Title: wax2.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/v-z/wax2.zip
Size: 55.05 KB
Date: 04/26/95
Author: Kyle Ver Steeg
Description: Here it is, wax2, the sequal you have been asking for. In response to the many letters I recieved concerning wax.wad, I made this level. You will find that the layout of wax2 is very similar to wax. There are multiple ambush sites, tons of tricks and a few traps. There is also a pretty neat subway section for you to play in (don't piss on the middle rail!!!)

I also included a weapons patch, kokoguns.deh, named in the dishonor of a toy poodle that I hate. The patch basically just converts the pistol into an autopistol which fires twice as fast, makes the shotgun into an assault shotgun, and the chaingun into a minigun reminicent of T2. To use it you will have to download dehacked (DHE23.zip) and follow the instructions listed in dehacked.hlp.
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