple others. I went all-out designing creative arenas. My particular favorite is the one with see-through pillars. Don't hide behind one too long! There are also mutiple-altitude platforms, stairs and lifts, teleporters...
Hint: In the room with four teleporters: (You'll know which one soon enough... you will probably learn to hate this room) No, you can't get the weapons in there. Yes, they're there for a reason.
Base: New level(s) from scratch
Build time: It ate my life
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21 gcc, DCK 1.0, BSP1.2x, Wacker b7, DEUTEX 2.9 & 3.1, DM2CONV, and (last but not least) ADE2.
Bugs: Maybe just a little rough around the edges. But then, you'll be running for your life, who cares? There was one problem with R_FindPlane in the "tree" arena which I was unable to replicate ... if somebody encounters this AND can fix it, let me know.
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Another case of a map that looks pretty dodgy, then the automap is like art. Seemed to be a common theme back then - Also I assume this is before the Dead Souls midi was easy to get hold of. 3 just for the cool line art.x

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