Title: Zman Deathmatch Collection One
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/v-z/zmanpak1.zip
Size: 260.3 KB
Date: 12/22/95
Author: Josh Straub
Description: This is a concatenation of some of the Best dm wads, and i have tested a LOT (i'd say about 500). These are all smaller ones for CONSTANT ACTION small enough for 2 player, but not cramped for 4 player. I just hate playing a collection and coming to these humongus levels where it takes hours to find each other. You wont find any large-marge type ones in here. There arent any super secret hiding spots (well, ok there is ONE ;) that usually wreck the game, as i hate those. There are some great new sounds and about half of the songs are replaced. The only ones without new songs are the ones with decent doom2.wad music. The sounds were put in for change of pace, and some humor (you'll see when you pick up a sphere :)
Credits: Well i goose i have to name James Knight (Big-Red), and Jeff Gonyo (David Walker/Black Death), cuz they did play a lot of doom with me and we went through a lot of wads. Also, Keith Lipski (Frances Farmer) and Jimmy Mohr (Funky J), because they starred (hehe) in the demo. Plus, Ben Morris for writing DCK, but i wish he'd fix the crashing. The danzig writers for inspiring me to edit wads, and the other writers of the wads i used. And of course, id.
Base: Concatenated wads (see list below), i also included their .txt files to sorta compensate for stealing their wads :D It's called THEIRTXT.ZIP (delete it right away if you want, theres nothing you haven't seen already)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2 for it's nice Wad Utilities, Easywad11 for managing my large wad collection
Bugs: None! woo hoo! I tested this with many games, including an awesome 4 player game and i havent found any.
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Some classic DM maps here - Check the text file for the original sources. Great for 4 players, and map01 is probably the weakest of the bunch - that said, it still looks fun for duels!x

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