Title: GibCity
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/gibcity.zip
Size: 470.38 KB
Date: 03/08/13
Author: Patrick Smith
Description: This Wad is large, well-made, very tuff, requires some thought to succeed but definitely isn't a 'puzzle box'!! Mostly, you gotta' figure out how you're gonna' kill stuff before it kills you. Lots of times you'll be forced to charge rather than flee. There are plenty of traps so you're gonna' have to think about that some too,
This wad has been tested for playability with a goal of making it a stern test for the best players. You will feel like you've really accomplished something if you beat it fair and square.
The wad features new sounds for weapons and some of the beasties. If you get as far as the first cyberdemon, he has a new, friendly greeting for you.
There are FOUR cyberdemons (sorry) one big spider, and lots of archviles... as well as the usual baddies...As always with tuff wads, SAVE whenever some- thing good happens or you'll be an old guy before you finish up. Also, be cool with the ammo or you may find yourself with only bullets and a chainsaw to kill the TWO cyberdemons in the final arena! Try to save your plasma until you really need it, like whenever you find a Cyberdemon. A SUGGESTION: Don't go to the 'slime room' until you've finished the 'yellow key' section. Good luck...
I welcome your feedback..wads can always get better...If you played "Bruiser" or it's twin "Bruised" and beat it, you may be ready for the 'turbo' version of that wad...It's lots tougher, with numerous monster and ammo 'upgrades', and very do-able for good players. E-mail me and I'll send it to you.
Credits: 'Peenferd' and 'In 2 DOOM' for beta testing and suggestions. Thanks to Matt for making 'Waded', without which none of my twisted wads ever would've been born...anyone know if Super Waded ever was done or not? Also, thanks to that Fenske fella' for making WARM, a great Wad utility that gets overgrown wads like this one to still play fast (as long as you have, say, at least a 486/66 with 16mgs of ram). Thanks to the author of ASD2.wad, a very nice multi-level job, for this template format.
Base: If you ever played H4.wad (available thru AOL) you may recognize parts of this wad. I took a nice, first wad of mine and turned it into a MONSTER!
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Like I was sayin'...Waded v1.83b.
Bugs: I think its 'bug free', but in a wad this size...probably there's a texture here and there--fortunately, you'll be too busy tryin' to stay healthy to notice. In the 'crate room' in the red key section, the second archvile tends to create invulnerable beasties if you give him the chance...weird...
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This is from 1997, so you know what to expect. Sound replacements range from comically retarded to decent. However, mapping and texturing is well detailed for its age. This map is a good example of how laughable nostalgiacs' claims about how nonlinear and intuitive map design was back in the day. In a nutshell, there are 3 locked doors around a central room with meandering corridors all over. Grab key1, backtrack to locked door1 which houses key2, and so on and so forth.x

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