Title: Hells kitchen. (Just like mama used to make).
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/gsd2e1m1.zip
Size: 348.97 KB
Date: 05/17/97
Author: Graeme Stretton & Yvonne Loftus.
Description: Designed to be played as a single player or in deathmatch. Doom 2. Larger than the original level! DON'T waste your time endlessly pushing walls. (Although some people deserve to be shot). You are in a dingy cell where you were being held for... something. (You probably didn't do it, I know I never did). Having just overpowered guard and taken his weapon you set out to escape. Good luck. This level was designed to be used in very subdued light with gamma correction (F11) set to 2. This level started out as a test of DCK and just sort of grew. It is really a test of what the various tools are capable of. Then a friend told me he enjoyed deathmatch games, but only had doom 2. His name is Frank, and he hates being called Frankie. (You'll see when you play).
Credits: All the guys who produced DOOM and the many great tools I have used, of course. : Also, to all the people who have made me ENJOY the thought of killing ! You know who you are. So I do this instead, lucky you ! (For now).
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, DEUTEX V3.4, Picture Publisher 5.0, WinJammer, Cool Edit V1.31 , Gold Wave V2.10, MIDI2MUS, MUS2MIDI, TED 1.2, RMB V2.1 and some "homebrew" stuff. : Also, WinDeu 5.23, which found a few errors that DCK couldn't see but it's generally too much bother working under windoze. About the only thing I've seen developed under windoze, is hype!
Bugs: None, but really likes 8MB of RAM. (See Other considerations below). Tested with DOOM 2 (1.666), 50MHz 486, 8 MB & a 33MHz 486 , 4MB RAM, null modem.
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Cool '96 mapx
This is dated February 1996. It's Map01. You fight 154 monsters in a large, ambitious level that's marred by irritating shooty puzzles near the start, although it has a few clever ideas. Minus several points for the swastikas and Nazi ambiance (why Himmler?). The new weapon replaces the chainsaw and is worse than the Nintendo Power Glove. The biggest problem is that there's no flow, and masses of backtracking; I felt as if I just stumbled on the exit.x

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