Title: Wacker
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/v-z/wacker.zip
Size: 58.29 KB
Date: 06/07/96
Author: Coaxe
Description: This is mainly for deathmatch. I have the weapons available immediately upon startup. No pistols aginst plasma guns here... Everybody is on an even keel. Come to life get the weapons & KILL or be KILLED!!!!! If you want fewer monsters in the way,use -skill 1 on the command line. If you want more,use medium or hard. It can be played single & there are plenty of baddies w/skill level 3+. The weps will be scattered around in different places on single play.There are different ways to play this level to produce enjoyable results...Enjoy...
Credits: Thanks to ID. Thanks to the other programmers, without whom I wouldn't be doing this...Last but not least, ,Gunslinger,MouseMan,Red Ranger,Gumby,LubeMan,Ike,Eli & all the other netDOOM junkies that have helped me test this level with blood flowing....;>
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: MKD2EDIT,DEU2,BSP1.2,Wacker1.0(from whence came the name :Thanks:), DMGRAPH 1.1,DMAUD 1.1,RMB
Bugs: None I hope...;->
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