Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/v-z/wanton2.zip
Size: 71.48 KB
Date: 03/19/95
Author: Jason Franklin
Description: Take on the hellish creatures of doom on their own turf! First, you will face flying skulls on a precarious path in their dark and fiery home (with teleporters should you accidently slip "ooops"). Then it's off to the playground of the cacos a place of great heights and quite a bit of slime. Should you be lucky enough to survive that, you will be plunged into the blood maze of the demons. A rather disgusting place where even the walls bleed and most likely so will your knuckles. You will find very little ammo here, bezerk is your only friend, and the return trip is even worse. Finally, you will be roasted in the cave of the barons and that's still not the end. To reach the exit you will return to the arena, which should be filled with corpses already, and cower in front of the final and the largest (quite possibly) horde of hell spawn ever assembled. This level is WANTON.
Credits: Id, the authors of DEU, DEEP, IDBSP, WAD_DWD, WAD1TO2, and all my playtesters.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Ummm, about a semesters worth of work.
Editor(s) used: DEU (5.21 GCC version), WAD_DWD/IDBSP, DEEP.
Bugs: Bugs? Bugs? We don't need no stinking bugs. But if you find any please e-mail me so I can fix it!
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not interesting for me.although some work is done by author.progression is poor,fights are unexcited,visual glitches in bulk..should not be in "deathmatch/ section its single player map too...x

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