Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/gdnt.zip
Size: 166.41 KB
Date: 01/19/97
Author: Yukio Ide (from Japan) *( Waizu )
Description: Single/Co-op/DM wad for DOOM II Another brand new Level for Doom II
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Around 5 hours.
Editor(s) used: Waded Ver1.8b/NWT/DMAUD/MUSTOOL/MIDI2MUS...etc
Bugs: YES, a few. But none problem. :-)
Rating: (5 votes)
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A love map filled with nazis? Is your wife a fascist dictator, or are you and you want to shove shitty anime on the people of not-japan? Overall, this map reflects how much you care about your wife, which is none at all. I expect something better from '97, I thought that by then we were past the "nazis everywhere" thing placement.x
Best map ever.x
The readme is funny, he claims that Belldandy is his wife, but she is an anime character from Oh! My Goddess (OMG), and I really doubt he is or was married to Inoue Kikuko (The voice talent for Belldandy), so yeah seems like this wad is not for his wife after all. Short map with wolf3d textures and pics from the anime OMG. Seems like he made this map purely because he is a fan of OMG and wanted to express his fandom. Useless map but might be worth a look if you are also a fan of OMG 1/5x
Holy shit. This is horrible. Ugly map, too easy, too stupid. Arrgh, and there are annoying sounds. Anime pictures are in some rooms. Who gives a shit about anime in Doom? Then again, it IS supposed to be hell...x
A love map?! Okay, it's nice that you love your wife, but I hardly think the way to show your love is to build a map filled with Nazi soldiers and demonic beasts! O_O Not trying to be rude, but would you mind telling me why 90% of the rooms you go into are considered secrets? The whole point of a secret room is for it to be... well, secret. I give it 1/5, since it was actually playable. Please, put a little more effort into your next map...x

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