Title: VICTIM.WAD V2.0 for DOOM ][
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/v-z/victim4.zip
Size: 28.66 KB
Date: 05/14/05
Author: Rene Franzen
Description: One of the deatchmatch competitors has to enter a bunker-like stronghold by using the teleporter in the north of the starting-room. Once used this teleporter is sealed. The other ones are his victims, and THERE ARE ways to kill the bunker dude. Inside the bunker are six rooms, connected by teleporters. The main platform in the middle of the area is the main lookout and connection to four sniper positions. This looks like that:


x O x


where x is one of the sniper positions and the 'O' is the main platform. Remember: By using the teleports quickly, you are able to travel from south to north faster than a rocket. The fifth teleporter in the 'O' (which walls are only transparent from the inside, but can be shoot from outside) is the connection to the control room. Here you are safe (Ok, I build in a trap to keep my friend from entering it), you have all weapons and ammo. Important: There are six buttons in this room. More important: Press only one of them until the victims have handeled it (One button rises the bottom of one of the six holes in the area. PRESS ONLY ONE OF THEM, because if there are a lot of cybers outside, you have two problems: 1) THEY kill your victims, what means you don't get many frags. 2) If there are more that 2 of those guys outside, it's hard to know where they are and then maybe a rocket (or ten or more) passes trough the small windows of the sniper positions and that's it. (The main platform is too dangerous with cybers out there, because THEY can (unlike your victims) see you (and kill you) through the walls.

This time there is a possibility to get in the bunker from the outside. But its nearly impossible to find out by trying (This is, because YOU want to sit in the (safe) bunker and YOU want your victims OUT there, okay?). Just check the linedefs in a level editor to find the way from outside to inside. (When your victims *eh, I mean friends* would know the way the game becomes lame)

* For use with altdeath only. * Be warned of upset friends. * This level is highly unfair. ( I like that )
Credits: Karsten Jennissen for being my victim during testing. Simply Silly Software for D!DEMO Justin Fisher for his GREAT Aliens TC
Base: Modified victim.wad, the doom1-version by the same author.
Build time: 3 days for modifying old victim.wad
Editor(s) used: DEU II
Bugs: none
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