Title: Grapes of Wrath v4.2
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/grape42.zip
Size: 74.24 KB
Date: 10/25/98
Author: Sparkle Tom
Description: Can you believe it? An Okie named this puppy. In honor of the '98 dustbowl, I give you this - a whip with which to scar yourself hideously. Actually, it's one of my easier levels ... unless you want all the secrets, and then again, you might find those "secrets" accidently. Try to perserver, Grasshopper, and save your game often.

Warning: This level is not recommended for pregnant weeeemin or those with heart problems. Crybabies not allowed.
Credits: Rich Sham(paign) and his clan. ID Buhbuh (for an idea or two) Buhbuh's KIDS who thrilled at every new room that I built. Ryon, Phoebe, and Chelsea - this is YOUR level!
Base: none
Build time:
Bugs: none - please notify author if something amiss is found.
Rating: (8 votes)
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garbage. I mean come on... the texture placement is the most ridiculous I've seen in a long time. It's horrible. The monster placement is ridiculous. I give this 0/5 and only because I can't give it a negative.x
This is from 1998, although it feels like a "my first level" from 1994. It's not a patch on the original novel. The level is basically a set of poorly-designed parallel corridors - you run to the end of one corridor, killing the monsters en route, and then a door opens and you move to the next corridor. There's a cavern, but not much variation otherwise. You get masses of health and ammo. It gets harder towards the end, with some archviles, but it's dull stuff.x
One of the most RETARDED wads ever. I was begging for it to end but it just kept going on and on. Plus it hosts one of the most idiotic monster teleport traps in doom's history it probably takes 5 years for every monster to teleport. Awful crap 0/5 -Dronx

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