Title: TWANGO1
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/twango1.zip
Size: 2.18 MB
Date: 05/03/21
Author: The TWANGO1 team (led by OpenRift)
Description: TWANGO1 is a classic-style deathmatch megawad consisting of 32 maps. Perfect for hours and hours of fragging! Map credits listed below..

01: Eternal Legacy by IggySqiggles 02: Mr. TWANGO by Mr. Rocket 03: Menace by Neil and Chase1 (ft. Doomkid) 04: Shipment by OpenRift 05: Enemy by Jeffry_Enemy (ft. Doomkid) 06: Liminal Base by Joe_Ilya 07: Even Simpler by Dexiaz & Mechadon (ft. OpenRift) 08: BrownWar by Hellbent 09: Joe's House by Joe_Ilya 10: Refinery by OpenRift 11: Server Rooms on Fire by Redead-ITA & Joe_Ilya + 12: All Night Frags by Doomkid 13: The Library by Joe_Ilya 14: Blood Yard by Cpt. Toenail 15: Unmazed by Doomkid 16: Fatal Frag by Cpt. Toenail 17: Devil's Deuteronomy by IggySqiggles 18: Grisly Gibs by Cpt. Toenail 19: Interdimansia by Gokuma 20: Engine 3000 by Niemamordy 21: Bunker Buster by Cpt. Toenail 22: Mr. Crunchy by Mr. Rocket 23: Silenced Lamasery by Gokuma 24: Streets by IggySqiggles 25: Sadistic by DGC Retrowave 26: Romero's Void by OpenRift 27: Dethmatch Temple by RebelVodka 28: Sewage Plant by Arrowhead12 29: Warp Routine by CyberEmperor 30: Back to Basics by Hellbent 31: D5M4 Re-Dux (a.k.a. This Fucking Map) counterfeited by Gokuma 32: Quad Goal Deathmatch! by Gokuma
Base: Lots of original maps and a few homages to old classics
Build time: Almost 2 months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, Slade3, XWE, ENDEDIT
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