Title: The Purge
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/thepurge.zip
Size: 206.01 KB
Date: 07/25/95
Author: \/\/ilbur (aka Chris Willacy)
Description: The purge trilogy is three levels of co-op fun (don't say poo! - co-op can be fun!). A short scenario is provided for your enjoyment.
Credits: Moory, Scooby, Davey Dethman, Georde Jason, Mick, Grego, Simo, Phil and all the other kills. Thanks to iD software and authors of Doom editing tools everywhere!
Base: Scratcheroo.
Build time: Approximations including crashes: 5 days to design all levels. 2 hours to place ammo, baddies, etc. 2 days playtesting. 2 hours multiplayer playtesting. 5 days finding a decent wad toolkit. 2 days working out how to use said toolkit. 1/2 day editing graphics. 1/2 day grabbing sounds. 1/2 night inserting sounds, lmp and graphics. (just in case you're interested.)
Editor(s) used: WINdeu (finally a stable windows based editor), idbsp 1.1BETA (indispensible). WinTex and NWT.
Bugs: No bugs in this wad. Just carnage. And Deth.
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