Title: Gotcha Where I Wantcha
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/gotcha2.zip
Size: 151.43 KB
Date: 12/31/01
Author: Richard J. Sham
Description: This is a medium length level, attractively designed to test your reaction to multiple attacks (most of which you control), including some front/back/side attacks. All skill levels have been set and tested extensively for health, ammo and playability. UV is best played by experienced Doomers. I'd really enjoy watching someone beat this so, if you can handle it, send me a lmp.
Credits: Family and Friends
Base: Modified (originally released as part of a megawad)
Build time: Two to three weeks
Editor(s) used: Deep97
Bugs: None
Rating: (2 votes)
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Although most textures were missing according to Skulltag, it was a neat fight, which found me scrambling for medikits and stimpacks when i was down to literally 1% health! Quite a triumph to finish it 100% with 96% health by the time I ended! 4/5x
Tough,little map that will keep you on your toes for 10 min. or so!Check it out.-4* x

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