Title: Halloween Doom v1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/haloween.zip
Size: 324.99 KB
Date: 10/18/97
Author: Justin Madigan
Description: Just your average Halloween, right? When those little kids come to your door to get some artery-clogging candy, you hand them some, unknowingly opening the gate to hell. The portals that you sealed off on Phobos and Deimos weren't the only ones. There was a portal on Earth. The demons don't just attack and kill, they want to hunt. SO, instead of going as themselves, they've turned into odrinary Holloween objects, striking when you least expect it. The problem is, you've got one on your front porch. To rid the world of these horrors, you must first close the portal, and then destroy what remains of the demons. WHen you sit back and watch the news, you get the call from Captain Shell. He tells you about the plot, and you go to grab your artillery. But as soon as you grab your pistol, your greeted by...well, I won't spoil it for you. Play and see!
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Better than the other Haloween.wadx
This is a very short map, and apart from a lot of Lost Souls, it's not too hard, if you find at least one of the secrets (which will give you a stronger weapon). The special thing about this early work is, that it's a halloween map. You'll notice this particularly in the sounds and the music, but it also has a nice night sky, whereas texturing and layout are very simple and basic. It's a charming idea, but gameplay and construction are good for some minutes only. 2/5 -Milianx

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