Title: Yet Another Death Match PWAD (YADMPWAD.ZIP)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/v-z/yadmpwad.zip
Size: 197.34 KB
Date: 07/20/95
Author: Kenneth S. Forte
Description: A collection of 7 Deathmatch PWADS for DOOM ][. All of these levels are intended to be played WITHOUT the -nomonsters parm. If you like playing with monsters, you may find these monsters well-placed for death- match play. If you don't like monsters in deathmatch, give it a try for these levels, and you might find yourself thanking that cyberdemon for wasting your opponent just before he could get the BFG...

Two of the levels are brand new levels never before distributed, and the remainder are old DOOM levels recycled for use with DOOM ][. All levels and textures were created by myself, and I hope the hell this is the last thing I ever make for DOOM, DOOM ][, or Heretic. We'll see about Strife...

FORMULA.WAD is a lame attempt at making DOOM look like a racing event. I wanted to put in more road markings, but I had some visplanes trouble and gave up on that. There is perhaps a measure of realism in this level, as there has probably been at least one F1/Indycar driver that has entertained the notion of taking a shotgun to the spectators :)

FRITZ.WAD is hopefully my final level, and so it is named after my girlfriend-with-whom-I- have-been-living-for-over-5-years-and-why-the- hell-havn't-I-married-her-yet-anyways..... Enjoy...
Credits: Rich Condon for testing Jordan Feinman for testing Justin Powell for testing Authors of the multitude of utils used
Base: New levels from scratch and Original DOOM levels converted to DOOM ][ (that were at one time also new levels from scratch)
Build time: About 3 days of tweaking and testing above and beyond each level's build time (below)

ULTIMA.WAD 3 hours FORMULA.WAD 8 hours CLAWSON7.WAD 36 hours DMRANDOM.WAD 12 hours DMSPIRAL.WAD 6 hours DMPORTER.WAD 24 hours FRITZ.WAD 12 hours
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: None known.
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Visually, these maps aren't too shabby at all, but they're just too sprawling for a good DM - Also, monsters in a deathmatch? That's unheard of these days.x

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