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A city-centre themed single-level wad....Date:12/30/05
Size:76.23 KB

Single level with lots of new graphics. This is a 4th level in the Pleiades series. (you may wish to download the previous levels; Pleiades, Mir, and Starcity, all of which can be found at the same sites as this level Note: Pleiades, Mir, Starcity, a...Date:12/11/97
Size:414.49 KB
Author:Roger Ritenour

The Gallery
Named for the two large galleries on either side of the main chamber. This .wad is exciting and challenging in both deathmatch or single play. Good luck and good hunting. Mike...Date:08/01/05
Size:10.18 KB
Author:Mike Seltenright

Gallery - The Art of Maligormax
Oh no. The malicious aliens have attempted to put up an art exhibition, in one of their most secret nests. Needless to say, in a place such as this, every single painting has been stolen....Date:10/28/97
Size:53.5 KB
Author:Mark Spine

Gallows 2
Size:323.54 KB
Author:Anthony Soto aka "Swedish Fish"

Games is a collection of 3 WADS. It is called Games because you have some rules and limitations while playing the levels. The rules are there to force the player to do some things (to run, to take care at what he shoots and when, to save ammo etc.). ...Date:05/09/97
Size:76.24 KB
Author:Ante Smolcic - Smola

Gamma Labs
This map was supposed to have been a part of Doom Enigma. An action packed episode 1 style map from the creator of CH Retro Episode. Note that it is for Doom II, not Ult. Doom! Tested with zDoom and Skulltag with no problems. I am unsure whethe...Date:10/12/04
Size:120.3 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Doom II - GangUp
Sometimes it's better not to stand and fight. Sometimes it's a better idea to run like hell. At various points throughout this level, you'll have to choose when to fight and when to run. Choose well....Date:12/24/03
Size:106.64 KB
Author:Doria Biddle

Ganyemed Moonbase
One level (though quite large) which consists of the complete moonbase of the planet Ganyemed, including docking bay and exit ot next level....Date:05/12/12
Size:233.75 KB
Author:Nick and Rob

A well laid out single / multiplayer level for DOOM][, with loads of passages, dudes, etc. Set in a gaol (Jail in Yank) style building with extra attention paid to textures, alignment and other small details missed out in many other levels. A good ti...Date:04/01/95
Size:30.37 KB
Author:Ben Buxton

The Garden
The Mission is to find and shutdown the UAC Comm Center. You begin pinned down in the entry room overlooking the Bosses Garden.Stay alive until you are able to move out into the Garden. Even though there is lots of ammo shoot straight and Don't ...Date:06/13/96
Size:397.42 KB
Author:J. Brown

Hell's play garden
A little PWAD I made to teach my friends to make their own wads 'cos they can't figure it out their selves!...Date:08/01/97
Size:12.19 KB
Author:Tobias Andersson

Garden of the Imps
My first wad... Hey! Try it anyways, ok? besides, I think it's not so bad... I pay a lot of attention to textures and texture alignments, so it certainly doesn't look half as bad as many other wads that are out there!...Date:07/02/96
Size:33.86 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

Garden Of Delight
Fight your way through a medieval chateau and its grounds......Date:05/16/96
Size:110.43 KB
Author:"Spooky" John

Bill, the Gates of Hell!
Critters. Hard to kill. And now they've infested cyberspace. UAC CRAs are moving in. What a job! See the readme.txt file for background info......Date:07/13/95
Size:52.89 KB
Author:Erik Cumps aka Slay

At the Gates
This is a level in the middle of a series of wads I've created. There is no actual theme but they are real 'DOOM' levels with 'DOOM' type architecture....Date:11/07/96
Size:49.02 KB
Author:Darren Morris

The Gateway to Hell
A challenging hell-styled single-map wad....Date:03/03/06
Size:80.12 KB
Author:Littl' Fonz, aka Jay Farinas

The Final Gathering
This is the DOOM 2 version of "The Gathering." The moon base water treatment and recycling center started reporting strange happenings deep in there sewer system a few weeks ago. Just days later a garbled transmission during the sounds of battle ma...Date:05/17/05
Size:289.61 KB
Author:Daniel "Stormin" Norman

I got tired of playing with the Cajun bots on co-op because they acted like complete morons. So I made an arena-type level and they seem to actually run around it well. I don't suggest playing this on single player....Date:09/09/02
Size:15.67 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

The City of Great Gattle
A really good looking city level with a new burning city sky. Hell is breaking loose and you must destroy the bad guys in this city. If you dont escape a spider will jump down and scare the living daylights out of you....Date:03/03/08
Size:39.14 KB

A detailed single player only-level in an urban setting for DOOM 2. Some devious puzzles as well as loads of action. If you appreciate elaborate level design, then this is for you. (Should also appeal to Duke Nukem-fans, since it includes some toilet...Date:12/14/96
Size:63.09 KB
Author:David Ottvall

You have been captured by the demons. As you are interrigated the head demon, known as 'Bubba' and who carries to fireball launchers, becomes curious to your resolve not to answer any questions even under torture. He approaches you and staring silent...Date:07/12/96
Size:78.48 KB
Author:John Parr

Pick up the Gauntlet.
She slaps your face you fly through the window and...Date:10/22/96
Size:38.8 KB
Author:Martyn D Waddington.

GC_Plant.WAD (WAD 1 of the GermCity series)
Single / Multi-Player DOOM II PWAD. Developed on a Macintosh. Tested on a Mac and a PC. High quality. Large, complex, and difficult....Date:07/17/97
Size:263.5 KB
Author:Kurt Hackbarth

GC_Tower.WAD (WAD 2 of the GermCity series)
Single Player DOOM II PWAD. Developed on a Macintosh. Tested on a Mac and a PC. High quality. Large, complex, and difficult....Date:07/17/97
Size:262.56 KB
Author:Kurt Hackbarth

Single/Co-op/DM wad for DOOM II Another brand new Level for Doom II...Date:01/19/97
Size:166.41 KB
Author:Yukio Ide (from Japan) *( Waizu )

You enter into a short, high ceilinged corridor, you can hear breathing all around. They are everywhere! Just in front of you is a sergeant, stationed to guard the entrance to this otherwordly redoubt, but at the moment he is faci...Date:02/08/96
Size:454.79 KB
Author:MacDuff Knox

The Darkening Aftershock.
4 levels using the Darkening2 grafx plus 3 lmps....Date:08/29/00
Size:363.53 KB
Author:Yashar G. (aka GeminI).

This PWAD is a combination of 3 totally different levels. The first is only an introduction. The second is a maze-like level (very complex). But the main level is the third one. I used the plans of the Fhrerbunker....Date:06/30/96
Size:80.79 KB
Author:Nick Lehnert

This is two maps replacing 01 & 02...Date:03/27/96
Size:117.56 KB
Author:Tony Sideris

The Genocide Center
I call this the Genocide Center because there's tons of victims just hangin' around (ba dum tiss). Also, a few impaled zombiemen are in here, but don't worry, they don't bite. Note: This is not a reference to WWII genocide. Just genocide in general....Date:02/17/13
Size:28.98 KB
Author:Shannon O'Neill

Another great DooM ][ WAD file from the makers of Gateway to Hell and Return to Hell. This is recommended for single player games, but DeathMatch and Cooperative (2-4 players) is available. Also included is a Dehacked patch (v2.3) that makes our leve...Date:05/12/06
Size:218.41 KB
Author:Pete Gray & Mike Gilroy

The Final Geometry
The UAC base near Kruger 60 reports odd occurences, then nothing... You are the third team (one guy, what a team...) to be sent in (hope those earlier teams left some ammo...) Clear all otherworldly mutants, secure the base, and live to tell another ...Date:10/27/00
Size:195.01 KB
Author:Rick Lipsey

GREAT LEVELS...Date:12/23/97
Size:17.31 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Getaway.wad, is another simple wad I wrote with edmap. It is fine to be used as a deathmatch or single player level....Date:10/06/95
Size:12.47 KB

This level has several open areas... I tried seveal different tricks in this one to make it interesting. Hope you like it!...Date:06/29/95
Size:31.54 KB
Author:Thomas Evans

This is my first 2 level original wad. The first has metal textures in the beginning but then goes into a rock and brick textures. The 2nd level stares off with a night setting in a small house populated area, the idea is to get into the castle. But ...Date:06/21/97
Size:300.53 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

Get Your Gun!
Size:64.92 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Size:520.23 KB
Author:Guy Babin

Ghostbusters Doom
A complete conversion to a Ghostbusting theme(see gbreadme.txt for more info)...Date:09/29/00
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Thomas Stovicek

A WAD that enables you to become a ghost. You are dead but still walking around, opening doors, etc. No monsters will notice you. It will work with any WAD and can be used to see original enemy placement in WADS...Date:08/17/98
Size:20.74 KB
Author:(\/)&(\/) |\/|/\|\| Software

Based on a wad i did a year ago for Doom1. Ghostown is three open levels based on the theme of small towns, you can go anywhere you like, picking up the keys you need to advance to the next level. My design goal was a wad that challenged on a strateg...Date:10/13/95
Size:195.49 KB
Author:banj0 obliVion

This Wad is large, well-made, very tuff, requires some thought to succeed but definitely isn't a 'puzzle box'!! Mostly, you gotta' figure out how you're gonna' kill stuff before it kills you. Lots of times you'll be forced to charge rather than flee....Date:03/08/13
Size:470.38 KB
Author:Patrick Smith

You've done your job -- you saved mankind for what seems like the millionth time, and for what? Sure, you get a few thousand dollars, but the thing you need right now is some good old fashioned R & R. With your money, you p...Date:08/05/95
Size:151.01 KB

Shadow of the Blue Flag
You have been sent to a strange planet where all flags are blue. You will encounter alien forces in an old castle and and old town square....Date:02/01/98
Size:66.54 KB

This is a small but interesting wad, Try it and you will see a few surprises! CAUTION: SOME SCENES CONTAIN COARSE LANGUAGE!...Date:12/22/95
Size:93.1 KB
Author:Grant Marko

(Gnabsch is german and means: gnuh-bsh exactly what it sounds like!(onomatopoeia rulez)) Once again I started working on a new Pwad. This one only works with DOOM ver 1.9, because of the huge and many Sectors. It includes the a bable-like tower and...Date:06/21/97
Size:119.15 KB

Ground Zero
Challenging single-player level with several tricks and traps....Date:01/19/99
Size:30.38 KB
Author:Richard M. Sham

go to kill
1 level WAD. Excessive attention given to the appearence of the level (texture selection, alignment, lighting). I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:11/28/96
Size:280.56 KB
Author:Michael Krause

Have you ever been to If not, this WAD probably isn't for you. If you have, this WAD probably isn't for you. Otherwise, check out Map30 for a, er, surprise....Date:05/03/01
Size:388.65 KB

goaway09.WAD (goaway v0.9)
Some aliens invaded your town and you want them to goaway! | Large city-like level. over 450 sectors. |\ | / Ton of archviles. | \ | / | \|/ | /|\ | / | \ |/ | \ |...Date:07/26/96
Size:80.69 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Elliot Goblet, Australian comedian actor. His stupid face and voice. To see him, just walk forward and his picture appears, you hear his voice. Push on his picture to hear more of his voice and open the exit behind you. For more enjoyment, fire you'r...Date:11/06/01
Size:88.17 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The GOBLIN Levels (1-9) for DOOM2
The complete 9 levels of the first Goblin series....Date:06/14/97
Size:314.7 KB

Go off with a BOOM.
I build this level only for the fun of it. It is possible to play this level in single, multiplayer and deathmatch mode....Date:08/03/99
Size:64.27 KB
Author:Rolf Navntoft Jensen

Ever fought against God?
Size:651 KB
Author:Jan Mehler (RATMAN)

The God`s Trial.
Size:982.78 KB
Author:Jordi Toms Carrera Ventura

The Gods Of Sin
Sometimes open, Sometimes cramped. Good texture use. Good Lighting. Plus the NIN influence adds to the carnage....Date:08/26/97
Size:219.7 KB
Author:"Lord J"

Size:24.36 KB
Author:Giorgio Barroero

My recreation of 'Go-Go Studios' offices and the Mexican restaurant accross the street from us....Date:02/03/06
Size:72.13 KB
Author:Kurt Dillard

I Wanna Go Home
The majority of the play takes place in a three- level maze of overlapping corridors and rooms. I had visualized this part of the level prior to construction, but had no idea it would turn out this good in the end. It's very exciting to play. The WAD...Date:06/10/06
Size:82.04 KB
Author:Scott J. Rutkowsky

The GoldMine
A large, sometimes cavernous...Date:03/22/04
Size:56.12 KB

This is GONOW10, a 11:30 level I made for Doom II (should take you longer to complete the first time). It is a modified version of GONOW6.WAD, which I also made....Date:06/03/95
Size:48.32 KB

Fairly big maze, Lots of traps. 2/16/95 This is my first try at Wad building. It's a fairly big maze and you have to go through most of it to get out. It can be beaten without cheating (unlike some pwads I've played.) It's called 'GOO' because t...Date:05/12/06
Size:60.47 KB
Author:Keiji Hukushi a.k.a Ken H. a.k.a. khuk

Gook.wad is an enemy base with SNiper locations, hidden Rooms etc. Fun for deathmatch, nice balcony layout. Opinions, comments, suggestions to!...Date:07/30/98
Size:17.63 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington

My first WAD. Not too big and not too hard, but could be fun, I hope....Date:11/27/97
Size:23.28 KB
Author:Pawel Lukowski

Gallery of Suicide
Brutal map in the aesthetics of wood, metal and bricks...Date:05/12/24
Size:276.34 KB

You Start off in a square room with 4 doors. There Are two switches one opens all the doors and one will crush you into mush. Watch out there are lots traps and secrets if you find one you might find life or DEATH....Date:10/01/96
Size:16.99 KB
Author:Eric Freeman

Gotcha Where I Wantcha
This is a medium length level, attractively designed to test your reaction to multiple attacks (most of which you control), including some front/back/side attacks. All skill levels have been set and tested extensively for health, ammo and playability...Date:12/31/01
Size:151.43 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

go the way
1 level WAD. I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:04/03/97
Size:347.85 KB
Author:Michael Krause

Basically a medieval cathedral corrupted by demonic forces, it is your job to exorcise the church for it to be restored into a national landmark....Date:08/29/04
Size:45.87 KB
Author:Jason Benson

Wine's Luxury Grange
I try to make a level which is better. Nicer arcitecture and better challenge. There is a Cybredemon in this level and a lift as well. You will be happy about my improved styel of doom level. One problem is scrolling walls, live with it man!...Date:09/14/06
Size:15.65 KB

Granite Me Baby!
This is my second finished wad. This is a multi- purpose wad that can be played single, multiplayer, or DEATHMATCH. There are some interesting hiding places. My level contains (as always) an upside down room. To my knowledge, this has never been done...Date:10/22/96
Size:42.26 KB
Author:Derek Altamirano

Grapes of Wrath v4.2
Can you believe it? An Okie named this puppy. In honor of the '98 dustbowl, I give you this - a whip with which to scar yourself hideously. Actually, it's one of my easier levels ... unless you want all the secrets, and then again, you might find tho...Date:10/25/98
Size:74.24 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

No real solid theme.. just a level I made. ;) Named for how I drew half of it on graph paper, lacking access to my computer. :\...Date:08/15/03
Size:50.85 KB
Author:Tim Williams

Great deathmatch level on higher skill settings, I tried to line the grates (manholes) up, so if you get lost, look at your map.Some weapons are easy to get to, others will take some time.So if you let bad dudes out before you get them, you'll be in ...Date:04/01/95
Size:58.93 KB
Author:Phil Burnham

A Great Day in Hell
You'll have a great day when playing this map!...Date:10/20/09
Size:1.91 KB

Green brick fortress
A fortress in green brick and wood, with some dark recesses and chaingunner traps...Date:09/18/10
Size:105.07 KB

Size:837.99 KB
Author:William Green

This was designed to be a difficult map. I got my inspiration for this map from maps 23-25 of Scythe2, the last episode of Scythe, The last 4 maps of AV, map14 from CC1, map32 from CC2, and map25 from CC3. I know it's a long list, but all influenced ...Date:11/24/09
Size:274.48 KB

The Grim Reaper
Primarily single player level. I don't make too many deathmatch WADs and I'm rather reluctant to release them, because there are so many DM WADs around. It takes much more time and ingenuity to create a good solo/co-op level. Mission objective: don't...Date:05/28/96
Size:119.26 KB
Author:Grzegorz Werner

Pwad for Doom2. Small wad that works well in single player, but really shines in deathmatch or (sigh) co-op. Small enough for hunting but big enough for ambushes....Date:08/08/00
Size:23.52 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Grande Coolness
MAP01 : GRANDE COOLNESS This level is kinda big so DM ain't that cewl, but Co-op & single player are good playable!...Date:01/10/98
Size:54.74 KB
Author:The Dark Lord!

Single player level set in a rock-made environment. There is also some open spaces....Date:03/10/97
Size:48.32 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

A normal or co-operative wad with some good rooms and new sound FX....Date:11/22/95
Size:154.33 KB
Author:Matt Hindle (TRIGGER)

The Greater World
First in my levels. Don't make anything of the title, it's just one of my stupid names. Choose your weapons well, and watch those revenants at the beginning! There's plently here for the ammo hungry....Date:07/01/96
Size:42.49 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

The Grid...
Size:28.58 KB
Author:Michael Daniels

Hells kitchen. (Just like mama used to make).
Designed to be played as a single player or in deathmatch. Doom 2. Larger than the original level! DON'T waste your time endlessly pushing walls. (Although some people deserve to be shot). You are in a dingy cell where you were being held for... some...Date:05/17/97
Size:348.97 KB
Author:Graeme Stretton & Yvonne Loftus.

G-Shrimp's G-String
Size:68.45 KB

You are trapped in a bad authors wad! He is too lazy to change some of the textures. The monotone look drives you crazy! You must finish this level and never play this lazy authors wad again!...Date:02/23/96
Size:9.41 KB
Author:Paul Burke

Get Psyched
A hard, castle type level, but NOT insanely hard, it can be beaten in UV without findig the secrets, (but you probably be tight of ammo the first time) I made this in the spirit of the original Doom levels (that means no jumping/crouching are needed)...Date:01/07/11
Size:40.73 KB
Author:Norbert Dvid a.k.a. NoneeLlama

-some good light effects -some good architecture -good ammo to monster ratio -note- -5 secrets -best if played on u.v....Date:05/16/97
Size:38.53 KB
Author:darren morris

A one level wad, however you may think it is more like 3-4 levels combined due to it's complexity! You have been sent in to guard an ancient ruin. You're trip will take you through sewers, caverns, and a romanesque type city. For those of you editors...Date:09/19/00
Size:164.76 KB

Size:48.8 KB

The Gudla of Hell
Prepare for some serious punishment in this huge level for Doom2. An awesome level with more monsters then the monster condoe. The whole level is like red bricks and is very hot with lotsa slime passagewayes. Unlike my older levels this one uses the ...Date:11/06/07
Size:71.41 KB

Big house wad. Layout from memory, with some modifications. Named after the road it's on. Emphasis on visuals and mayhem, not acrobatics & puzzles....Date:12/10/95
Size:323.4 KB
Author:Avery D. Andrews

.32 Auto
A small caliber handgun taken from the manual that came with the weapon....Date:02/14/95
Size:30.91 KB
Author:Jim & Kathy Imes

Just another level i did when i was bored , but has good gameplay. I play it with doomsday because i think it looks best with it , but works with other ports too of course....Date:02/16/06
Size:124.31 KB

GunX: Urban Nightmare
This is the graphics part of Urban Nightmare. It consists of the most NEW weapons of ANY patch out there, and has a professional look to it....Date:12/02/03
Size:2.34 MB
Author:Aaron & Justin Zendt a.k.a. CrazyStormy Development

Grace Under Pressure for Doom II
Medium-sized level, built with single- player and co-op in mind. This level features a 95% linear design, challanging gameplay, and good texture alignment. I've tried to make it live up to the high standards set by the kings of wad design - the Memen...Date:09/30/96
Size:74.91 KB
Author:Mr Scary (Joel Ansier)

This map is a singelplayer level. There where going to be some nice quake-lightening, but the damn VPO screwd it up....Date:11/28/98
Size:36.39 KB

Do you have the guts?
: 1 door and no keys :)...Date:07/04/05
Size:1.76 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Guts and Glory
These levels are for you to kick some monster arse!! Good stress releif, pretend it's your BOSS!!...Date:06/20/96
Size:67.75 KB
Author:Brent Hollett

Ok, this is a nice little replacement .EXE file for Doom 2. It changes some of the enemies into other players (just like the ones you kill in deathmatch). There are 4 different types of players, and here's the list! COLOUR WEAPON SPEED HEALTH Green...Date:05/19/00
Size:255.12 KB
Author:Mark Hatton

Gwangi's Palace v2.6
Your investigation of demon sightings in Mexico has led you to Forbidden Valley, where ancient beasts roam wild and free, totally isolated from human civilization. With his dying breath a wounded gypsy spoke of a demon horde nested in the lair of Gwa...Date:06/09/14
Size:53.52 KB
Author:Mike MacDee (Impie @ Doomworld)

A single-level wad recreating a school....Date:12/30/05
Size:153.06 KB

House Arrest
You're sitting in your livingroom enjoying a cold beer...Date:07/15/97
Size:18.51 KB
Author:Jonathan "Topgun" Washburn

This is AN AWSOME WAD made with NEW textures and SOUNDS.THE Best 7 ever.Unreal animation U will play for hours....Date:07/05/95
Size:286.81 KB

This is an Offical wad for the H2HMud International Doomers Competition....Date:04/28/95
Size:124.23 KB
Author:Dave Swift

Habita T7
Your mission is to seek out the hidden maze, kill the bad blue guys with guns and find the red hot card. And defeat the white dudes with bald heds which can catch you on fire....Date:01/29/07
Size:7.69 KB

Map with a strange atmosphere. I was without of ideas at the moment of plan this level, so I chose the psychedelia... And this "Hachisch" is the re- sult, inspired by some songs of Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix....Date:07/15/05
Size:120.58 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

My first public release map. Not the best, but still enjoyable....Date:10/22/08
Size:9.65 KB

The Dark Netherworld of Hades
The Dark Netherworld of Hades was a realm that was unheard of... until it was discovered. Many people fear for their lives, because at any moment, the demons may make their move toward the surface, and invade......Date:05/31/97
Size:301.85 KB
Author:Jeremy L. Wagner

A cold breeze blows against the back of your neck. Goosebumps ripple up your flesh, leaving a sick feeling in your stomach. You stand before the holy teleporter and the gates to Hades. A life long search is finally over. Legend says, "To enter is to ...Date:05/12/06
Size:99.11 KB
Author:Gary Atkinson

This WAD replaces MAP 1 only. I made this here wad....or most of it, so have fun playing it.... it's mostly the same as HAIGHT1.WAD....but I made a few improvments.... like straighter hallways and made some other "improvments" ...Date:09/25/95
Size:34.02 KB

Half-adder circuit
This map contains an implementation of a half-adder circuit using only OR, AND, NOT, and REPEATER gates. The idea being that this demonstrates that the DOOM engine is Turing-complete. Read more at
Size:14.65 KB
Author:Jared Candelaria

This is a map made with a simple objective in mind, make a competent vanilla-compatible map on the shortest time possible, i don't know if i can call it competent, but it's playable....Date:07/02/13
Size:96.41 KB

Half Measures: Hard Mode
Upon request I have ratcheded up the difficulty of the original Half Measures. Enjoy....Date:01/23/10
Size:46.11 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Half Measures
A pretty harrowing affair. Be sure not to waste your ammo -- there's barely enough to go around. And if you see an Archvile coming for you when you're not ready, go ahead and flee. There may be some unexpected aid whence you came....Date:01/20/10
Size:91.66 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Twisting Halls
This is my first DOOM2 PWAD. Open areas and twisting passages abound. A grand hall filled with all your favorite demons. Something strange, and a secret or two. Had a heck of time finishing it, DEU would reach its memory limit and crash repeatedly. S...Date:03/12/95
Size:106.79 KB
Author:Mark Riel

More Twisting Halls
This is another level featuring a large hall. Of course there's lotsa neat stuff to get there. Also, this is the second level I sketched on paper before building. The first was ying1.wad, check it out. Built most of the level with DEU2 hack for doom2...Date:03/12/95
Size:111.94 KB
Author:Mark Riel

The Halls of Menace
Make sure you bring bread crumbs and string so you can find your way out. Look for the secret doors....Date:07/12/95
Size:17.33 KB
Author:Aaron Veenstra

The Halls of Death
A very straight-forward level - just follow the halls, kill everything and exit. There is a Cyber-Demon guarding the blue key card near the end. There is a very easy way to kill him. To find out look at my .LMP file included with the level. There are...Date:02/19/96
Size:19.19 KB
Author:Ian Stewart (c) 1996

The Halls of Hell
Just you, your buddies, and the halls of hell....Date:09/06/96
Size:28.56 KB
Author:Douglas Lacher & Bill Parker

Halloween Doom v1.0
Just your average Halloween, right? When those little kids come to your door to get some artery-clogging candy, you hand them some, unknowingly opening the gate to hell. The portals that you sealed off on Phobos and Deimos weren't the only ones. T...Date:10/18/97
Size:324.99 KB
Author:Justin Madigan

Halls of Doom Levels
A seven level mini-episode for Doom2. Although the layout was designed with solo play in mind, co-op and deathmatch play are fully supported, including availability of weapons and goodies, placement of start positions, and number of monsters for mult...Date:11/02/97
Size:347.99 KB
Author:Jim Krueger

Halvung 1024
Two maps 1024 is size, with a spacish look....Date:12/24/06
Size:392.26 KB

Nothing special here, it's a map I worked on for 2.5 days. It uses default Doom 2 textures....Date:02/22/21
Size:131.66 KB
Author:Alexander Schtzner aka "Killerratte"

Hamlet - The Old Text Comes Alive
The world of theatre has fallen into alien hands. You must appear both on stage and in the audience....Date:11/01/97
Size:93.66 KB
Author:Mark Raine

Hangar w/ Runway 36
My "HANGAR" has two hangars and is considerably harder than E1M1. (Original DOOM.) This whole level has no story, it is pure creativity. Any idea that popped into my head went into that PWAD, whether or not it related to the airport scene. It took a ...Date:07/27/95
Size:33.44 KB
Author:Jason Garoutte (aka J*Dog)

Hans Island
Hans Island takes you, Bruised Knee, to the island fortress of a criminal warlord, Mr.Han. Whose martial arts academy covers up for their illegal activities. Determined to avenge the death of your sister, you infiltrate the enemies stronghold and ent...Date:08/21/95
Size:220.01 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

The wad is of a harbor. It has a dock, a library, and a church....Date:01/28/00
Size:24.04 KB
Author:Alex Brown

From the seaport, where UAC goods are delivered, you will find your way to an ancient castle, which is very realistic both from outside and from inside. This WAD is a remake of an earlier version called HARBOR, which was a little too easy to play. Th...Date:12/11/97
Size:80.75 KB
Author:Bob Ferguson

This WAD may not be HARD to everyone; in fact, to some it may be...Date:05/04/96
Size:16.81 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

Hardest fight
The HARDEST monster fight, on the saturnus's moon....Date:05/28/16
Size:16.89 KB

small DOOM II PWAD, but with a few surprises, good for a quickie lunchtime Deathmatch...Date:05/07/99
Size:5.95 KB
Author:Jim Donovan

smallish DOOM II PWAD, some neat effects and architectural work...Date:05/09/99
Size:7 KB
Author:Jim Donovan

DOOM II PWAD, for those of you who like huge open spaces...Date:05/09/99
Size:31.39 KB
Author:Jim Donovan

Harvested Sorrow
multi-themed map, wood, marble, metal...Date:07/21/01
Size:35.4 KB
Author:Michael Smith

Haslam's Book Store of Doom
A Doom2 wad so close to our store that after playing it a few times you may be a little nervous while walking through the real store. You might feel a little DEU ja va, that feeling that you've shot up this room before....Date:03/03/06
Size:149.42 KB
Author:Andrew Haslam

The Hatchet
A standard base type level, wich got it name from the starting area. Moderate challenge, one new texture....Date:01/07/11
Size:63.33 KB
Author:Norbert Dvid a.k.a. NoneeLlama

You are teleported into one of the main temples of the invaders. Here they practice black rites and the reanimation of sacrificed humans and their own kind. I've tried to convey the sense that you are desecrating the hallowed ground of these creature...Date:12/10/97
Size:336.39 KB

Bath of Hate
This level is about one thing: challenge. If you can overcome the hundred-plus demons in this level you will feel quite satisfied. There are wave after wave of them, but they are quite manageable if you keep a cool head. Have fun dudes. - A good time...Date:07/04/09
Size:47.54 KB
Author:Chris Wright

For Deathmatch or Co-op or Alone As I stand there with only my trusty DB Shotgun beads of sweat drip from my forehead like dew from a morning glory. As I feel the bullet pierce my arm I swing around to dispose of the Former Human from Hell. P.S. ...Date:06/07/05
Size:64.67 KB

Haunted Helipad v1.1
It's been a year since hell has invaded earth. You were picked up and shot to another planet to escape, and for humanity to rebuild on the surrounded planets and their moons. As a former UAC marine, your job is to fight back against these ugly fre...Date:11/20/22
Size:248.87 KB
Author:Bitchass McGrass

The eye off a hawk
Try to play and complete this map. It's not easy to get to the EXIT....Date:08/03/99
Size:41.97 KB
Author:HyperSoft Inc.

HazMat23.Wad (for DOOM 2) Hazmat Proc 2.3
A return to Phobos base: General Union Aerospace's Hazardous Materials Processing Center (HAZMAT PROC). Big, complex deathmatch level. No dead ends, all weapons, lots of ammo. Primarily for deathmatch, try playing in teams; there's a lot of passages ...Date:06/24/95
Size:208.67 KB
Author:Jonathan Daggar

Hellish Breakfast
Size:131.61 KB
Author:Maxime "Datacore" Bisiaux

Hell Ball
This is the third of eight level that I created a really longtime ago and never got around to adding more to (5-6 years ago)....Date:09/08/00
Size:16.32 KB
Author:Jason Free

Copenhagen central station - ver 2.0 "and how the fuck to get out" HovedBaneGaarden (danish)
We designed this level as part of a competition in the danish newspaper Politiken. (The original HBG-WAD took the 1. prize :-) The senario is Copenhagen central station, with InterCity and ABB IC3 trains and ticket conductors....Date:04/13/04
Size:606.77 KB
Author:Jesper Christensen, Michael Gylling Nielsen, Stig Voege, Niels Langkilde

This is a challenging DOOM2 WAD, large level, single player primarily, lots of great secret areas and some really tough game play....Date:03/30/96
Size:42.07 KB
Author:Dan Eckert (Blastman)

Happy birthday MAN_WITH_GUN(v2)
Birthday map for MAN_WITH_GUN...Date:02/14/21
Size:121.7 KB
Author:Chaingunner (Uploaded by Catpho)

Happy Birthday TM512
happy birthday to my odamex deathmatch buddy!...Date:01/06/11
Size:48 KB

Happy Birthday JC!
Just 3 ultra mini-tiny maps for my friend and speedrunner JC :P (If you know some tricks, you can finish these maps)....Date:12/21/16
Size:33.21 KB

"Look to the hill of the Headless Cross, where all witches meet, on a stormy night and the power of darkness is host They come face to face, eye to eye, soul to soul with and Angel that fell from the sky Listen the screams and the wails of the masses...Date:01/06/99
Size:31.81 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el

Doom II .wad found on the 'Net up this room before....Date:01/29/11
Size:156.55 KB

This level is an almost exact copy of my flat. Player one even starts in my room ! First I had the inten- tion to build the whole flat, but that would become a little bit boring to play. So I've decided to build only the top floor and the corridors o...Date:12/19/95
Size:282.7 KB
Author:Pascal Valentin

Heck Cavern
You are Doomguy...maybe. You have teleported into a cavern...A CAVERN OF HECK! The exit is right in front of you, but you need a key first...a key that resides in the fortress and/or temple built right into the living rock of the Heck Cavern! This ma...Date:03/25/21
Size:59.32 KB
Author:Miss Melee

Heck Above
This is a tribute to Ultimate Doom E4M1, Hell Beneath, but played through Doom 2 on MAP01. This map kicked my ass when I first played it and I loved it so I wanted to make something similar. Hopefully it delivers a similar experience. Finding all the...Date:06/19/23
Size:67.67 KB
Author:Mike Everson

Size:24.44 KB
Author:William Richardson

This is (was) my first attempt at constructing a level for Doom. If I did good at anything, I think it was the texturing. You may notice when playing on skill 04 that each time you start the level over, the monsters will do things differently than th...Date:05/02/97
Size:582.39 KB
Author:Eric James Roberts

Arch-vile: the last fight
yuo are entering the big arena konwn as the arch-vile arena. the arch-vils will try stop you, but You know what to do, sh0t them and kill them, okay, :) play it, first map btw too....Date:04/21/03
Size:2.36 KB
Author:Mike louis Anderson

Doom monsters: the last fight
You entering the area, but then you see all the monsters around you, this one is really hard, thanks to dad for helping me out., :)...Date:04/21/03
Size:3.54 KB
Author:Mike louis Anderson

VILES AND CYBs: the last fight
Doomguy's last fight in hell, before going back to get blow job. Just play and remember to turn on your speakers, I have included two great midis....Date:07/13/03
Size:77.84 KB
Author:anonymous (mike louis anderson was a nickname, sorry folks, I know you all got wet dreams over my wa

NUTSs: the last fight
A small little sotry: There were once a small little space marine, no one knew his name, but he had killed half of hell in weird joke maps, slige maps and other good maps. He was started to be bored, so he started his remote telport system up and saw...Date:09/25/03
Size:74.29 KB
Author:anonymous (mike louis anderson was a nickname

Heil !
Its a Doom2 wad. Get in the mood to kill things, solve puzzles and have a great time. This one has a Nazi type them to it, but not too overbearing....Date:03/14/08
Size:100.68 KB
Author:Duane Miller aka... Rentman or Phoonzang

Helavator is actually a section in a map Im working on called Too Easy. However, I thought I would make it a map in its own right as I thought it would be an interesting stand alone level. Interesting because of its unusual design and because its m...Date:07/01/04
Size:9.32 KB
Author:Chris Bourke

The Hel Caves
You are Rulose, you are on a mission to find your husband who was kidnaped bu bad guys. As the Sweat pours out from your head, feet and buttcrack The hotter than thailand heat is getting intense. You must adventure into the hel cave and defeat enemy,...Date:01/29/07
Size:23.04 KB

Hell's Court
Doom 2 PWAD The entire membership of the Court of Hell must be eliminated to save mankind. The only problem is, they are eager for you to join them!...Date:02/04/96
Size:11.31 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

Hotel Hell(version 5,16/1/98)
Size:632.99 KB
Author:Chris Lloyd

The theme is lava, red rocks and dark caves....Date:06/06/21
Size:53.7 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Some levels I spent a few days on. Hope you like them....Date:01/30/03
Size:4.67 KB
Author:Leon "Mr. Bond" Kartrovich

No Way In Hell
level sort of made up to be a house...Date:07/04/95
Size:18.38 KB
Author:Chris Warren

Return To Hell
Hell for Doom 2. Need I say more?...Date:11/07/96
Size:44.2 KB
Author:Doug Frei (WICKED)

HELL: A taste of REAL HELL
****HELL2.WAD: A level 30 DOOM 2 WAD V1.2*** It is what I believe is the closest representation of true biblical hell that I can get DOOM 2 to simulate. No imp-shotgun fodder here. No mortal will survive, eternal suffering is gaurenteed. YOU WILL TRU...Date:02/14/97
Size:91.16 KB
Author:Jesse Roberge

In Hell AGAIN... (for Doom II)
This time you only have your fists, a pistol, a chainsaw...Date:07/31/96
Size:64.1 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

Hell Arena: Hell in a huge demon pit.
****HELLAREN.WAD: A level 30 DOOM 2 WAD***** It is another representation of true biblical hell for DOOM II, but it is over 64x bigger than HELL2. No imp-shotgun fodder here. No mortal will survive, eternal suffering is gaurenteed. YOU WILL TRUELY BU...Date:02/01/97
Size:94.8 KB
Author:Jesse Roberge

Three key level, designed for cooperative play as well as single play. You'll enjoy this wad if you like a good shoot-em-up game. personally, I'm kinda tired of downloading games with 4 cyberdemons and no ammo. If you have'nt got anything better to d...Date:07/11/97
Size:55.7 KB
Author:Joe Winter

HELLBENT.WAD A level for MAP09 of Doom2
See below....Date:02/07/00
Size:83.36 KB
Author:Jason Root

Hellward Bound
My first non-crappy level. It's a pretty long map, but for the most part it's fairly linear. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm the best playtester out there, so I worry the balance of ammo/health might not work. In any case, I worked pretty hard on th...Date:03/01/08
Size:682.97 KB
Author:Stupid Bunny

Hell Beneath.
A good sized map for vanilla Doom2. This map has challenge in buckets. Plus great design and architechture to boot....Date:11/28/04
Size:47.36 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Hell Cave
This is where it all started. Before the events chronicled in DOOM, a mining project on Earth was abandoned after a series of "accidents". Miners uncovered what appeared to be an ancient ruin, and archaeologists were called in. When two archaeologica...Date:03/15/98
Size:58.83 KB
Author:Andrew "Dman" Orman

Hell's Core
A very fun and very large level in Hell. In Hell's Core it's all out Hell!...Date:08/16/98
Size:105.44 KB
Author:(\/)&(\/) |\/|/\|\| Software

HELLDOOM, think swift or you will regret...
12 levels totally tested (ok!) that you can check out and play... and don't forget to save your game advances. (Well, I don't say it is hard to play... heh,heh... prove it ;)...Date:07/02/01
Size:621.83 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

Hell Downtown
A medium sized map for your fragging fun.Additional Credits to Jacobs Coffee ;)...Date:07/30/04
Size:94.79 KB
Author:Jens "Skystalker" Smikalla

Hell Drop:The Invasion of Hell
Size:455.82 KB
Author:piXel Rex

Hell Drop:The Invasion of Hell
You've have always been the one who got invaded, and the one who is trying to escape. Why not have you be the intruder for once? In this WAD, your mission is th invade Hell itself, your goal is not the exit(except for the last 3 levels), it is to KIL...Date:11/02/19
Size:419.89 KB
Author:piXel reX

This is a 3 level episode designed for multiplayer (either DM or Cooperative). The end level has Bosses so be prepared.PLEASE E-MAIL ME ON IF YOU THINK IT IS A GOOD DEATHMATCH WAD...Date:06/22/05
Size:116.17 KB
Author:Joe (Mad Dog) Gryglik

Hell gate.
A very good, small map with many Demons out for your blood....Date:12/01/05
Size:33.38 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Size:73.47 KB

Halls of Hell
A bunch of halls & bridges. Be lucky if you can survive!...Date:02/21/98
Size:150.26 KB
Author:Raymond Schmitz

Pwad for Doom ][. Designed for co-op (really!) but works great for single player, too....Date:06/04/00
Size:52.9 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Fairly easy level if you are good at saving ammo and dodging. But we all are aren't we?...Date:09/08/10
Size:73.7 KB
Author:The Hound

Its hell down there....Date:05/25/96
Size:162.68 KB
Author:Dylan Barber

Usual Storyline: You are in the Marines, and you get orders from your...Date:09/22/97
Size:151.53 KB
Author:Bill(aka HellKnight)

Hell House
Strange noises have been heard coming from the local abandoned mansion. Of course, the demon slayer extraordinaire himself is here to see what's going on. My first serious mapping project....Date:12/15/19
Size:9.46 KB

This level requires strategi. It dosen't have unlimited supply of ammo, so think before you shoot !!!...Date:01/12/98
Size:51.92 KB
Author:Cyberdemon aka Peter Eriksen, Denmark, Europe

HellKeep V2.0
Level starts in a fortress type setting, and later progresses into a variety of classical doom-style techno/hell themes. Fairly challenging, with plenty of surprises. This level was not designed specifically for deathmatch but Map 02 would, in our hu...Date:08/28/95
Size:124.8 KB
Author:Mike Treit & Jason Clark

HellNite ][
Pure Single Player DOOM2 level:...Date:02/20/96
Size:34.88 KB
Author:Peter Van Schevensteen (

Pure Single Player DOOM2 level:...Date:02/20/96
Size:20.21 KB
Author:Peter Van Schevensteen (

1997's semi-megawad (14 levels) featuring: - Especially designed Cooperative levels. - New sounds - Weapons replaced (sprites from Duke Nukem) - Doom II style maps (any source port is required) - All around Excellent WAD (he he he...)...Date:07/20/00
Size:1.12 MB
Author:Hello Software Rodrigo Chamusca - few levels, sprites and sounds Renato Pinheiro - levels and sounds

Hell Peek
Yet another vanilla map for those who enjoy the old classic look and feel. The map is mid-sized for a vanilla port, with a playtime of about 15 to 20 minutes. It features one key and eight secrets (none really needed to win the level). The available ...Date:03/24/24
Size:124.72 KB
Author:Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)

Hellport.wad (Doom II only)
After Mars, you find yourself back on Earth hoping that Hell is back where it belongs. You decide to get on a transport and get back to civilization except you find that Hell ...Date:05/12/12
Size:33.59 KB
Author:Roy Ford "LaserJock" Coherent Inc.

A thinking persons blastfest, epic and multi-faceted. Get ready for a wad that will really test how good you are. My best time to date on "I`m to young to die" is 48:45. Good Luck!...Date:03/23/13
Size:420.33 KB
Author:Adrian Smart.

You have just been recuited to a secret military installation. You just get your duffle bag on your bunk when the CO calls you in and tells you about your first mission. You will be dropped into a control center that the demon pukes have invaded. You...Date:08/18/96
Size:26.06 KB
Author:Michael Cammarota

A Walk In Hell
Entry for the Vinesauce DOOM Mapping Contest. A short, hell-themed cave map. The DeHacked patch (HELLWALK.DEH) is required in order to complete the map. Note that the patch will not work if there are additional mods which modify the Baron of Hell...Date:04/23/17
Size:76.79 KB

Hell Junior High- Where the meals are free if you're a cannibal(which reminds me, I forgot to put in
(Skip this) ==============HELL JHS============= This is the most violent school you'll ever see! Includes a gun store across the street. ==============Story================ Single player:You were walking to school one day, when suddenly your friends ...Date:04/29/11
Size:656.69 KB
Author:Joseph McDavid

Hell Pit
I made this level sometime in '96. It's one of my earliest levels that wasn't lost or deleted. I was very happy with this map when it was finished. Playing it now, well, it has its moments but overall it's a silly place. The ending is rather stupid, ...Date:02/18/04
Size:81.85 KB

DooM2: Help on Earth - Millennium Edition
This started out as a joke wad, and many elements of a joke wad are maintained throughout - shitty texturing, non-existent texture alignment, enemies stuck to walls, missing upper/lower textures, etc. But somewhere along the way I decided to try and ...Date:12/16/07
Size:94.85 KB
Author:Rex Claussen

Six sick levels, designed for maximum disturbance of your conscience. Journey through the gates of Hell and locate the spawing portal of all evil and destroy it. Dark and similar to Hexen in texture choice and level design, and only truly evil charac...Date:05/15/96
Size:277.56 KB
Author:John Diamond

Size:529.39 KB
Author:Andre' Quinnett

One room, multiple threats....Date:04/03/10
Size:4.97 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Size:69.93 KB
Author:Bob Back

The landmark known as stonehenge is being taken over by demons; and of course you and your buddies have to do something about it. But all of a sudden your best friend shoots you in the back... As soon as you hit the ground you are teleported back to ...Date:07/14/12
Size:24.04 KB
Author:Rick Hoffman

Henry (temporary name)
Now, it's the time to show you one WAD file for DOOM 2 with temporary name Henry. There are made maps number 1,2,3,4,7 and 8. Especially map #4 is violent because there are hordes of enemies. (I recommend not to play it on slow machines!) If someone ...Date:05/12/06
Size:107.19 KB
Author:Premysl Vincenzo Jedlicka

A bite-sized level for DOOM II. This is a small, basic, city style level for all of those doomers who are looking for a quick fix! Designed this level for single play, but kept multiplay in mind. I hope there is something here for everyone. Let me kn...Date:04/17/99
Size:152.7 KB
Author:Gregory Dick
Size:48.58 KB
Author:W.O. Neal

THE STORY SO FAR : You are currently stationed at UAC's proving grounds, where experimental weapons, chemical, and vehicles are tested before being sold to the military. You don't like this post, but who said you have to. You have a bad feeling a...Date:05/31/02
Size:67.21 KB
Author:Peter Rodriguez A.K.A. VileSlay

It is a dark and doomy world...........but you can make and finish all these bastards...Date:12/12/99
Size:57.15 KB
Author:harry daalmeijer

HeXen Doom
Based on the concept of interlevel teleports from HeXen...Date:03/20/97
Size:15.58 KB

THE STORY SO FAR : You are currently stationed at UAC's proving grounds, where experimental weapons, chemical, and vehicles are tested before being sold to the military. You don't like this post, but who said you have to. You have a bad feeling a...Date:05/21/02
Size:25.88 KB
Author:Peter Rodriguez A.K.A. VileSlay

Hey Hey Hangar-Entryway!
Dual take on a Hangar-Entryway crossover. You can launch this wad with Doom as an IWAD, and play Entryway in Hangar style. Or you can launch it with Doom 2 IWAD, and play Hangar in Entryway's style. Both maps were made from scratch, independently...Date:06/28/14
Size:38.96 KB

Head For The Exit
If you like arachnotrons, cool mapping tricks, cramped spaces, and Plutonia-level gameplay, then this map’s for you. : :...Date:06/14/23
Size:79.57 KB

Hells Hole
My second map, a brick themed hellish map that is much an improvement over my first map....Date:03/17/12
Size:29.01 KB
Author:Matt "TheBraggle" Napier

The Hidden One
What the hell are you doing in this empty starship? Where are they all? Well, you begin to remember... something. "They attack! Shit, they're everywhere". Screams, shots and flames. And the last words of the captain: "The central panel is hidden. The...Date:02/26/98
Size:67.39 KB
Author:Pawel Lukowski

Hide In One Of 4 Toillets Or Die
This WAD is based on a true story. One day I've had a terrible rush finding a good public toillet. I ran from one toillet to another and I realized how important they can be in true life. You'll find four toillets in the corners of the main room in...Date:04/07/97
Size:41.96 KB
Author:Ante Smolcic - Smola

Small deathmatch wad with a cool "torture room"...Date:07/17/95
Size:10.1 KB
Author:Rudy Jurjako

The Hideout (AKA FUN!!)
This is my favourite level that I have done. It is a very simple and stright- forward level. It is basically a square shaped level that has different levels. Each inner level is lower than the others. It starts with hitting the former humans with sho...Date:02/18/96
Size:23.9 KB
Author:Ian Stewart (c) 1995, 1996

Hidden Lab
My first public wad. Its a lab inside a cave....Date:04/03/05
Size:15.49 KB
Author:Andrew Arsaleno

Higher (latest)
The best thing about these levels is they're fairly straight-forward. That is there's no find the key, spend 20 minutes looking for where to use it, 20 seconds of death-dealing, find a secret switch and so on. That's not to say that this kind of leve...Date:05/05/95
Size:70.01 KB
Author:Me. (Oh, Paul)

High Fear
Single, Co-op, and Deathmatch level...Date:05/01/96
Size:23.69 KB
Author:Eric Gaboury (Egabou@AOL.COM)

I'm re-releasing this because the original will never, ever get any attention. I'm not even sure if it's on the idgames archive. I'm actually pretty happy with this one -- I played it about thirty times this spring before getting bored with it. And i...Date:11/06/09
Size:60.61 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Highlnds.wad (for Doom 2)
This is one of the largest single level pwads in existance. The general setting is a wide-open city with many large buildings. The level is actually divided into 5 sections, each with a different purpose. The first is your main base, where the player...Date:11/25/00
Size:71.85 KB
Author:Chris Wright

High/Low 5
This map is the conclusion of my High/Low series. Where the other maps are for Ult. Doom this one is for Doom 2. I chose to make it look and feel like some of the city maps from org. game, as they have always been some of my favorite maps and what I ...Date:07/21/13
Size:450.58 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

(| Same as HIPPIE1.WAD, but converted for Doom ][ |) A few big rooms, a few small rooms, and some tunnels. Lots of wide open spaces, and some good ambush-points. I'd like to see it for team play. Basically, this wad was created while showing...Date:02/02/95
Size:21.89 KB
Author:Jim Davis

A detailed description is given below....Date:07/13/97
Size:758.9 KB
Author:Marcus Malden

The Hive
This was an outtake from the Master Levels....Date:05/17/08
Size:52.36 KB
Author:Chris Klie

The Hive
This level is made with a very particular gameplay in mind. And it's either your cup of tea or not....Date:10/10/21
Size:87.3 KB
Author:Louigi Verona

Hell's Janitor
MAP01 - Scientists have made a portal to Hell. They need someone to go in. They know it is dangerous, so they find a poor janitor and send him in to "clean up." MAP02- After "moping the floor" with the demons in Hell, the janitor returns to Earth. He...Date:05/24/13
Size:6.79 MB

Hell's Gate and Hell's Alley
Once again using my patented secret doom-building recipez from hEll......Date:05/12/06
Size:180.08 KB
Author:James Atchison aka Professor Doom

This was for Metabolist's Wad contest. This was rejected. :) Personally, I think it is a fun map that very weakly imitates a half-life episode. (the theme of that week's contest was to create a map that had an infestation of a base level)...Date:11/01/01
Size:27.48 KB
Author:Doug 'Opulent' Merrill

The Cellar
A small level for Doom 2. This is also my very first level. It still isn't too easy level....Date:12/05/96
Size:36.82 KB
Author:Harri Myllyl, Finland

Hell's Mine of Saturn
Saturn- 2110 AD The UAC mining colony on the dark side of Saturn has sent a distress signal to UAC Headquarters. The mining operation has come to a complete standstill and the top brass wants some answers. Your commanding officer briefs you on...Date:07/26/08
Size:127.56 KB
Author:Joe Kaminski

House of DOOM!
You just done taking a dump when you come out of the bathroom and (not again) monsters, everywhere! This a complete "blue print" of my house. First I was only going to have the ground floor. Then I added an outside which is realy cool because project...Date:12/28/97
Size:199.66 KB
Author:Steve Noonan

House of Doom v3.0 Demo
I couldn't seem to get the demo working for the release, so here it is afterwords. This was my 5th time tring to get it the demo to playback correctly, and the time it worked, I only got 99% kills and 98% items, oh well....Date:12/28/97
Size:25.93 KB
Author:Steve Noonan aka fUnKyMoNk

Hall of Faces
When you die, your face is sent here to be reprosessed. Its components are used to create new faces, which are assigned to new people. Experts guess that we will run out of permutations by 2020....Date:06/20/09
Size:18.1 KB

silent night, holy fright
This is a large sized wad which follows a progression such that you pick up weapons in order but only after beating certain enemies. The level has 14 secrets, and includes a baseball field and a maze in a forest. I feel the actual par time is about 4...Date:02/06/11
Size:50.03 KB
Author:Dan Perper

Map 01 : This was my first map for Doom2, a twentieth-century street scene. It has been updated since its original version with the new graphics that I made for this wad. Map 02 : A homemade map of t...Date:07/25/97
Size:719.08 KB
Author:Ryan Polczer

It's my house, invaded by evil....Date:03/16/97
Size:28.44 KB

my corrupted DOOM 2 home
For DOOM 2 Based on my house...Date:07/21/96
Size:56.68 KB
Author:Brian Glines

Home By The Sea V.1.2
This is my THIRD fully working Doom level. The SECOND standard level! Set in an old abandoned mansion, you enter into the house as a hired detective looking for an important manuscript. But the problem is that there are rumors that mons...Date:11/23/96
Size:195.72 KB
Author:John Adlington

The Homefront (1st release)
This level is a redisign of one of my old houses, plus a few added caves. Its a small level and is extremely simple play for the purpose of the story line. The only enemies in this level are imps and you might not even encounter them. This level is q...Date:11/02/97
Size:42.74 KB
Author:Scott Nechuta

Kill the Homies
Your mission is to Kill the Homies b4 they kill u....Date:03/17/08
Size:34.55 KB

The Honeycomb
As you battled through the levels of DOOM II the imps regrouped to a new area and built a breeding colony. This is characterised by being rather like a honeycomb with imps asleep in many of the cells. They will, of course wake up and attempt to waste...Date:01/03/02
Size:309.84 KB
Author:John Bishop

Hongkong Handover Ceremony (version 2)
Size:516.63 KB
Author:Chris Lloyd

Hoover Dam
A large new level for Doom 2. I've tried to create something really unique with this level. E-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:01/11/96
Size:90.29 KB
Author:Michael Reed

This is first I have created for DOOM II, hope you have fun....Date:09/14/04
Size:10.1 KB
Author:Jorge Llubia

Hora cero
A map to doom 2...Date:11/09/08
Size:274.94 KB
Author:El canalla

New and improved for DOOM 2! This level is infested with hordes of Imps, Sergeants, and Former Humans to blow away. It may sound easy, but enough of these weaklings combined with plenty of devious traps and secrets, makes for one HELL of a tough le...Date:07/16/08
Size:26.37 KB
Author:Robin Andrews

Lots of baddies, a few tricks. I believe it has a unique cooperative start. In cooperative mode you all start out in a safe room where you can see each other & then get tactics sorted out Then watch out! Pity the poor player two! Something has gone w...Date:02/27/96
Size:61.21 KB
Author:K.W. Annett

Horror (That should say it all!) ;) Doom II version.
This WAD has either no theme, or many themes (I'm still trying to figure it out...) I just threw everything I could think of into this level. (Kitchen sink WAD) NOTES ON MULTIPLAYER: I originaly designed this level for single player only. Then when I...Date:11/08/96
Size:277.02 KB
Author:Steve Terry

Horse Shoe
A classic, oldschool Doom 2 map. I got inspired to create this after watching the IGN 90 minutes video of cooperative game of Doom Episode 1 with John Romero. If you watched that video the map name should make more sense. This is a base themed leve...Date:12/19/13
Size:133.33 KB

Hoser DOOM! (Doom2)
The 1st trilogy of a (planned) 9 level episode. Great for single player & deathmatch although optimized for alt-death match play. Real test for true DOOMers (no weapon stronger than super shotgun + a surprise at the end!)....Date:12/19/98
Size:382.49 KB
Author:Master Hoser

Hostage Rescue 3: "Back in Black" Upgrade
Size:582.46 KB
Author:Voodoo Nipple Software

Hotel Hell
Spacious, well appointed rooms, friendly, highly trained staff, situated at the heart of everyone's favorite hereafter....Date:08/08/96
Size:119.99 KB
Author:Simon Mathew

Hot Lead
You have returned to your old battlefield! Same layout but the whole place is moving! Something is really wrong. New enemies, more enemies, and even more new enemies. Just another day at the office....Date:08/25/12
Size:55.75 KB
Author:Joseph Wheatley

Hotel Hell
A new level for Doom 2. I tried to go for form AND substance with this new WAD. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:11/21/97
Size:90.88 KB
Author:Michael Reed

A Hot Place
The obvious theme is host to firey caves. This one is pretty short with a few secrets and nice monster hives. Nothing a little circular strafing won't take care of....Date:02/11/01
Size:45.79 KB
Author:Jerry Neighbors

Halls of the Unhallowed
A short Map with lots of action...Date:12/18/07
Size:40.06 KB
Author:Stephen Whittaker

The House of DOOM 2
This is the DOOM2 version of the House of Doom. There are many changes to this version from the Doom 1.9 version released. I have added more sounds, more graphics, skill levels, and new additions to the map. It now also has a title screen. It's just ...Date:01/20/98
Size:448.85 KB
Author:Jim Lanzel

My House Doom
AAHHHHHH!! My house was taken over by aliens!!...Date:06/02/95
Size:11.01 KB
Author:Ian Koropatnick

House for Doom2 v1.9
You are in your space ship when you get a distress call saying that your buddies turned against you! You must put an end to this, but it won't be easy because they're overpowering you with chainguns, plasma guns, and even BFG's!!...Date:02/14/97
Size:179 KB
Author:Brent Nicorvo

You are in a house that is taken over by demons. Just try to get through without dying. This is THE house from hell! Best parts are the library and the outdoors....Date:02/04/96
Size:12.19 KB
Author:Robert Cocorochio & William Jay
My House !! not completly the best but its okay, when quake gets out I will make a better version of this....Date:05/20/96
Size:113.61 KB
Author:Dan Nelson

This level is almost an exact replica of my house-...Date:11/29/95
Size:89.37 KB
Author:Andrew Lattof

House Resume
House.wad is just a resume-ish map to show what I can do; and the other House Battle, was done in 5 minutes....Date:10/26/02
Size:54.18 KB

Size:217.58 KB

Houses 1.4
A ten-level collection of houses. I have fixed everything enough to please myself, the perfectionist....Date:10/22/95
Size:637.02 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

A house concocted in the deep recesses of my mind whilst fast asleep. Strange, no? Some areas are dressed immaculately and other are just plain kindergarten rooms. But, what can you do? It seems to add to the atmosphere - Something is not quite right...Date:06/11/01
Size:225.85 KB
Author:Colin Mitchell - Radtard

HPF's Citadel
Well, well, a huge wad to test your skill on different points cleverness, hability, ... The only known bug does NOT ALLOW TO SAVE your game That obliges not to do only one mistake. Well, the aim is not to kill all monsters of this level, but to SURVI...Date:11/03/96
Size:247.52 KB
Author:Jerome [Mike] Xavier [Master Tex] (fix of bugs, choice of textures) Marc (music)

Hero's Quest (first version) level 2
The SECOND level of my New DOOM II UNDERGROUND. It comes With nothing but the level (not even monsters) I inspired myself with the Hero Quest Boad game (If you didn't like it E-mail me)...Date:01/03/97
Size:68.02 KB
Author:The Game Master (Rick Ch.)

Dead Perfect
Two small and violent levels, based on my deathmatch levels in Pursuit....Date:06/02/08
Size:85.13 KB
Author:Yonatan Donner

Hell Revealed Episode 1
Hell Revealed is a complete replacement for the first episode of Doom II - levels 1 to 11. All levels were made in a special attempt to make them high-quality and they all have LMPs for them inside this ZIP file. The following TXT files exist in the ...Date:06/24/96
Size:490.35 KB
Author:Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv

Ex Nihilo: Directors' Cut
REQUIRES HRS.WAD OR HRS-TEX.WAD You wake up, a supershotgun and 20 shells infront of you, and suddenly, you hear the roar of multiple barons behind you. "Terrible... slaughter stuff, just make some normal mapset, please. Elitist gameplay all over the...Date:05/12/24
Size:165.67 KB
Author:tonytheparrot and Monsieur.E

Hitscan Massacre
Do you like fighting hordes of hitscanners? No? Then don't play this map. Nothing but hitscanners and hitscan weapons. Intended for people who are addicted to blasting zombies with shotguns (like me)....Date:03/29/10
Size:43.59 KB

This map is a result of my ponderance upon things like the catacombs of Portland, OR. and the Underground City of Seattle, WA. Combined with a recurrent 90's dream involving a dark highway at night: And the Volcanic residence of Lilanni, the sister o...Date:07/17/01
Size:695.2 KB
Author:Harry S. Gunderson

It's been a few years now since the monsters had invaded earth; and since then you have taken up residence at Earth's only remaining radio telescope facility, where you have found yourself scanning fervently for the sound of any other human voice. Yo...Date:08/17/01
Size:208.65 KB
Author:Harry S. Gunderson

Hsg_0107.wad (Fort Apache)
This is an assault scenario on the classic Star Fortress.. You have unexpectedly found yourself somewhere on earth in a concrete walled Fox hole, in an extremely large steel-plate lined crater. Just off in the distance, in the center of the crater is...Date:08/21/01
Size:60.71 KB
Author:Harry S. Gunderson

A city style .wad for Doom2 @ Map16 for its sky. Every Doom or Doom2 player should build one Map level from scratch at least once in their lives and this is my first effort at doing this. I sought to create a challenging single / (perhaps multi) play...Date:03/25/00
Size:140.07 KB
Author:Harry S. Gunderson

It's late afternoon, you reach home after a...Date:04/10/96
Size:61.13 KB
Author:Nemo (Gallo) Galletti

A small Doom-styled techbase with looping pathways....Date:02/04/22
Size:54.42 KB

The Wastelands (HUMANmeat! level two)
Uh, level two to HUMANmeat!. I'm working on level three (which will NOT suck!) and you may be pleased. But back to The Wastelands. You were called in on a mission. You just blown away tons of baddies and want to go HOME! But the UAC calls in saying...Date:01/13/96
Size:38.87 KB
Author:Dr. DooM (Eric Williams)

Hell Unleashed
My first 2 maps for Doom 2. A possible preview of a megawad. Maps in the style of Hell Revealed with, I promise, a lot of detail. My primary purpose was to really make maps that will knock your socks off, make maps that you would want to play more th...Date:12/07/08
Size:704.15 KB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

Do you have a feeling that you are being followed? Here you have to think a little to succes this level. HERE IS A TIP: Let the cyberdemon do the job for you in some rooms. In that way the cyberdemon will be easier to defeat in the end of level....Date:03/13/03
Size:73.39 KB
Author:Martin Mikaelsson

It's the Doom racing game! Lava floors force you to race to each "checkpoint", where some health will keep you going a bit longer. It's hard to clear this map if you take longer than two minutes, but it can be cleared much faster--how fast can you ma...Date:11/06/07
Size:17.9 KB
Author:Crystal Jacobs

Hard until reply tested (Hurt)
This is our second product. As said, no real story behind, but yopu need some strategy and discipline to succeed without cheating. Collect all possivle ammo and health. You will need it....Date:10/03/99
Size:217.44 KB
Author:Louis and Danny Witters, also Linda.

Replacement level for DOOM II...Date:01/17/05
Size:45.75 KB
Author:Glenn Geiss

Heavy fight wad
Size:107.61 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

Heavy Water Plant
Travel through this heavy water facility on your way to the nuclear power station. Beware the elite troops that await your arrival....Date:02/23/16
Size:80.09 KB

Operation Hydra
Heh, so the idea behind this wad was to make a vanilla map that looked and played just like a ZDoom one.I think I succeeded. Also included is the bogus textfile that I packaged with the wad when I first released it....Date:10/18/13
Size:1.49 MB

Happy Birthday InsanityBringer
Another birthday, another map....Date:06/08/10
Size:64.35 KB

IC DooM Series 2001 Reprisal
This is a single level, single player/Co-Op wad. I tend to go for a bit of overkill in my levels, so expect a bit of a challenge. It is possible to complete on one sitting on the hardest setting though. There are some deathmatch starts, but this mode...Date:04/13/02
Size:70.09 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings.

IC DooM Series 2002 AKA 'I Can't People still play this Damned Game'
This is a single level, single player/Co-Op wad. I tend to go for a bit of overkill in my levels, so expect a bit of a challenge. It is possible to complete on one sitting on the hardest setting though. There are some deathmatch starts, but this mode...Date:05/06/02
Size:80.49 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings

IC DooM 2003 'Yet More DooMing'
This is a single level, Single Player/Co-Op wad. Turned out to be pretty damn big and probably quite tough, though I have made a bit of an effort to make it easier on 'I don't want to Die' and 'Hurt me Plenty'. Personally I think the level plays bett...Date:03/18/03
Size:165.36 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings

Hell on Icannar: Old Nuclear Plant
My third map in history, and my only non-joke map that ever got finished. I planned it to be a part of my "Hell on Icannar" megawad, but then my hard drive crashed and this map was the only map that survived. Includes all three keycards, secret areas...Date:09/15/13
Size:93.01 KB
Author:129th Visplane

All levels are designed for vanilla Doom2 + Icarus.wad Recommended engines: prBoom-plus with "-complevel 2" prboom-plus -complevel 2 -file ICARUS.WAD ICAR2015.WAD Additional Credits to: Andrey Budko, Hitherto, id Software, authors of DoomBuilder an...Date:09/13/15
Size:907.96 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S.

IC DooM Series The Undiscovered Realm.
The UAC Maximum Security Prison for War Criminals has been taken over by some strange, as yet unknown, force. All of it's in-mates and guards have gone crazy and some have even mutated! Your job is to infultrate the prison complex and clean up the me...Date:03/03/96
Size:351.28 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings.

Ice Nightmare 2
Tough intricate level with a unique ending....Date:02/26/95
Size:64.18 KB
Author:VT Ice

IDITAROD.WAD is 10 complete well designed levels for single player play. This wad is a reflection of a lot of hard work and dedication. This copy is an exclusive release. When QUAKE comes out, many DOOM 2 players will spend the next 12 months figu...Date:04/07/96
Size:455.85 KB

An Idgames Troll Walks Into A Bar...
I miss my haters.......Date:05/02/13
Size:144.9 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

I Give Up On Trying to Map 1
First map Ive finished in the last 3 years. It is also a very short level....Date:07/29/07
Size:201.77 KB

7 levels that were designed for dm purpose but some enemies are present......Date:12/01/12
Size:116.12 KB
Author:Igor (?)

Big Wad. (igotabig.wad)
New map for DOOM II : This level has been specifically designed for deathmatch(but one player to figure the level out). A lot of secrets(especially doors). A few monsters to make it more interesting. There's a big outdoor room to fight in with window...Date:04/27/95
Size:32.35 KB
Author:Jason Lash

1 new level for DOOM2. There are so many traps that you might get some splitting headaches. This level has been developed for the original engine v1.9....Date:11/21/99
Size:168.44 KB

Illuminatus: Episodes 1 & 2
This is the first and second episodes in the megawad Illuminatus. The full version is coming soon. In the meantime, you can play this WAD while you wait for the full version, and if you can find any problems then please let me know by emailing me, se...Date:08/17/13
Size:2.41 MB
Author:Cory Scott (NiTROACTiVE, used to be known as NitroactiveStudios)

The Way of Illumination
Large single level with many different dimensions. I won't give anything away, except that it takes a while to beat, but keep trying....Date:07/24/08
Size:81.29 KB

This WAD consist of 5 action packed maps! Featuring new music!...Date:04/25/13
Size:37.56 KB
Author:Gloyd Garder

I love you
1 level WAD. I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:12/10/96
Size:249.69 KB
Author:Michael Krause

Immortal (aka "the other one")
'Immortal' is a vanilla-flavored three-piece DII construe fashioned within strict limits. Befalls in an alt timeline, where, upon doomguy's arrival on Dis -to put an end to all hellish matters- things, however, takes a different turn. For not a bou...Date:12/31/23
Size:1.5 MB

Size:209.02 KB

The design of these wads spans three or four time periods thus the name Immortal. It also reflects the game itself. Many changes have occured and we have Quake, Boom, Xdoom and Zdoom to name a few. Some of them include nice enhancements but for me no...Date:08/22/99
Size:1.88 MB
Author:Richard J. Sham

Not for the IMPish.
Size:24.2 KB
Author:Reidar Jensen

My first finished Doom 2 level. Attempted to follow the design principles outlined by John Romero for Doom E1. I additionally tried to design a level that would be a good introduction of the game mechanically and visually for someone completely new t...Date:03/09/17
Size:23.22 KB

Imp's are Ghost Gods
Did you ever hear of the infamous invincible imp? Well it's true, and this wad will show you how....Date:08/25/95
Size:4.42 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

of Game impire
Size:24.91 KB

Imp Land
Welcome to Imp Land! Enjoy fighting a horde of small and big...Date:11/22/20
Size:26.88 KB

Impending Doom
Imagine the high-tech world of Doom around you. Looking around, you find the ground is several hundred feet below you. There is no other way to get to your pal and kill him, so you jump!...Date:10/11/95
Size:7.81 KB
Author:Daniel A. Miller

This is just a graphics and sound replacement making the marine (you) an imp. I started it like 2 years ago. I actually wanted to make a whole level where you're an escaped imp and you got to brake out of some marine infested laboratory or somethi...Date:04/06/05
Size:244.64 KB
This is a patch wad for Doom2. It consists of 6 levels. See imphints.txt for level specific descriptions. I wrote these a couple of years ago and my friends and I had a great deal of fun with them. I hope you all like them as well....Date:03/25/98
Size:323.14 KB

Impossible Switch
A Doom2 level! (Duh)...Date:06/06/96
Size:16.48 KB
Author:Michael Wheeler

behold the wild misadventures of a first time mapper! watch as the struggle to understand basic design becomes real! witness the learning process from map1 to map2! be embarrassed by everything!...Date:08/16/14
Size:50.85 KB
Author:Carl Buddig

Size:53.52 KB

Indiana Jones DOOM ][
Size:136.68 KB
Author:Khoi (Kevin) Pham

Infantry: A Tribute to Nuts
The American Heritage Dictionary defines "infantry" as "The branch of an army made up of units trained to fight on foot." I bet the people who wrote that never saw Hell's infantry... Inspired by Nuts, which is arguably one of the greatest jokewads ...Date:11/23/07
Size:2.79 KB
Author:Michael Laakso

An Infernal Place v1.1
The Doom2 version of "An Infernal Place". Some new sectors added....Date:05/25/01
Size:173.16 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

"Let's talk about nothing"...Date:04/01/97
Size:205.67 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Infected Area
7 single player levels for DOOM ][...Date:02/17/96
Size:554.31 KB
Author:Chuck Grant

infested base
well make this quick the demons infested our base now you haev to go there and take it back for us now haul ass!!!!!!!!!...Date:12/11/17
Size:34.03 KB

A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:01/14/99
Size:145.84 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

Lets Just say that the game play is grueling. You begin in the "SLAUGHTERHOUSE" or as the monsters would call it - Home. With many long agonizing minutes of wandering about in dimmly lit corridors and rooms blasting away dozens of demons splattering ...Date:08/13/97
Size:190.42 KB
Author:Kelly J. Lipka

The Infiltrator
A new level for Doom 2. (my first) e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:02/24/96
Size:76.56 KB
Author:Brett Manzer

Infiltrate a base and set the self-destruct!...Date:10/04/96
Size:49.2 KB
Author:Pete Kolts (Psyborg)

Infernal Venice
There are no doubt: Venice is the most beautiful city in the world and all her artistic treasures are an inspiration for the world. I took inspiration for this big DooM map. You have to find 7 switches in order to open the last door before you meet t...Date:07/07/10
Size:1.05 MB

This was supposed to be the 3rd map in uaccorp.wad I never finished it and I've had it on my HD since I released uaccorp.wad. It still do suck but I made it "releasable" with some changes in textures and design. I haven't worked much on it so don't e...Date:09/26/98
Size:82.38 KB
Author:Martin [cocoon] Friberg

inner_o.wad ( The Inner Circle )
Read the story line below. This is like 3 levels in 1. New music, new textures. I like to brag, I think this is one of the coolest levels ever. No joke....Date:11/10/95
Size:288.5 KB
Author:Brian Martin ( the ZombyWoof )

The Inner Gateway (V1.2, 24-2-98)
A medium sized level built in the Ultimate Doom style. I have placed architectural and "thrown" light details into the level to make it visually appealing, not to mention the impeccable texture alignment. Its best in UV mode (just wait till you get...Date:03/02/98
Size:95.08 KB
Author:Ben Davies

3 level pack of plutonia-ish levels. Moderate difficulty...Date:10/26/14
Size:140.05 KB

The Inner Crypts
Size:304.01 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

Insane II
Well, I could go on for hours, but... Generally the first level is a level pieced together from my first wad... (favorite rooms) The rest is new stuff....Date:05/03/97
Size:514.23 KB
Author:Sidecar Joe

Killer single player/D-match wad for Doom 2...Date:07/29/95
Size:59.34 KB
Author:Beau Anderson

This is a major revision to a level that I created long ago. I always felt that it was a good level, but at the time it was originally constructed, my skills were a bit lacking. Let's just say that the level was designed too early in my career as a W...Date:07/27/03
Size:291.73 KB
Author:Alex Mayberry

Size:135.17 KB
Author:Chris Lloyd

Size:2.31 MB

DooM ][ level 1...Date:04/10/95
Size:38.32 KB
Author:Maarten Hoogveld (

This is a Full DEATHMATCH level...i suggest you try it in 1 player to scope out all the secret areas and sniper points though. Oh ya...don't fall in the'll know it when you see it....Date:06/13/95
Size:34.6 KB

Insertion is a DOOM2 PWAD. Recommeded Version of Doom2: 1.9. This PWAD *WILL* work with Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment from FINAL DOOM...Date:03/07/98
Size:961.29 KB
Author:David Shaw, Stephen Watson, Thomas Evans, Adam Williamson

"Insertion" Map 01
This is Map 01 of a 10 Map "Episode" for Doom 2. The episode is "in construction," so your comments are welcome....Date:07/09/95
Size:30.28 KB
Author:David Shaw

"Insertion" Map 02
This is Map 02 of a 10 Map "Episode" for Doom 2. The episode is "in construction," so your comments are welcome....Date:07/09/95
Size:20.24 KB
Author:David Shaw

Very good maped out level. Good for Deathmatch and Cooperativ play. There is many secrets to find. Watch out for doors that open behind you!!!...Date:02/20/05
Size:29.11 KB
Author:Edward J Buckheit

Animal Instinct
After your recent escape, you returned to Earth and told the president about the Alien World and their plans to invade Earth. He just laughed at you. Realizing that he's one of them, you grabbed your gun and tried to shoot him. You were stopped by hi...Date:02/20/05
Size:55.37 KB
Author:Keith Winter

This is my 1st attempt at making a Doom 2 level. It's a decent sized play area with a few hairy situations. I built this sucker from scratch....Date:03/06/97
Size:47.64 KB
Author:Chris Warren

A cruel affair wherein you will be constantly bombarbed by hideous demon attacks from every accursed angle. You cannot advance in this level without stumbling across nest after nest of nest of vicious hellspawn. That said, I want to have fun playin...Date:07/03/09
Size:9.64 KB
Author:Chris Wright

My first (and only) Doom map. Just a sequence of rooms and fields with some tricks and secrets, without any goal or a plot. This map was originally built somewhere in 1996, then abandoned for some time. In 1997 a second attempt was made, the parts...Date:11/27/21
Size:130.85 KB
Author:Stein Krauz

The Interdiction Zone
You've been dropped in the maintenance area of enemy headquarters. You've got to find your way out, cross the interdiction zone, and destroy enemy HQ by locating and pressing the well guarded security destruct switch. Good Luck - as usual, you'll nee...Date:03/01/04
Size:93.86 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

The Invaders
Size:948.56 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

Size:30.91 KB
Author:A. Gartland

Demon Invasion Episode 1&2
This wad contains my previously released wad as the First Level, with many changes! See README!.TXT for the Plot!...Date:09/05/95
Size:405.16 KB

Invisibile Maze
You are trapped in the invisibile maze! if you make a wrong turn remember where it was and try something different next time. You might get frustrated but don't give up! There's a reward if you can make it to the end!!...Date:07/10/04
Size:5.03 KB

A spin-off from the Invasion Series... Ever wonder what happened to the Anchorpoint Mars Base? This level puts you in the shoes of Echo 1 Relay Station's Commander. You are in charge of supervising the raising and lowering of the shield which pr...Date:12/20/94
Size:90.78 KB
Author:Andy Chen, Claude Martins

I Put Effort Into This Wad
The reason why we don't reject 1994 styled wads is because the people who actually made them put effort into them. It isn't fair to the authors to remove old files that were made/uploaded from the 90's all because the "style" isn't all that great. I'...Date:05/11/14
Size:1.76 KB
Author:Typical Doom Mapper

I pray for you
1 level WAD. I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:03/11/97
Size:332.78 KB
Author:Michael Krause

Inhuman Rampage
You are a soldier fighting in a war and defending your country from the enemies....Date:02/11/08
Size:74.68 KB

Classic map in terms of playstyle. It's a short map but has some nonlinearity. 10 minutes playtime, 116 monsters on UV...Date:11/08/23
Size:789.93 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

iron hall
1 level WAD. Excessive attention given to the appearence of the level (texture selection, alignment, lighting). I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:11/28/96
Size:282.95 KB
Author:Michael Krause

5 short & small levels, some quick fun I'd say. The last level is much prettier than the first ones. Tested with Zdoom....Date:01/01/14
Size:120.54 KB
Author:Simone Lombardi

Home is Where the Heart Bursts
Welcome to my humble abode. It seems the neighborhood kids have been possessed by demons and have invaded my house. Oh well....Date:07/12/95
Size:11.29 KB
Author:Aaron Veenstra

ISKP, Institut fuer Strahlen- & Kernphysik der TU Berlin
Monsters invaded our peaceful institute! Kill'em and search the exit! (What more do you want to know?)...Date:07/19/95
Size:47.9 KB
Author:Goetz Ruprecht, Arnulf Guenther

In Satan's Lair
After killing the big badass at the end of Doom2, you thought that was that, but although *most* of Hell was destroyed, the biggest badass - Satan himself - survived, and has kidnapped John Romero. You must go into Satan's Lair - or Quake may never b...Date:08/28/95
Size:55.9 KB
Author:Neil Howie

Simple, your stuck on a Hellish Island, can you get off?...Date:07/25/95
Size:129.21 KB
Author:Sean Mathews

Kaspam Isriqusu
A new Wad from the creator of Nazicave and River of Doom. Go thru the monsters hideout until you find the end... this is my third released Wad, and it's style is more polished and it uses more elaborate features then by first two....Date:11/12/95
Size:19.52 KB
Author:Erik Swanson

Istanbul (ISTNBUL.WAD)
Four levels beginning in the early dawn in an Arabian/Greco- Roman style....Date:06/02/97
Size:377.69 KB
Author:Chris Mead

This is a medium sized level that will challenge even experienced doomers. Watch your ammo or you will be fighting with your fist (which can be fun, but not against a hell knight!) - typing 'ithurts' will take you right to it at ULTRA-VIOLENCE leve...Date:04/05/96
Size:35.83 KB
Author:Doug Jenkins

ITP1_v2c.WAD, Into The Pit 1 WAD for DOOM ][
This version is for DOOM ][. Another version for DOOM (1) can be found in the DOOM directory and is basically the same except for a couple of the new monsters from DOOM ][. [Note by the uploader: The file, that Wiberg talks here about, is /levels/doo...Date:04/13/07
Size:210.12 KB
Author:Mikael Wiberg

it is a short level i spended not much time the detail because i didnt long make this level but i hoped you like it anyway also it is hard because i put many revenants in it...Date:12/11/17
Size:51.99 KB

The Ivory Tower
This single-player-level for DOOM2 tells an enigmatic story. You witness the war between an evil army of SS-soldiers and the demons they created in their blasphemous laboratory while a huge shimmering ivory tower, the symbol of release, rises up on t...Date:08/20/98
Size:207.35 KB
Author:Leon Kelz

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